‘Peaceful protesters’

I’ve done some more thinking on the religion problem and I think it’s time to stick a pin in it.

I feel like the point is made, and the point is valid. No religion is permanent; stories stick around for a while, until they grow outdated and are replaced by new stories. From a programmer’s perspective, which I am totally not, you could say a religion is a program for social technology: use this program and succeed. Of course, a successful program attracts hackers and free-riders. Takes a lifetime to build something, takes only one successful attempt to steal something. To counteract this, you patch your social technology. You add new lines of codes to better protect the old ones. In Christianity, the third century added trinity is a typical patch example.

But patching only takes you so far. The program is at its core still the same, and eventually patch safeguards will be bypassed as well. You can add even more patches, but at a certain point you’ve passed the point of diminishing returns and you are better off implementing an entirely new version of the program.

Regarding Christianity, we have passed that point. Selling Christianity at this point is the story of the salesman selling a soup-making stone to an old lady: ‘just add a bouillon cube, chicken and some vegetables, and this stone makes the best soup in the world!’ It’s a tough sell. So that’s what I think about Christianity.

HOWEVER, however.

Have you perchance checked the news lately? Shit’s getting crazy out there. Corona has been literally thrown out of the window in favor of burning cities. Trump’s enemies are descending into madness. It’s a total mass psychosis.

First time I heard about George Floyd my first thought was: ‘Really? We’re gonna do Trayvon Martin again? Some lowlife criminal scum got into a fight, it ended badly and we’re supposed to show empathy?’ So I did some reading, and sure enough, George Floyd turned out to be lowlife criminal scum, whose criminal record included armed house robbery. That fucker tried to rob me at gunpoint I’d wack his head in with a baseball bat or die trying. God damn. Dude was also an alcoholic who scammed shop owners with fake money. How the hell is anyone supposed to empathize with this guy?

Of course at this point the left is so frothing mad that they’ll literally take anything as an excuse for chaos, hence ‘George Floyd the hero’, which is just as ludicrous as the ‘peaceful protestors’ going out in his name. I mean, c’mon. Talk about suspension of disbelief. Have you seen what is going on? It is back-to-back black looting and antifa violence. It’s an attempted US color revolution, y’know, where the progressive elite sends out the mob, says ‘wow these people have legitimate grievances we have no choice but to remove Trump as president’ and tries to do so. It’s so fake and lame.

Luckily we have Trump. Damn am I happy we have Trump. You know what Trump did? He teargassed the ‘peaceful protestors’ in front of the white house, reclaimed the park they were destroying, and, I kid you not, walked through the park to stop in front of a church where he held the bible high for a few minutes. Even my girl, who maintains a healthy skepticism of all this dark enlightenment talk, was impressed – perhaps Trump reads Jim after all?

Anyway, the whole display was thoroughly impressive. Trump restoring order in the face of chaos. What a hero. And really, that’s the important thing right now. I can go on about needing a new religion all day, but at the end of the day, Trump is fighting the most important fight, and what he needs is most important. Either Trump quells this and we get order, or he loses and we get chaos; I don’t really believe there is an in-between option at this point. That is the most pressing issue at this point.

The good news is that, when comparing the situation with past leftist singularities such as the French, Russian and Cambodian revolutions, in every case the monarch preceding those revolutions displayed glaring weakness. You can plausibly say it was Louis XVI, Nicolas II and Norodom Sihanouk’s own actions that lead to their demise. Trump is not displaying weakness, none at all. So from a historic perspective, that’s a good sign.

But it also means Trump needs a unified priestly backing. So, here’s what I propose – Christianity is dead and beyond revival, I don’t care what Jim says. But Trump holds up the bible, signaling he wants a unified priesthood. What I can give is historic Christianity: that all that is good and beautiful in the West is owed to our forefathers being Christians. I interpret Trump’s bible not as a sign that we should convert to Catholics, but that Trump wants the same peace, prosperity, law and order as we had during the height of the Christian West. That, I can fully support.

So I’ll stop my resurrection heresy talk. Probably return to Jim’s place eventually. The points have been made, the battle lines have been drawn. Deus Vult, long live the God Emperor!


Bonus: how to discuss racism with your wife
A major power vector of the Progs is the gynocracy – that men are not allowed to lead their women, and that women consequently turn to big pimp daddy the state. Although it mostly takes testosteron to peel away women from big pimp daddy the state, some tact and charm helps. So, how to discuss racism?

Well, first-off, George Floyd is obviously not about racism: it’s about white men using blacks as a meat shield to advance their own agenda.

OK, but racism is still real right?

The honest answer is: yes, it is. But here’s how it works.

Racism is when I am being an asshole to someone just because I hate the color of their skin. It’s unfair. That is racism, it’s a vice, and it exists.

How much does it exist? And I don’t mean how often does it exist on social media, we all know experiencing racism is holy so on social media everyone experiences racism five times a day. I mean, how often have you seen racism happen with your own eyes?

Me, I’ve never seen it. Not once. My girl has seen it once; moved a black woman to tears. So, how big of a vice is racism in society? It’s a minor one. One the same level as people not paying their bills. Are people burning stores and throwing bricks protesting people not paying their bills? Not in a million years. So you can see how absurd the whole situation is.


  1. If you say that racism is being an asshole to someone just because hatred of the color of their skin, you entirely ignore locality.

    Europe is historically the home of whites, Afrika the home of blacks, Southeast Asia the home of Yellows.

    Your skin is your uniform. Hating an invader in your homeland is different from hating the same person in his own land. Being an asshole to a member of an invasion is not unfair. Resisting invasion is not a vice, it is virtue.

    The way you frame racism, you make resisting an invasion a vice. That is not good, not good at all.

    1. Women don’t care so much for the invader argument I find, if anything it raises the status of immigrants. And often you want to feed her something she can copy in her circle of friends; ‘they are invaders so its ok to be racist’ is a tough sell.

      1. Well, the argument is the other way round. It’s Ok to hate invaders and we recognize them by their skin color.

        You concede frame if you say that racism is bad. If you don’t want to talk about invaders, don’t talk about racism at all. As Jim said, do not use enemy words. You will not be understood

        1. depends who you’re talking to. If I’m debating leftists, I’ll pull the invaders card quickly and tell them racism is a nonsense word like pedophile.

          But with a woman that wants to believe me, all she needs is a gentle push she can use to justify her rejection of progressive frame. Different context requires different style of persuasion. Then again, if it works for you, it works.

          1. Your position is no rejection of progressive frame. Progressives invented the word “racism” to attack a natural reaction of whites to aliens as evil. Now you say that this natural reaction is indeed evil, but only a minor vice.

            You fall into the trap of conservatives who react to progressive demands with “yes, but not so much and not so fast”. You know where that path has lead.

          2. lol ur such an autist.

            Women are different than men. Women don’t care about internal logic. There’s pretty much zero women in our sphere, because what we talk about sounds like an uninteresting foreign language to them.

            When a prog tries to push his frame on me, depending on the context, I’ll roll all over him. Progs just don’t have a coherent comeback to our arguments, it’ll take them decades to come up with it.

            But with a woman it’s different. You can roll all over a woman, but she wants to cooperate with you anyway. And to do so, she needs to be able to cooperate with the rest of her environment as well; unless you go muslim/amish on her and take away her smartphone and laptop, she’ll need to deal with people outside your bubble.

            So the way to do that, I find, is not to make her copy you verbatim. We are men, we tend to be harsh, while women want to be soft. You want to give her plausible deniability. That way, when you go in and play bad cop, she can soften it up by being good cop. It’s a 1-2 punch. Very effective.

          3. In my experience, most people don’t care about internal logic, not just women. The red pill itself is an exercise in high-level internal logic; Moldbug himself is an atheist to a degree that he can recognize Progressivism as a secular religion, a term that has baffled everyone to whom I have said it.

            I could totally imagine someone like Tucker Carlson saying to his wife exactly what Alf has written here, maybe in private, but totally in character.

            In this one segment, Tucker Carlson has red-pilled more normies on anti-whitism by being simple and direct, not using autistic terms such as “white genocide:”

            It’s probably a good metric to speak to people about certain issues as if you were Tucker Carlson, and then only if they are male, trustworthy and in demand of more detail then go ahead and show your super sperg power level.

            I once used the term “color revolution” with a friend, and he thought I was talking about a race revolution. I had to spend 10 minutes explaining to him what a color revolution was and why it wasn’t a racial term.

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