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There’s excellent advice on game floating around the internet if you know where to look; Heartiste, Aidan, Jim. Good stuff, all of it. I agree with everything they say on women. But different people have different styles, and I notice my style, just like their individual styles, is slightly different, so I’ll add my perspective.

First, the question Roosh has brought up: is game always necessary? The answer is: yes, game is always necessary. I say that with confidence, because I am solidly in the Aidan camp of feeling completely relaxed around my girl. What can I say, I have solid game. I tend to be the most interesting man in the room, I am smarter than most men, and being an asshole comes naturally to me. All this means I am very relaxed hanging with my girl, and I feel freer to express myself around her than around anyone else.

BUT, I’d be lying if I said I was not performing. I am performing, around my girl as well. It’s a performance I enjoy, but it’s a performance nonetheless. For instance, I like being lazy, or, as I like to call it, pensive, but if I am too ‘pensive’ she’ll get quite angry with me, and no my friends, that is not a shit-test, it is genuine anger, anger which only subsides after I get off my ass. My girl forces me into performing.

So for me that settles the question. Game is eternal, game is forever.

On to the next subject: what is my slightly different emphasis on game? Well, funny enough, I’d like to emphasize the listening part. it is my opinion that in order to act out the part of asshole, you need to similarly be able to act out the part of cooperator. A criminal, even though he gets pussy, has a shitty life. I don’t want a shitty life, I want a good life. So I balance my assholeness with attentiveness.

Take shit-tests for example. Women shit-test for reasons. There’s always a reason for a shit-test. Might be she hung with friends who disrespect their man and she copies their behavior. Might be because she spends more time at work with her boss than she does with you. It might be, gasp, because you are actually doing something stupid and she wants you to stop doing it.

Women’s shit-tests are puzzles that have a logical answer to them, the challenge for men being to find that answer. Surprisingly often, female shit-tests are her way of helping you. She wants to see you succeed. But she is often incapable of explaining what or why she is doing that; she wants you to figure it out. It’s that timeless wisdom everybody misinterprets: you need to listen to your woman. Not in a gay way, not in a cry on my shoulder way. Well actually, sometimes in a cry on my shoulder way. That’s the subtlety. Sometimes shit just happens to women and it is too much and they need an outlet. And if at that point you say: ‘lol fuk off I strong man’, you are being an idiot who misreads the situation. Women want a man of steel and velvet, and the steel part has been most forgotten, therefore most emphasized, but the velvet part is no less important.

So, I dunno. Talk to your woman. Get a feel for what’s keeping her busy. Make her feel like you listen. Try to distinguish between when she is causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble, and when she is being genuine. Women enjoy witty conversation. Such habits are good, not just in a sense of obligation, but also in a sense of understanding that women, in the right place, make enjoyable and helpful companions for life.


  1. Heartist is sorely missed. There is noone who writes as regularly on the topic as he did. By now, he’d have written a post like “How to game when face masks are mandatory”

    I agree that listening is important. If in doubt, listen. Much harder to make a fool of yourself by listening than by talking.

    I stumbled about your sentence “A criminal, even though he gets pussy, has a shitty life”. It might be true for some criminals, but it is not generally true. Only some crimes help a man getting pussy and some crimes require cooperation to such an extent that all outward apearances are like a respectful white collar job.

    The government makes the law. The law defines who is a criminal. As our civilization decays words like “crime” and “criminal” lose moral content.

    I’d rephrase your sentence as ” A thug, even though he gets pussy, has a shitty life”

    1. ‘A convict, even though he gets pussy, has a shitty life’ ?

      Heartiste was great blogging about women. Gabbing about politics, not so much. His white ethnofetish is cringe. Man is wolf to other man; religion solves this problem, ethnofetish does not.

      1. I agree to your summary of heartiste, but the “convict” is even worse than criminal. Very few men get pussy while in prison and if the do their choices are very limited.

        1. I am not so sure. Our judicial system is built on the premise that ‘it’s not really the convict’s fault’, the convict being a victim of traumatizing childhood or some other bad event in the past, therefore we must throw rows of women at the convict to ‘fix’ him – lawyerettes, psychologists, prison wardens, psychiatrists… Many of these women mysteriously develop feelings for the convicts they are supposed to fix. Mysterious… And of course let us not forget the female fanmail convicts infamously receive.

          A convict ranks low in the male hierarchy, but he ranks high in the female hierarchy, both during and after his sentence.

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