The pitch for Christianity

It is curious being an intellectual. On the one hand, an intellectual is a nerd — one who does not understand that strength, or the ability to do violence, preferably as a group, is what ultimately determines who is most powerful. In any functional group or society, the top priest is always second to the top warrior.

On the other hand, ideas have immense power. As I like to repeat, I have seen proud and fierce warriors, natural leaders, been totally cucked by ideas that are hostile to their survival and procreation. Life is complex, thinking things through can be hard, and man operates on somewhat of an autopilot. Ideas give guidance, allow for group coordination – for better or for worse.

What has been the single greatest idea (or meme) in the history of mankind? Well, seems to me, quite obviously: Christianity. No other idea comes even close.

Christianity’s achievements are unparalleled. It has built the greatest civilization on earth. It has, for centuries, maintained that civilization. It has made possible incredible scientific achievements, from the first century until the twentieth century. The scientific revolution per Copernicus, the Newtonian revolution per the Royal society, and let us not forget the industrial revolution. Indeed, we thank the internet to Christianity.

Haters will say all of that happened in spite of Christianity, not because of it, but one has only to walk around literally any European town to know the truth. Everything that is beautiful was built in Christian times. Everything ugly was built in Progressive times; thus in America, where the Progressives took the throne in 1865, many places are ugly. Similarly, when the Progressives conquered Europe in 1945, architecture in Europe turned ugly, and has been growing uglier everyday.

Beauty is an expression of function — To maintain beauty, things need to work. Just like modern brutalism is an expression of self-loathing and hatred, so is the beauty found in cathedrals, churches, medieval farms and houses, an expression of love and cooperation. Naturally, this is why the true Prog wrings his hands in satisfaction when a cathedral like the Notre Dame burns down. After all, the Notre Dame’s beauty was a living testament to the Prog’s ugliness.

It is that exact same functionality in architectural cooperation that leads, and indeed has led, to beauty in other fields, such as science. The Royal Society was a Christian institution with Christian members. Men such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday and Robert Boyle were not only great scientists, they were great Christians, a fact Progressives hate with all their heart and wish was untrue. But it is true, evidently true, so evidently that it has not even been erased from their wikipedias. And it was their Christianity which contributed directly to their science: all the good science is performed by men, tinkering in their garage, and all the best science is performed by men tinkering in an extremely well-equipped garage. Christianity provided all the conditions for such tinkering, just like Progressivism is taking them all away. Hence, the death of science. Give or take a decade, progressivism will take us from ‘where’s that self-riding car?’ to ‘where’s the electricity?’ and then we shall know an actual dark age.

Of course, some say Christianity is an outdated meme. Just like the Greek/Roman pantheon grew to be outdated, and some might argue, the old Testament grew to be outdated, perhaps so Christianity. Certainly I have made that argument. Just like you can’t use classical mechanics to maintain a quantum computer, perhaps you can’t use Christianity to maintain a skyscraper society.

BUT, is this the end Christianity deserves for all it has done? Is Christianity really that easily usurped? Does its light die that easy, that lamely? After all, clearly Progressivism is even less fit to maintain a skyscraper society, yet here they are, pretending to maintain it.

Well, Progressivism did outcompete Christianity. As Moldbug liked to say, Progressivism was memetically designed for that job; a prog also intends to do good, just like Jesus, but the prog just does it better than Jesus, because Jesus surely wasn’t so holy as to kiss the feet of Islamic immigrants. Progressivism is a perversion of Christianity, a perversion that is warned for in the bible (do not worship false idols!), a perversion that is easily recognized when Hillary refers to Christians as Eastern worshippers, or when Biden refers to God as that… you know… the thing. So, just like Moses raged at the golden calve worshippers, just like Jesus raged at the temple merchants, perhaps Christians may rage at the progs and take back their churches. There is precedence.

Here’s the thing. There’s a scene in 1984, near the end of the book where the protagonist is captured and tortured by the bad guys. There is no apparent reason to torture the protagonist — the bad guys will kill him anyway. But, as the torturer explains, to kill the protagonist without breaking him would turn him into a martyr. First the protagonist must be made to embrace big brother, and only then will he be shot in the head, as is what eventually happens.

Let us not turn the progs into martyrs. Let us break them and humiliate them by returning to that which they parasited for so long; the Christianity that guided us for centuries. Let us remind the people of what is good and true in the world. Perhaps we must one day move on to an idea specifically crafted to guide a skyscraper society, or perhaps even one to guide an intergalactical society, but for now, let us first rid ourselves of our heresies and return to that which made us so great in the first place. As emperor Aurelian had good reason to reinstate Sol Invictus as the state religion, so does president Trump have ample reason to reinstate Christianity as the state religion.

And that is my pitch for Christianity.

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