‘Strong work. Pithy, direct, and uncompromising.’
– Mountstuart Elphinstone

‘It’s very good. A pleasure to read.’
– Kenny

‘Excellent work.’
– Jim from Jim’s blog

In this dazzling masterpiece of philosophical ingenuity, Alf quite literally reaches for the stars. Fully utilizing the unique advent of the free, anonymous Internet, Alf draws inspiration from writers such as Mencius Moldbug, Nick Land, Spandrell and Jim, otherwise known as the Dark Enlightenment. ‘The Resurrection of God is a synthesis of the best thinkers mankind has to offer.

Continuing where Nietzsche left off, The Resurrection of God analyzes and answers philosophers throughout the ages. Writing in the fashion of a detective novel, Alf adheres strictly to Sherlock Holmes’ slogan: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” And indeed, the results may shock you.

Integrating science, Darwinism, and the collective observations of scientifically minded men on the Internet, Alf delivers a stunning vision of clarity unlike any other book. rivaling Animal Farm in length, The Resurrection of God is a concise and poignant analysis of modern society, meant not to stroke the ego of the writer, but to maximally entertain and inform the reader.

A danger for the establishment, this book could only be written anonymously, sold in cryptocurrency.

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