Jimianity, a last time

The grandest idea to have surfaced in this blog is no doubt Jimianity. Equally smart, equally mad. Haters are going to say it’s just mad. But it’s obviously not mad. I mean, look at Jim’s comment section. Just look at it. What’s happening over there? You got your usual disciples jim fanboys commentariat just hanging around. You got strangers seeking a knowledge of wits. You got enemy shills, spreading misinformation. You got other strangers, seeking advice. And you got many, many people silently thinking: that Jim guy, he speaks the truth we’re all thinking. I dunno man, looks just like any prophet dynamic throughout history.

But, Jim explicitly refuses the frame. He’s a priest of Christianity. Well, not exactly 100% traditional Christianity, he does make the concession of acknowledging Gnon, but otherwise, wholesome Christian. I think I understand his reasons, and even though I think my reasons otherwise are solid, at the end of the day I can only say: Jim is the greater man. So I abide. Well, not just abide, accept. If Jim thinks now is not the time for a new prophet, I accept his line of argument. Perhaps in a hundred years when a schism breaks out between Christian Jimists and post-Christian Jimists, my great grandkids can be like: lol called it, but otherwise it’s a pretty mute point. It’s like how Vegeta tries to outsmart Goku but in the end concedes that Goku is and will always be the stronger man, so he is better off lending his energy to Goku. It’s kind of like that.

So, RIP Jimianity, 2015-2020.


  1. A prophet now would serve a strategy of making Jimianity a mass movement that eventually becomes the state religion, sort of like early Christianity.

    As far as I understand it, Jim doesn’t think that strategy has a chance. Instead his strategy is to hope for an Augustus (or a Stalin) and to then offer that guy a religion that preaches that this guy really should be in power. We might live to see an Augustus or a Stalin (actually the chances are pretty good in my opinion), but there is not much chance of Jimianity becoming a mass movement without massive government backing – which can only happen with an Augustus or someone like him in charge.

    What amazes me is that there seem to be enemy shills bothering with Jim’s blog. I’d never have thought that our enemies consider his blog important enough to bother.

    1. Personally I am more surprised we are not under more attack. Modernity has a fearful lack of honest conversation. Jim provides a much asked service. Then again I might just be blowing smoke up our own ass 😛

      Jim does think the Jimianity plan has a chance. But the plan is mad, and requires things to get a lot worse to actually work. Jim hopes for a smoother landing.

      1. There are attacks aiming to make us shut up. E.g. if someone professes the wrong faith, this might lead to criminal prosecution for hate speech and such, job loss, vandalism of car and house, physical attacks, police raids of home and office to secure evidence, cancelling of blogs and webpages, etc.

        I understand those attacks. They are effective and emotionally satisfying for the attacker – members of his outgroup, people he considers “evil” are punished.

        Shills are a different cattegory of attack. I don’t understand it. Why do they bother? What is the goal of it? I’d rather expect a DOS attack on a dissident blog than a shill.

        1. Shilling works because it muddies the voice of your enemies. For years, no serious opposition against progressivism, because to seriously oppose it meant to be a neonazi. It is only now that we are starting to understand that there were never very many neonazis, it was just shills hijacking the mic. So for years on end, very effective.

        2. Interesting coincidence; I was just reading a newspaper article informing me of the vile anti-semitism in Thierry Baudet’s whatsapp groups. The examples they give are all the typical shill memes: noses, hand wringing, hitler memes. Does the same go on in leftist parties, the article honestly asks, answering: well their conversations aren’t leaked, so probably not. 🤔

          1. Shilling in a chat group of a knowm politician is just preparation for a hit piece in a newspaper. Shilling in an anonymous blog is different as no newspapers report it.

          2. Well I mean, ask Scott Alexander, but I get your point. Probably the shill industry, like any leftist industry, is bloated beyond proportion?

          3. Shill industry is special, if shilling is done at an anonymous blog.

            There is no end of leftist volunteers in any action which allows a leftist to brag about, to gain status with his co-leftist. Punching right is a way of leftists to show that they are more left than the others.

            Shilling in a blog of a known politician and then wirting a hit-piece gives any lefty status points. Shilling in an anonymous blog that is almost unkown does not give status points. It is either paid work or done by a true believer.

            Jim’s blog must be more widely read than I thought possible to attract such shills

      2. The plan isn’t mad. Jim is accurately calling it.

        If Trump doesn’t win this election (which it looks like he will, but he may yet fail), we’re in for a wild ride. At that point, there are no true moderating influences for the Leftist holiness spiral left; there are only speed bumps. If he wins, and gets another supreme court appointee or two, purges more of the three letter agencies, arrests more agitators, etc, then we have a realistic chance of seeing an Augustus down the line.

        If he loses, it will escalate to war in the same way that Pol Pot’s modest agrarian reforms escalated to war. From there, when it is much worse, and the stakes are plain, then we will get Stalin, Khmer Rouge style autogenocide, or if we’re very lucky, Franco.

        This is a mad world, but it’s not a mad plan. It’s the only sensible plan in the face of what’s out there. We become a priesthood, a knowledge faction. We get our stories straight. We support the best leaders we can find.

        1. I should specifiy: my plan is mad. Jim’s plan is less mad. Still pretty mad though, despite being, as you say, really the only sensible plan out there.

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