1. LOL. I get it, you are a Sikh, your name certainly is, you see an old Aryan connection between Sikh and European culture. It could be valid. But why do you feel the need to obsessively bother everybody connected to Jim about it? I am only speaking for myself but I am not really interested in Sikh culture at all. René Guénon and others made good points at connecting the roots of European and Indian culture, but it is only of a very abstract theoretical interest. We Europeans have more to learn from the eras when these cultures have already split – the Greco-Roman and Middle Ages eras.

      I really don’t care about India and I don’t see any use in you pushing that maybe we should.

      1. Shut up you dum fuck.

        I posted it to Jim after because I thought with 300 comments he wouldn’t see it before.

        Have fun larping as christcucks while you lose your race then. 🤷‍♀️


        Among the anthropologically defined 356 contemporary societies of Euro-Asia and Africa, there is a large and significant negative correlation between the spread of Christianity (for at least 500 years) and the absence of clans and lineages; the level of commercialization, class stratification, and state formation are insignificantly correlated (Andrey V. Korotayev, 2003).”


        I don’t see any connection between what you are today and what we are.

        You’re beef eating followers of the incestuous abraham and the greatest ally of Islam.

        I just like pointing out that the ‘muh new religion’ you’re looking for is already there, and you’re not even worthy of it।।

        Poking you with a stick, and rubbing it in basically।।

        That everything you value about western civ: human rights, christianity etc. is exactly what’s holding you back and why whites as a whole will NEVER adopt it (clannish tribalism).

        Hopefully, you get the memo and wake up otherwise you gave the Aryas some laughs।।


        1. Oh OK now I get it. Obviously I apologize, for how could I forget the great contributions Sikhs have made to humanity, such as discovering America, colonising India and inventing the internet 😏

          Wait, that’s not the sikh? What great feats did you guys accomplish then? Get an article about your religion published on medium?

  1. Enjoy your break.

    Thank you for letting us know. Otherwise I would have worried that something bad happened to you, like ANTIFA got you or you got COVID-19.

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