My Books

I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints before: people read less and less. The shock! The horror! How do we save these poor writers?

Pah! The nonsense.

The majority of people never enjoyed reading books, and they never will. They prefer TV, or YouTube, or gaming. Which is perfectly fine.

It has always been a minority of people who like reading books. Personally, I like reading. I find it relaxing. There is nothing like opening up a good book and drifting off into someone else’s world. A good book should bring you into trance, from the moment you pick it up till the moment you put it down.

Of course, an important requirement is that the book is good. Most books are not good. In fact, every single time I check out a bookshop I am appalled by the quality of its products: horrible click-bait, boring drivel, nothing that is either entertaining or thought-provoking. Where are the good writers?! No wonder even readers are quitting reading!

So, goal as a writer is simply to write good books. Books that I’d want to read. That is all.

Currently I have written two books. The first is a collection of blog posts called Life’s Game. The second is a philosophical masterpiece called The Resurrection of God. They are both good books.