Life’s Game

When I was young, I was completely clueless with girls.

I remember in high-school, I was in love with a girl. Never spoke a word with her. One day I mustered my courage and struck up a conversation with her. Did not know what to say, but she was wearing a skirt, so I blurted out: ‘isn’t it cold wearing that skirt?’ She looked at me like I was a hobo.

Not that girls weren’t into me. One girl actually liked me. She was pretty as well. She gave me all the typical signs high school girls give you, like talking to you, fiddling with her hair, asking you what you’re up to. I had no idea how to handle it. So in the end she dated a classmate of mine.

I could tell you dozens of these failed cringe stories. Truth is, my failures weren’t just with girls, they were with people in general, even if the failures with girls hurt the most. I set out to correct this. For years, from my teens to my late-twenties, I have studied, experimented, explored and pushed myself to learn from my mistakes and find the Truth. I searched on the internet, studied Game, read obscure blogs, dated lots of women. And over time… Things started clicking.

In fact, things started clicking very well. I learned that I had been lied to, that most of what I was told was not helping me but hurting me, and that it in fact is not so hard to get laid after all. I learned that once you understand the rules of life’s game, life is actually a lot of fun.

So now I have friends in many places, I have slept with 34 women (yes I counted them), I have settled with the prettiest girl and I get along with people from all corners. To figure all this out took me about 15 years, but it was worth every second.

It is this journey that you will find in Life’s Game: I have combined all my scattered blog posts on men, women and self-development, expanded and/or translated them, added my later thoughts and adapted them for book format.

Basically, it’s a director’s cut of my old blog, meant especially to help young men looking for truth in how to play Life’s Game, although even an old fox might learn a trick or two. It’s about how women work, how men work, how you can get you what you want. It’s raw, honest and unfiltered. In short, it is the book I wish I had when I was younger.

Because I want to write freely, unburdened by any publishing company, Life’s Game is only available as an e-book.

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If neither of those restrictions stop you, I thank you for your purchase and wish you much reading pleasure.



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