The Resurrection of God is out now!

An excellent way to spend the evening

Whelp, it has finally happened — ‘The Resurrection of God’ is now available as an e-book! What is it about, you ask? Only the culmination of five years in the Dark Enlightenment blogosphere, synthesized in one book.

This book is probably the smartest thing I’ll ever write. Let me be even crazier: it’s probably the smartest book in existence since the bible. I know that because I have abundantly lifted material from men even smarter than me, and added my own unique twist on the thing. It’s not just a book, it’s a lifestyle! ^_^;;

Get your copy here!

Many many thanks to the selfless reviewers: Mountstuart Elphinstone, Kenny (who also reviewed my first book), Jim and HappyDad89.

Finally, I’d also like to thank the talented artist who designed the beautiful cover: Pussydestroyer86. Remember that name folks.

Publishing date nears…!

Yes, great hype washes over the internet, as the publication date for The Resurrection of God draws closer! I’ve been interacting with excellent reviewers giving me lots of feedback.1 I do not want to rush things, so I have let the book and the feedback simmer for a while.

Over the past week I felt like I was ready to finalize the book. I re-read everything, made changes and added some new chapters. I was impressed with my own writing.

See, I set out to write The Resurrection of God as a non-fictional detective novel, but I was scared that I had bitten off more than I could chew. Reading the (almost) final result, that does not turn out to be the case. The book is pretty much as I envisioned it. If years of blogging serve as experimental practice, The Resurrection of God is the result of all that practice. It is my synthesis of years of Dark Enlightenment debate.

Things that I have still got to do before final publication:

  • Wait for the reviews of the final draft.
  • Re-read the final draft and finalize edits.
  • Throw the final product into azw3, epub and pdf format.
  • Finish sales page (I’ve already written a draft, which naturally includes the words ‘dazzling masterpiece of philosophical ingenuity’ in its very first sentence).
  • Write an official release post.

My only regret is not publishing this book as an actual book. E-books are infinitely more lame than the real thing. But for now I think getting the idea in the book out is the most important thing, and my guess is that those interested in the idea will buy the book anyway. Perhaps later I can sell the book in actual book form. Getting it printed is not the hardest problem I think, even if I am paranoid about giving away my identity. Shipping costs however, from what I’ve tentatively searched, seem to be more problematic. My preliminary estimation puts the price of a cover book including international shipping at 30 to 40 dollars converted to bitcoin.

Anyways, the e-book will be priced at $8,95 converted to bitcoin. Exciting!

1 Well except for Jim who just responded ‘excellent’ and corrected one typo in his own quoted material.

The Brahmin machine

A long while ago I wrote about the Ultimate Brahmin. It was a good post, included in this book of collected NRx writings.

As time goes by, you do some more thinking and you reach some more conclusions. So I’ll add new thoughts.

The Brahmin thing works. It’s correct. let’s summarize why it works, using an engineering perspective.

Moldbug said that religion is an unsolved problem, from an engineering perspective. Getting rid of religion only creates a vacuum for an unofficial religion. Cannot do without it. People need some sort of faith.

Which makes me go: OK, if we cannot get rid of religion, perhaps there is good reason for it to be around. Then, if we’re going to have religion anyway, and if religion is good to have around, why not construct a religion like you would construct an oil drilling platform?

(Of course, ‘religion’ might be the wrong name for what we are trying to build. The word is associated with backwardness, whereas we want to move forward. We could strip it of its symbolism and simply call it ‘trust’: how do we build trust? But, lets stick to religion for consistency’s sake. And let’s try and treat it as the construction of an oil drilling platform.)

To understand how a religion works, I look at existing religions. What do they have in common? Well, as I concluded in the Ultimate Brahmin: they have a prophet in common. Some man who has a plan. Jesus, Mohammed, L Ron Hubbard, all of them were men with a plan.

So then, being the power-hungry monkey that I am, my first next thought is: couldn’t I be that man? How cool would it be to be Jesus-famous? That’d be pretty cool.

But then I quickly realize that I am not smart enough for such business. I am not that man with a plan. I’m just a relatively smart guy who likes to say it as he sees it. Now believe me dear reader, if there was no one smarter around I might have tried anyway, but the whole situation is solved by the observation that there’s men out there with better plans than me. The trick is to find this man.

In reactionary circles, we are already sort of understanding this. People talked about Nick Land’s ideas as a religion. People formed closed groups around Moldbug’s ideas. And of course, I devote a non-insignificant portion of blog space to Jim.

But the man with the plan is the bare bones. What is next? Well, if you have the plan, you start building the foundation. You build a machine around your prophet. Jesus wasn’t cool because he minded his own business, Jesus was cool because he had twelve followers who in turn amassed thousands of followers. It was the cooperative feat in itself that, day-by-day, proved that Christianity worked.

We need to show that same level of cooperation, and we need to be able to scale it all the way up to the top. This will be messy, no doubt, but it will also be the real thing. It will be a practical engineering matter: The engineering of fashion, basically. Just a more meaningful fashion, I think.

Now, a point about the prophet. I think most men have grown beyond prophets being superhuman. I don’t know how this exactly happened, maybe it’s some evolutionary trait, maybe it’s because of internet, maybe how society changed… Whatever it is, if you nowadays sell your prophet as being supernatural, you are mostly going to attract weirdos, not rational thinking men.

So while Jesus sold himself as supernatural, I don’t think that’s something we want. So when I say I follow Jim as a prophet, I don’t mean that he is anything but a human with the accompanying human flaws. I mean it in a practical, engineering kind of way: I like that guy’s blueprint, let’s build this thing. That’s why I’d have no problem with for instance Moldbug coming up with an alternative blueprint; I just think Jim has the better one. (For starters, Moldbug would have to address the Women Question.)

To recap that: Jesus’ point was not that he was holy and the son of God and so on, Jesus’ point was that he was the man with the plan. That is all that is required. The rest is marketing.

To push the comparison with religion building and platform building even further, it’s not even so much that I think leftists are evil as that I believe they do stupid stuff when in power. I merely think ‘evil’ is a nice moral category to put them in, for mass communication. Creates a functional ‘us vs them’. Thus, when Alex Jones shouts that Hillary is a literal demon, and when Kanye West raps that Los Angeles is ruled by demons, I simply go: ‘yeah man, what’s new.’

But anyway. Enough theorycrafting. How do we do it? How do we, in practice, do this?

I don’t know. It’s too much of a ‘throw a plate of spaghetti at a wall and see what sticks’ situation. Have to feel things out, see what works and whatnot. It’s a pretty unique operation, after all.

Here’s what I guess I imagine: Trump is president until 2024. But things will get worse. I don’t think he’ll be in the position to declare himself king (if he does, best-case scenario). So Trump follows the rules of democracy and does not extend his presidential term. Perhaps this works in the short term, but we all know how it will end in the long-term: The moment the left wins back the presidency is the moment the bloodshed will start.

What will happen then? Who knows..! There will be chaos. In that chaos, people will be looking for answers. And that’s probably when we get our chance. There will have to be some mass story-telling involved. Not through blogging; blogging is too niche. Probably some videos that go viral. Some way in which we are undeniably influencing fashion, in some way people can no longer ignore.

Currently the risk/reward ratio is horrible for people to take such risks, but given enough time it will happen. And after that… We hope Trump and his allies win. And hopefully by then our foundation will be strong enough for Trump to say: ‘you know what, why don’t you take Harvard university and see what you can make of it.’

Now wouldn’t that be fun.


DOn’t mind me just writing some stuff off my chest…

Let’s start with warmism. It’s good to keep debunking warmism. The left depends on people believing its lies. Once lies are disproved, leftists disappear into snarky darkness. For instance, see immigration. The left is losing the battle for democracy because it couldn’t help itself importing waves of Nigerians.

But new lies are easily made. Take warmism. Man is warmism all over the place these days. It’s hot hot hot.

Here’s the funny thing: try to actually debate with a warmist what is going on, scientifically speaking. Spoiler: you can’t. It’s impossible.

They constantly move the goal posts. There’s a hole in the ozone! No wait it’s actually acid rain! And carbon dioxide is warming up the earth! And the arctics are melting! And the sea level is rising! The world is coming to an end in five years! The hole in the ozone is healing! Global warming doesn’t need to warm up the earth, it just changes it! There will be hurricanes because the bees are dying! There’s only 30% of the Amazon rainforest left! Yes said five years ago the world was going to end in five years, and it hasn’t, we are very grateful, but in another five years surely the world will end! Also, carbon dioxide isn’t even our biggest problem, have you seen the nitrogen levels recently?

And so on, and so on.

The whole thing needs to be debunked as a whole. Global warming has been debunked, endless times, by people smarter than me. But it needs to be smashed into the ground. No one should dare to openly preach warmism, just as nowadays no leftist dares to openly preach pro-immigration. Make that stuff low status.

Warmism jargon like ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ is nonsense; whenever a product or company uses such jargon, it has been strong-armed into it by looting warmists. Products aren’t ‘sustainable’ or ‘organic’: they either work or they don’t. There is no difference between organic farming and farming, only in the sense that organic hipster farmers use stupid methods that fail after which they inevitably realize that farmers were farming the way they farm for a reason.

Warmism is an end-of-the-world cult, the most successful one in the history of mankind. For that it deserves props, but it also deserves to be smacked into the ground.

Take this here ‘scientificious infograph on 9gag. Now there’s some quality content. I of course can’t help but immediately notice the ‘This Now’ logo, which I recognize as a radical left-wing media group often retweeted by AOC. So already I’m thinking: I trust these guys as far as I can throw them. BUT, the images look scientific, no?

I mean, what the hell, let us give them a chance. What’s the claim?

The claim is that the old ice on the Arctics, old ice being ice older than four years, has melted from 4.000.000 square kilometers in 1988 (left pic) to 110.000 square kilometers in 2019 (right pic):

That’s pretty insane don’t you think? Crunch the numbers: That’s a ninety-five percent decrease in the amount of ice. That’s the kind of thing that might instigate people to take up climate activism.

Only, it’s complete bunk. Stupid bunk even. Every summer, all the ice of the arctics melts and looks something like this:

Everything melts to pieces of ice. Everywhere! How exactly did these people measure which of those thousand pieces of ice stayed frozen over the summer? Were toothpicks involved? And how the hell can these pieces of flotsam be represented as one big white mass of 400.000 square kilometers? I guess that you, like me, assumed the images in that infograph were satellite images or something. They sure were meant to imitate satellite images. But actual satellite images would show the ice melting every summer since 1988. This, on the other hand, can only show what it shows with the help of photoshop.

So another day, another lie. They lie compulsively.

They lie just like that cult that predicted aliens would arrive and the world would end, and when the aliens failed to arrive, they predicted even more aliens were on their way and that the world would end twice as much.

They lie, stupidly, shamelessly, endlessly. To associate yourself with such stupidity is almost as stupid as making it up yourself.

Hilariously, the arctic ice is not at all cooperating with warmists. Jim observed that the Northwestern passage bordering the arctics has not been passable because of the amount of ice, and what do you know, a bunch of warmists have recently been evacuated because they were caught in ice that wasn’t supposed to be there. Based captain notes: “Something is very wrong with Arctic ice, instead of melting as ordered by UN/IPCC, it captured the ship with Climate Change Warriors.”

Indeed, the Arctic ice shows alarming tendencies of white privilege.

I’ve lost count of how many warmists have been debunked by now. Michael Mann’s IPCC has been debunked. Hanson’s NASA has been debunked. Al Gore has been debunked. Oh and of course Greta Thunberg turns out to be funded by Al Gore and George Soros — who saw that coming! It’s like we’re playing wack-a-mole; debunk one warmist and another pops out. Get them all out of here.

Well that wasn’t really a shitpost, it was actually a very coherent post. I impress myself. Not going to change the title tho.


What does a mean really want?

Well, among many things, immortality.

How to become immortal? Well there’s all sorts of myths. Potions, fountains of youth, radioactive accidents… But these are stories. Metaphors for the real thing.

What is the real thing?

Obviously, some sort of scientific breakthrough. Say, cloning. Or some kind of gene splice, which, I don’t know, stops the aging process or something. How close are we to such a breakthrough?

Unfortunately, very far away.

Imitating and improving life turns out to be hard. It has taken nature billions of years to produce functioning humans. To expect us to copy that blueprint and improve it within the next century, it is just too much to ask. We can’t even build a self-driving car, much less a human eye. Even something as simple as artificial insemination only has a success rate of twenty percent. To achieve scientific immortality, we’ll need a lot of time and a lot of trial and error.

But the more pressing issue is of course that science is no longer practiced in the West. Instead we have this monstrosity pretending to be science, wearing the gutted skin of what used to be science as a skin-suit. They will not achieve anything. Forget nanobots, forget cybernetic upgrades — the best you can hope for is that the electricity grid still functions in twenty years from now.

But but but… Muh immortality !

Well, yes, I’m sorry. That was the bad news. But want to know the good news? Immortality is still within your reach. Always was. It’s called: children.

Yes I know, groundbreaking stuff! But it’s true: nature has already made you immortal by gifting you the power of procreation. Calculate for yourself: Your kids will be fifty percent you, so if you have four children, you will have doubled your life presence! The math does not lie: Children are the tried-and-tested way of attaining immortality.

So, have kids. It’s fun, trust me. Don’t believe the propaganda saying otherwise. The trick is to do it as traditionally as possible: make sure mom breastfeeds, make sure mom takes care of the kids as much as possible, support mom where needed, and stay away from stupid prog shit. That’s it, that’s all there is to it. Baby smiles all day. Mom finds her purpose in life. It’s win-win all around.

Of course, what you discover when you have a kid is that the progs have gone a long way in fucking up society for families. Last time we streamed the news, some expert calmly explained that the government wants all mothers to work, which is easy, because daycare is re-imbursed. If I were not a cold-blooded aristocrat I’d have shouted FUCK YOU BITCH STOP SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM THEIR MOTHER and punched a hole through the TV. Children need their mother, it is only because things are already so screwed that mothers often need to work, because a family can no longer live on the man’s income alone. I know we struggle with that.

Naturally, there’s more shit. Your girl, through the female interaction network, is bombarded with shitloads of crap family-hating info. For instance, my girl was told that it is perfectly fine if she does not want to breastfeed. This is dangerous nonsense: breastmilk contains essential stuff, which we cannot artificially reproduce because we don’t know exactly what the essential stuff is. All we know is that babies who miss out on breast milk tend to be smaller, have allergies or ear infections.

But wait, there’s more, because there’s also the state healthcare tentacle which will try to destroy the natural growth cycle of babies. They tell you: come give birth at the hospital! We shall pump your woman full with drugs, thereby forcing the baby out whether he likes it or not, and numbing the mother beyond all her senses. Complications might happen, but can’t they also happen at home, wink wink? Well, my girl gave birth at home, and it was a very wholesome experience. I recommend it.

And of course, there’s the fear mongering. Holy crap the fear mongering. It’s like someone paid these people to scare the living shit out of mothers. They told a friend’s girl of mine that their kid might have head cancer. Of course, probably not, and really it was probably just an allergy, but they were ‘obliged’ to tell her there was a small chance. Wtf. They pull this shit all the time, I have dozens of these stories. Keep your kid and wife as far away from these people as possible.

There is, simply put, no end of bullshit thrown at you, all ostensibly in the name of helping you, but all with the result of fucking up families and ensuring no one dare have more than one-and-a-half kid, if even that. But again, let me stress: if you avoid the worst traps, being the patriarch of a family is truly a joy. And of course, to succeed where your haters want you to fail, that is great as well.

PS: the book has been very helpfully reviewed by several people. I am making some final changes, so it should not be too long before you’ll see it at the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

Greta Thunberg, sacrificial child

I have been watching a little of Greta’s public speeches. Not too much, mind you. She is boring. But there is also something profoundly sad about her.

The biggest mistake the right made was to think the left meant anything it said. “Perhaps they are overzealous, but at least they care about the environment”, that sort of thing. Of course, we now know the left does not give a shit about the environment. They never care about any topic on which they assume moral high ground. They care about power, raw god-damned power. The environment only matters to them insofar it grants them that sweet sweet power. It’s a tool for getting power, and the moment the tool no longer gets power, it will be dropped faster than you can say ‘isn’t it hypocritical to preach about carbon emissions while flying in private jets?’

Naturally, the whole global warming thing is a farce. It was a farce when the beltway bandits begged for climate funding in the nineties. It was a farce when Michael Mann faked results on behalf of the UN. A farce when Al Gore said we were all going to die in ten years (remember that?). And of course, a farce when James Hansen ruined the last of NASA’s reputation by upping Al Gore, from ten down to four years.

The science is pretty clear: the climate, in many places, is getting greener, in some places it is drier. Surprise surprise: the climate changes. Just like it has always done. Just like in the same tempo it has always done. There is no apocalypse nearing. The science does not show it, and I am pretty sure that if you go outside and look around, your eyes will not show it either.

What the science however does show is a remarkable persistence of doomsday cults throughout history. In fact, quite impressively, our current warmists are possibly the largest and most successful variety of such a doomsday cult. I mean, name a more successful, more powerful cult that openly preached the end of the world than the warmists. I can’t think of one.

In light of all this, one cannot help but feel sad when looking at Greta. Poor girl. No one gives a shit about her. She’s a prop, a child to push into everyone’s faces and say: look at this child. LOOK AT HER. DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT?

It’s tasteless.

Greta reminds me of Tiny Rick:

Greta: ‘Give me back my childhood!’
UN audience: *applauds*

Get that girl home. And get these cultists a helicopter ride.

ADDED: thought I had. For some reason ‘fans’ keep bringing up her autism. Seems like a way to keep her in check: If she ever develops the ‘wrong’ opinion, well, it’s a shame, but her autistic tendencies seem to have consumed her!

The Golden Century and other Dutch news

Dutch politics, like the Netherlands, is continuing its downwards spiral. As unfortunate as that is, here at Jardin De L’Internet we shall do some quality journalism on the situation. One should be able to look misery straight in the eye, for it is the only way to know if you are comfortable in your own skin.

Let us start with the piece of news that actually shook me a bit: 18.000 building projects have been put on hold because of new environmental regulations. This time it is not carbon dioxide, not acid, not plastics, but nitrogen. ‘Indeed!’ we are told by straight-faced bugmen, ‘the Netherlands faces a nitrogen crisis. Terrible! Especially as nitrogen is released in farming, industry, and building. Truly, every building project has completely unexpectedly turned out to be a danger for mother nature.’

I had hoped that our Republican coalition would ward off the most evil environmental legislation. But cucks gonna cuck, it seems.

If building stuff is illegalized, civilization is illegalized. How long until it becomes impossible for me to achieve my dream of visiting the USA because of 500% carbon/nitrogen tax on airplane tickets? Sad.

Next up, the Amsterdam museum will no longer refer to the Dutch seventeenth Century as the Golden Century, for as all leftists know, the seventeenth century was rife with slavery, oppression and poverty.

Obviously, very similar to American leftists tearing down confederate statues. It’s just another strike at humiliating us, at getting us to be ashamed of our forefathers.

And of course, it is a complete lie. The Golden Century was a century of heroic bravery, in which the Netherlands freed itself from a European empire, just like the European union today, and everybody said the Netherlands could never do without the European empire, just like today. But we flourished: we sailed the seven seas, conquered huge parts of the world, shared our knowledge with the lesser races, and build the greatest Dutch empire in history.

When you visit the Netherlands, whether it is the cities or the countryside, all the beautiful architecture will hail from around this period. In the twenty-first century we simply do not build like that anymore. Our buildings are grey, block-headed, ugly. We are too poor. I have little doubt that, if a Dutchman from the Golden Century traveled in time to the twenty-first century, he would be disgusted by our poverty, our slavery and our oppression.

Anyway, next item. This one’s juicy. The fifteen year old son of Amsterdam’s mayor, former Green Left leader Femke Halsema, has been caught committing armed theft. As the left has always been the party of criminals, scum and hypocrits, no one is really surprised, but naturally mommy Halsema has turned slightly red. In an open letter, she defended her son’s innocent shenanigans by arguing that her son only ‘accidentally’ entered a house, and that it wasn’t really an ‘armed’ theft anyway since the gun was a fake. Naturally, a few weeks later it turns out the gun was not a fake. Ah well, it’s tough being a mother.

Finally, there is some good news, for our good friend Thierry Baudet is speaking out against all this nonsense, and contrary to our enemies, who have no swag, no sense of humor, wherever Baudet goes, he is the charming center of attention. All the media polls have him losing heavily, so if that is not a sure sign that he is dangerously popular, I do not know what is.

The new Tool album: it sucks.

Well that was an anticlimax.

I wanted to listen to the album plenty of times before I’d write the review, but turns out I just can’t. The music doesn’t hold my attention. It kind of sucks.

Now, this was not wholly unexpected. What I expected was that, since Tool has been the best band to translate the Progressive mindset into music, in the era of Trump, their music would likely suffer. If your guys are in power, you feel inspired. If not, you feel as if time has passed you by. Turns out that was exactly correct. In fact, turns out that the Tool album completely flails in the era of Trump.

Funny thing is, I am not even forcing a link between Trump and Tool. They do it themselves on the very first song of the album:

The deceiver says, he says
“You belong to me
You don’t wanna breathe the light of the others
Fear the light, fear the breath
Fear the others for eternity”

Who could this deceiver possibly be? Such a mystery.

Sadly, this song about the orange man I mean the completely unknown deceiver is the only good song on the album. Well Invincible was OK too I guess. But nothing, not even those two songs, come close to the old stuff. Nothing sticks out, nothing has a coherent theme. The Tool instruments are there, making recognizable Tool sounds, but it just doesn’t pop.

I loved Tool for beautiful songs that stood out, like Rosetta Stoned, 46 and 2, or 10,000 days. I’ve spent considerable time tapping the opening rhythm to eulogy. But this album? There’s nothing to spend time on. It’s background music.

So, in conclusion: a very bad case of Trump derangement syndrome. Quite likely terminal. Sad.

How to be a man

This is a one-of post. Being a man is, after all, mostly about non-verbal cues. Explaining the sauce, no matter how cool you go about it, is a bit gay.

But, has to be done. The basics of being a man have been lost, especially for young men nowadays who are told to shut up and listen to their soy-sipping professors. It’s the deaf leading the blind. So, let’s write an overview post that covers the fundamentals. I’ll start with myself.

How to be an asshole
Let’s travel back in time, to when I was a young lad. I had landed a one-time gig as model. Yes, although I may not be boastful about my looks, rest assured that your host is quite the handsome catch. Unfortunately, the event itself was a frustrating experience for me.

You’d expect the world of modeling to be full of fags and sissies, and it is, but by some odd chance, I was thrown into a group of cool guys. And, to my utmost frustration, I did not fit in. See, they were flirting with the girls, talking about their businesses and sports, and I was just… Awkward. It was around the time I was into meditating, so I’d disappear for thirty minutes to meditate in the bathroom, or some shit. But also, I just didn’t vibe well. I was try-hard.

There was a party after the modeling, pretty sure all the guys from my group picked up hot women. I went home empty-handed.

Now, if you’re familiar with my even further past, you’ll know that I was bullied in high school. By the time this modeling thing happened, I thought I had fixed that problem: punch your bully in the nose. But here, the problem was not exactly that I was being bullied. I was just subtly let known that I did not fit in. They were dismissive.

It took me a while to understand what was going on. It was a mindset thing.

See, implicit between all men is an understanding: every man is for himself. No one’s gonna take care of you, no one’s gonna make sure your life works the way you want it to work. It is all up to you. Even worse: not only can other men not help you, a good chunk of them will sabotage you. Men are each other’s most serious competition, after all.

So, what does a self-made man instinctively do? He pushes away men who do not understand those rules. Because if you don’t understand the rules, you are apt to think they do not apply to you, thus you act like a moron, thus you inflict damage on those around you.

On the other hand, if you are self-made, you have, in one way or the other, come to terms with the rules of engagement, so you respect them. You know what it takes to cooperate with other men, and you recognize it when other men don’t know how to cooperate. So, you do the healthy thing: you demand the minimum of social decorum from other men, and if they do not have it, you punish them for displaying weakness.

It took me a few years to get this. And now that I do, what else can I say but: the dismissive guys were right. I do the same thing. Which, of course, elicits the typical response: “he can be such an asshole.” Yes. Well. What can I say? I’m not really an asshole. Not a full-blown asshole, anyway. I act like one, because that’s what gets the message across. You act an asshole because it works, and only in retrospect do you come to terms with being called an asshole.

(For instance, a great benefit of being called an asshole is that it cements your reputation as a guy who knows women.)

But I feel like I am talking about two things at once. Let’s take a step back and discuss the issues separately.

Pieces of Shit
First, let’s talk about other people. Most people are neutral, which is to say: they are not especially bad, not especially good. They’re fine. But, there is a significant minority of people who are, quite simply, pieces of shit.

You’ve got pieces of shit in all the colors of the rainbow. There’s fat pieces of shit, communist pieces of shit, general pieces of shit, and so on and so on.

Now, the Progs tell us that we are all a big family, that it is bad to make a distinction between us (decent people) and them (pieces of shit).


It is in fact unhealthy not to make such a distinction. Try it for yourself. Next time a person acts like a piece of shit, say to yourself: that person is a piece of shit. It is very liberating.

Now, the reactionaries have a tendency to over-analyze the meaning of shit, of which I’ll be the first to admit guilt. How can a person be such a big piece of shit without feeling any remorse? That sort of thing. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter so much. It’s like, you can analyze the color, structure and texture of pieces of shit, but in the end, it’s just shit anyway.

So, the takeaway rule is this: if you learn someone is a piece of shit, you keep a healthy distance from that person. That is all that is required. When you’re young you make mistakes, because sometimes it is hard to recognize who is a piece of shit. But as you grow older, you get better at spotting pieces of shit, up to the point where all you need is five minutes of talking to know: this guy’s a piece of shit.

And I mean, it’s not like you need to dramatically banish pieces of shit from your life and never talk to them again. You can hang with pieces of shit, sure, you just… Keep in mind that they’re pieces of shit, y’know what I mean?

So that’s the first thing.

Take care of yourself
The second thing is to take care of yourself.

For instance, ask yourself: what do I own? Do you own a nice house? Nice job? Nice girl? Kids? Car? Several pieces of property? Where do you get your status from? Do you actually own stuff that makes you feel good? Or do you only have the vague promise that some day you’ll surely own stuff that makes you feel good?

Once again, the Progs tell us we don’t need to own anything. Experiences are more important than stuff! Bullshit. I’d much rather invest in a shed with powertools than a three-month clichèd journey through south-east Asia to ‘find myself’. A man needs property; it makes him feel high-status, and rightly so.

Think of it this way: whenever shit comes your way, and shit always comes your way, how well-prepared are you to face it? Can you deal with problems? I don’t believe a man who plays video games eight hours a day in a twenty square meter rented studio can. He hasn’t taken care of himself.

The majority of my day is filled with maintaining and working on stuff I own. It is the complete opposite of what I was ever told I should do, but it is very fulfilling. I take pride in stuff like sorting my pictures, replacing the exhaust hood, building a DIY shed. It is very wholesome.

So, that’s the basics. After we have covered this, we can get to the fun stuff. But this needs to be in order before we can get to the fun stuff, hence this post.

New Tool album

For those of you who remember, I am a bit of a Tool fan. Well, in a few days they will release their new album. This after a more than ten year break, so that’s pretty cool. The album title song, Fear Inoculum, is already online:

Damn I’ve missed that Tool sound.

I think I know where the new album will be heading, and this song fits that suspicion, but I’ll reserve judgment for when I’ve heard the full album. Expect a review, somewhere, sometime.