You have the right to be unhappy

🎵 Think think, write write, making a coherent post, it’s harder than it looks🎵

Where were we? Oh yes, Christianity and Trump. I fully support the right of Christians to support Trump. Similarly, I support the right of non-Christians to support Trump. Smart choices all around. But, I also support the right of non-Christians to oppose Trump. It’s like, your life man. If you choose to be unhappy, you can be unhappy. People have the right to be unhappy.

Rights are a funny thing. Kind of obvious that the judicial system, build around rights, is stupid. Why is it stupid? Because you cannot force a positive right on someone. You cannot say: you have the right not to be poor. Of course a person has the right to be poor! Leave that person alone! Rights only work when they are negative: you have the right to be left alone. A right the government is violating harder than a fourteen year old’s virginity.

Talking about fourteen year old’s virginity. Another touchy subject best to stick a pin in. Men tend to be blind when young women’s sexuality is concerned. Like, if I had a daughter, would not send her off to whore school (aka university). No sir, I know what happens there, no daughter of mine will be involved. But for the overwhelming majority of fathers, apparently no problem at all. ‘Off to whore school with you sweetie, daddy loves you!’ OK, sure, you have the right to be unhappy.

Females just don’t tend to do well with complete sexual freedom. For whatever inexplicable reason, they end up with badboys that dump them. Lots of tears, lots of crying, and then they do it again! It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad for the parents waving goodbye to their chances of becoming grandparents. But then again, the parents were probably the ones to send her off to whore school in the first place. But what did they know? Life’s full with little pieces of sadness…

A man conquers a woman, and a woman want to be conquered in the right way. That’s the human courtship ritual, and that’s all there is to that.

Another thought: what if priests outrank warriors after all? Genghis Khan’s empire fell apart right after he died, Jesus Christ’s empire grew for hundreds of years. You might argue that Genghis had many descendants and Jesus didn’t, but at the same time you’d expect Jesus belief systems to be advantageous to people with similar genetic make-up as him, which makes Jesus have a millenia-long advantage over Genghis. Would explain why there’s so many priests. Life is pretty complex, just whacking a stick at things does not work so well. Need to find tricks and smart stuff, at which priests excel. A warrior may be a better fighter, but the priest ties the warrior’s arms around his back. A warrior guy I knew from high school now live with a full-time working woman who refuses to bare him children. But it’s OK, because he has convinced himself he doesn’t want children either. Ah well. The right to be unhappy.

Moldbug is right – if anything, communism is as American as apple pie. In the same vein, communism is as European as immigration. People seek opportunities, leftism is full of opportunities. Taking advantage of opportunities is cool! Wasting an opportunity is uncool. Which is why all the cool people of the twentieth century were leftists, and why the right just can’t seem to catch a break.

This is also why Trump is having such a rough time. Opportunism runs deep, and Trump is basically saying: let’s stop cheating and play fair. To which hordes of leftists respond: f*ck you orange man, we’re not cheating, you’re cheating! What, you didn’t expect the cheater to cheat so to hide his cheating?

Of course, unbridled opportunism always ends badly, just like never stopping with drinking does not prevent a hangover. Venezuela started with pulling down statues, ended with major food shortages. Remind me of what’s going on in our lands again? Didn’t we say what would happen? And now what’s happening? Exactly what we said would happen. I’ve been doing a ‘told you so’ dance for a few years now. Of course my dance is not as grand as Jim’s told you so dance. Isn’t it nice to be right?

Well, just because you’re right does not mean you get your way, even if Gnon tends to give you a minor thumbs up. I hope Trump wrests control. Would be about time; let’s have some peace! But just because Trump deserves to, does not mean he’ll get it. And just because Trump needs a friendly religion, does not mean he’ll get it. Christianity, Christianity, Christianity… In white pill news, the Dutch Christian party seems be pivoting towards a new leader who ‘can not reconcile open borders with islamist extremism.’ Seems good.

Of course I’ve given my final take on Christianity. I say Christianity as interpreted by Jim offers some protection, but if we’re using Christianity as interpreted by Jim it’s not really Christianity anymore innit? Might as well call it… Never mind.

Thing is, at the end of the day I’m a Jimian. I’m not with the Jesus is lord thing, but in all major aspects of my thinking I’m Jimian. It’s just the most useful frame to view the world with. Jim’s a smart man. Did you catch his comment on Scott Aaronson? Jim said something to the extent of: ‘Aaronson is a quantum physicist, but not as good at it as he thinks, because I am only interested in quantum physics as a hobby and understand it better than he does.’

Oh no you didn’t just pull an ‘I dabble in…’ 😂

So what can I say? Let’s see how Jim’s 5-D chess will work out. For now, I feel free as a bird once again. See if we can still create the occasional spicy content.


  1. You mangled that slightly. It is quite possible that Scott Aaronson understands quantum physics better than I do, lots of people do understand it better than I do – but he does not write about quantum physics, so I would not know if he does or does not. He writes about quantum computing – which he is not actually that good at. Not that anyone is that good at it, though I am less bad than he is. It is hard. Hard to understand, and at the absolute physical limits of what is practical to actually do.

    1. Happy to have you nuance. Would be fun to see you two have a debate on the topic, even if I’m sure I would not understand either side.

  2. This is the most retarded thing I have read all day. Quit whining and get rid of that persecution complex. “Waaaah leftists are giving trump a hard time and he is opressed somehow despite being the president of the fucking USA and a multi billionaire by birth” fuck off.

    Fucking beta boy, man up.

    1. You can imagine the 1916’s mensjevik version of yourself: ‘waaah the reds are giving romanov a hard time he is oppressed somehow despite being czar of fucking russia and multibillionaire by birth.’

    2. Please, he didn’t use the word ‘oppression’, nor imply it. ‘Opposition’ is far more accurate.

      On a different note, I see that Jim’s blog was 404’d and is now 503’d. Some kind of temporary outage or do we need to worry?

      1. On a different note, I see that Jim’s blog was 404’d and is now 503’d. Some kind of temporary outage or do we need to worry?

        I know as much as you. is still up.

      2. Jim is a thought criminal of the highest order. If he goes black, we should definitely worry. Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe they’ve finally shut him down. Even if the Beast hasn’t gagged him today, the day will come. I haven’t made a local backup of his writings, and I’m kicking myself for it.

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