The Religious Gold Rush

Conventional wisdom is that we have passed the Age of Religion.

Moldbug revealed conventional wisdom to be a lie. The cooperative benefits of religion are still very relevant. So relevant in fact that today we are still ruled by a religion: Progressivism.

Progressivism is a leftist religion, meaning an inherently unstable one. It will come apart, is already coming apart in front of our own eyes.

We seem overdue for a rightist religion.

But whatever the kind of religions we shall see, our conclusion is that you cannot do without it. A shared identity among thousands, nay millions of men is simply too effective. Band together in a religion, crush the enemy.

The irony is of course that our current religion explicitly denies being a religion and denounces all other religions as ‘religious therefore bad’. But in the age of free internet, the lies have been debunked and the truth has come out. A new religion is inevitable.

So we’ve decided that we need a religion. Which one? Before we get into that, two points.

First, the best religions are organized around God. God is the easiest rallying point: everyone can believe in God! Seriously, even the most staunch atheists can think of a definition to prove the existence of God. It’s really not that hard. For instance: God is everything outside the universe. Good no? I just made that up.

Since the proof of God is so easy, it is less important than people think. The correct response to any proof of God is: ‘OK you’ve used some words to prove another word, so what?’ This is true. What matters is the man through whose words we interpret the will of God.

So, for seconds, a religion is organized around a prophet. A prophet’s words are easiest to follow, because they are much less ambiguous than ideologies. This keeps the message more coherent and defends better against infiltrators. ‘Conservatism’ changes definitions every two days, but ‘Marxism’ is pretty consistent.

OK, so a religion around God, around a prophet. Which one??

On this the options have been discussed.

Islam is an always looming contender. We do not think it is the way. We respect many parts of Islam, not excluding its treatment of women, but we do not like its attitude towards science. According to Islam, a matchstick does not burn because of the combustion triangle, it burns because Allah wills it. We’d rather have the matchstick burns because of the combustion triangle. Islam makes God too big.

Then, Christianity. It is a respected option. Many in our corner of the internet think it is the best option. We, however, are more reserved. We see Christianity has done very well, despite progressive propaganda claiming otherwise. We think the King James Bible is a trove of valuable information. But, we see some issues. Christianity is divided over the theory of evolution, ergo it is divided over science. Also, Christianity has proven incapable of resisting the progressive onslaught, which onslaught after all had evolved to specifically invade Christian communities. Nowadays, even if you plead with your priest to marry you in a traditional Christian style, he will still utter a feminist prayer under his breath.

In short: Christianity is a bit outdated.

So, we are looking for something new. Since we know the power of religion, we may even surmise that ‘something new’ inevitable. We are, in that sense, in a kind of romantic Wild Wild West era — a religious Gold Rush. Every prophet for himself!

There have already been plenty attempts. Rajneesh comes to mind, as do L Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith, Nick Land and Jakob Amman. I don’t think they can really cut it as ‘religion of the West’, but they stick out as successful nonetheless.

Of course, I have already gone pretty all-in on the prophet Jim, e.g. Jimianity.

(Jimianity does not translate so well to Dutch; Jimianiteit sounds convoluted, perhaps Jimdom better. Anyway.)

Since I am a practical guy, I am not overly invested in the success of Jimianity. Competition is good. I do think any competing candidate will have to come very close to espousing Jimian views, but what do I know. Maybe there’s a better candidate out there. Let us see!

But while it is still early in the religious gold rush, forgive me for using this early head-start to promote my favorite horse wagon.

A major bonus of Jimianity is that it does not seek to be a separate entity from the Bible. It seeks to be a continuation of Christianity. Our only point of contest is that we have reservations regarding the validity of Jesus’ resurrection. However, we think it is disrespectful to point this out too loudly and we do not believe it diminishes the validity of Jesus’ message. Therefore, we welcome both Catholic and Protestant converts.

Another bonus of Jimianity is that it integrates religion with science; Jimianity thinks Charles Darwin was a very smart man. Therefore, we welcome both atheist and progressive converts. We do of course think you’ve sinned a bit in your past, but hey, who hasn’t.

So convert now and receive your informational pamphlet tomorrow! (Why The Food Pyramid Killed More People Than Communism And What You Can Do To Prevent It)


I’ll give you improved eyes, all I ask for is your legs…
– The devil, yesterday

A problem in the information age is the information. There is too much of it. Or rather, it’s overly available in overly stimulating ways. I bet that if you’d do a brain scan of someone surfing the internet, similar areas will light up as when someone is doing drugs. It’s just pleasurable.

Thing is, we can’t do without information. It is useful. Even traditionalist Wrath of Gnon is on Twitter. But, in the correct dose.

Currently we are overloaded on electronic stimuli. It is very understandable: it is really recent, like only, what, since 15 years ago, that you can actually observe an amazingly large part of the world from your own room. Well people sort of did that with cable tv earlier, but I mean, c’mon. There’s no comparison to high-speed internet, no comparison to immersive games. Computers can get you your fix, no matter how niche it is.

But again, I don’t think the Amish solution of complete blindness is a good long-term strategy. Need electronics. But, in moderation. Just like any drug.

So, need a return to some amounts of willful blindness. Shut off the screen, shut out the electric world. Relax.

It’s just you in a room.

Life’s Game

When I was young, I was completely clueless with girls.

I remember in high-school, I was in love with a girl. Never spoke a word with her. One day I mustered my courage and struck up a conversation with her. Did not know what to say, but she was wearing a skirt, so I blurted out: ‘isn’t it cold wearing that skirt?’ She looked at me like I was a hobo.

Not that girls weren’t into me. One girl actually liked me. She was pretty as well. She gave me all the typical signs high school girls give you, like talking to you, fiddling with her hair, asking you what you’re up to. I had no idea how to handle it. So in the end she dated a classmate of mine.

I could tell you dozens of these failed cringe stories. Truth is, my failures weren’t just with girls, they were with people in general, even if the failures with girls hurt the most. I set out to correct this. For years, from my teens to my late-twenties, I have studied, experimented, explored and pushed myself to learn from my mistakes and find the Truth. I searched on the internet, studied Game, read obscure blogs, dated lots of women. And over time… Things started clicking.

In fact, things started clicking very well. I learned that I had been lied to, that most of what I was told was not helping me but hurting me, and that it in fact is not so hard to get laid after all. I learned that once you understand the rules of life’s game, life is actually a lot of fun.

So now I have friends in many places, I have slept with 34 women (yes I counted them), I have settled with the prettiest girl and I get along with people from all corners. To figure all this out took me about 15 years, but it was worth every second.

It is this journey that you will find in Life’s Game: I have combined all my scattered blog posts on men, women and self-development, expanded and/or translated them, added my later thoughts and adapted them for book format.

Basically, it’s a director’s cut of my old blog, meant especially to help young men looking for truth in how to play Life’s Game, although even an old fox might learn a trick or two. It’s about how women work, how men work, how you can get you what you want. It’s raw, honest and unfiltered. In short, it is the book I wish I had when I was younger.

Because I want to write freely, unburdened by any publishing company, Life’s Game is only available as an e-book.

For reasons of anonymity and coolness, Life’s Game can only be bought with bitcoin. The book costs 0,0025 BTC, which according to today’s course (1 BTC = €3104 or $3524) equals €7,76 or $8,81.

If neither of those restrictions stop you, I thank you for your purchase and wish you much reading pleasure.



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