My Book

I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints before: people read less and less. The shock! The horror! How do we save these poor writers?

Pah! Nonsense.

Sure, people read less. After all, why should they, when the internet provides a never-ending stream of video? Consuming videos is, for most people, easier to consume than books. It has always been that way, even before the invention of TV, and it will always be that way.

But just as most people prefer watching, some people prefer reading. Personally, I prefer reading. I find it relaxing. There is nothing like opening up a good book and drifting off into someone else’s world. Books calm the soul.

Of course, an important requirement for this is that the book is good. Most books are not. In fact, every single time I check out a bookshop I am appalled by the quality of its products; all of it nonsensical clickbait, useless politically correct drivel, neither entertaining nor thought-provoking. Where are the good writers?? No wonder people quit reading!

So, my most important goal as a writer of books is simply to write good books. Books that are worth buying, worth reading, worth re-reading. That is all.

Because I write freely, without the restraints of publishing companies twisting my balls, my books will for the foreseeable future only be published as e-books. Also, because telling the truth quite unfortunately carries some risk, my books will for the foreseeable future only be sold through Bitcoin. My apologies if that inconveniences you.

Currently I have written one book. It is called Life’s Game. It is a good book.

A good book, yesterday