Alf’s neoreactionary state of the union

Lately I notice that I write posts in which I am not sure what I am going to say. Not fully sure what that means. I’ll try and share my headspace.

In my older blogging, I’d have a fixed topic and write about that. Y’know, what all the good bloggers did. Makes sense – blogging is imparting information, and if you’re not coherently imparting information, you’re basically writing a public diary. Which is fine I guess, but it’s not really what I feel a Good Blog is about. You want to give your audience more content than just a diary. These days, I feel like I am typing in more diary style. It’s the way I feel, so I roll with it, but I do wonder why it’s the way I feel.

Originally this blog was a neoreaction thing. I showed up late to the nrx party, but I showed up anyway. It was a good party. Neoreaction kind of fell apart due to the usual intellectual entropy, but that is not so important, for as has been made abundantly clear, if you were neoreactionary, you were on the right side of history. Pretty sure every neoreactionary has performed many told-you-so-dances in the past three years.

The power of neoreaction was not its boot-on-the-ground movements. The power was Moldbug’s analysis of Progressivism. That single idea fueled the whole thing. It was a mass de-hypnosis, if you will. It was incredibly effective.

I mean, you’ve got the alt-right and the conservative resistance and whatnot, but I am fairly convinced that no projectile pierced the Harvard hegemony close to as effectively as Moldbug did.

The purpose of the Western academic-judicial complex is to feel superior, to be smarter than the highschool jock. And for a while, they truly were superior: all Western jocks are indoctrinated in nerd-led schools, all Western jocks monitor their own racism, voluntarily.

But Moldbug blew their superiority out of the water. Basically, he made the following meme happen:

70 IQ: I love Trump
100 IQ: Orange man bad
130 IQ: I love Trump

Suddenly, the Harvard PhD man wasn’t the smartest man in the room. Suddenly, there were these other nerds, appearing out of thin air, who had arguments and logic with which they won discussions! And worst of all, these nerds sided with the jocks!  Where is your God now, Harvard PhD man! I truly believe the democrats still have not recovered yet from that blow. Moldbug is the reason the left has zero moral momentum, because he pulled the carpet right from under their feet. Trump now enjoys not only the strong cool kids’ support, he enjoys the smart cool kids’ support.

Every since Moldbug countered the Progs like Onix countered Pikachu, no one in the blogosphere made a similar impact. For instance, I’ll just say it: Nick Land hasn’t contributed anything. Like, maybe I’m missing out on his techno-Lovecraftian vibe, but Nick’s only coherent idea is accelerationism, which is honestly a stupid idea. How can anyone with (grand)children in their right mind support accelerationism? Even more so, why the hell would anyone care if you were an accelearationist? Hey Spandrell, buddy, how’s that support of Yang going? See, nobody cares.

Talking about Spandrell, he has also not escaped the shadow of Moldbug. Bioleninism is a nice meme, but mostly, its just a continuation of UR.

Of course we have Jim. Jim has many interesting things to say, many of them an explicit continuation of Moldbug, e.g. an explanation of how politics actually work in the twentieth and twenty-first century. Which is good, but you can sort of feel the heat of neoreaction in his neck. It’s like ‘very nice Jim, buuuut have you checked BAP podcast yet?’ In the circus tent of the dissident right, Jim is but one of many players.

But of course, Jim has potent ideas. Let’s say his most potent one is his plan to re-install Christianity as an official state religion.

Now while you may know me as an unapologetic Jim-fanboy, let me be the cynic for a moment. How likely is it that Trump or one of his boys actually listens to Jim? Honestly, I think it is quite low. It’s just too far out there, man.

Which is not to say it won’t happen. Surely, people high up are reading Jim. Jim’s blog is the sanest public place on the internet. But if merely reading Jim’s blog is already a terrible thoughtcrime, to imagine these people giving more than just the slightest of nods to Jim is wishful thinking, even after a coup happens in exactly the way Jim hopes.

Jim is of course aware of this problem, and I believe his strategy is mostly playing the Romanov card: ‘dear Trumps, if you don’t install an official state religion, the unofficial state religion will literally kill you.’ Which is a decent argument, but to what extent are we buying it? Now that Trump is acquitted, he seems to be in a fairly solid position. He is already winning on his own. Perhaps things change post-2024, but on the current path, none of the Trumps have enough reason to take a huge risk with mister ‘no one knows my true identity’.

So, Jim is still living in the shadow of Mencius Moldbug, even if Curtis Yarvin is living in the shadow of Jim.

Anyway, on to our last contestant, myself. As for me, I have basically hinged my main idea onto Jim. What I’m saying is: ‘yo guys, I’m kind of smart, just not that smart. But you know what, if I combine my powers with someone else, that will surely be a neat trick.’ And fair enough, I think Jimianity is a neat trick. But of course not a blip on the radar compared to Moldbug. My success is hinged on Jim’s success, and since Jim’s success hinges on a fuzzy coup-complete problem, there’s really a lot of moving parts.

Of course, we have one ace up our sleeves, for we are the only ones to have solved the women question. Well, course, it has been solved on the internet numerous times by numerous people, for instance when a balding Jew wrote a book on the seduction methods of a high-hat wearing Jew. But we’ve solved it completely, holistically. Wholesome. We’ve created a male lifestyle. Kind of like what BAP is doing, just a lot better. So just by natural selection I would not be surprised to see this thing spread.

But that’s just one ace in a world of uncontrollable variables, many of those variables hinting towards this thing being just a minor meme. So for now, all I can say is: since it’s working for me, who am I to want more.

And I think that that is the current state of the dark enlightenment.

I will say one thing in conclusion. I happened to catch this tweet from Spandrell:

I’ve been saying for 8 years now (!) that we need a new religion. Now I see most of neoreaction going religious or pseudoreligious.

And… No, not like that. Sigh. Keep cynical. Civilization needs a new religion but it doesn’t have to be us doing it.

Now far be it for me to take away Spandrell’s right to be mr black pill. But, my good friend, I will say that, one, let’s be real, you were not the first to come up with that idea, and two, be careful not to repeat yourself too often, lest you sound like an old man who has run out of ideas 😏.

PS: I almost forgot, but an honorable mention goes out to Reactionary Future and his absolutism. There is a lot to say for the idea that tyranny only comes from insecure power, but at the end of the day, no emperor can handle the power that absolutists want him to have. While it is true that men are not ruled by laws, only by other men, it is also true that men are ruled by Gnon’s laws, and Gnon puts natural limits on the power of an emperor.


  1. This supposes that things will calm down and return to normal now that Trump has been acquitted.

    I am not expecting that, and Trump is not expecting that.

    Trump is tweeting to generate support for draining the swamp. Reflect on the hysteria when he went after Where’s Biden.

    If he does not drain the swamp, he goes to prison eventually. If he drains the swamp, he is emperor, and he still has a hostile state religion.

    But as emperor, next job is to look for a non hostile state religion.

    It took Augustus twelve years to drain the swamp, and he had death squads. And then he had to do Emperor worship, which sucks.

    1. Not assuming things go back to normal. Either Trump stays in power, or things end badly for his family. I’m with you on that.

      But there’s a lot of ways this can play out. And of those ways, our preferred way will closely resemble opening Pandora’s box in the eyes of any elite not marinated in years of your commentariat.

      Is anyone out there telling Trump to look for a non hostile state religion?

      I mean, take BAP. BAP has clout with Moldbug, and BAP is I believe openly hostile towards installing a non hostile state religion.

      1. “…our preferred way will closely resemble opening Pandora’s box in the eyes of any elite not marinated in years of your commentariat”

        I don’t undertand you reference to Pandora’s box? What consequences do you think would any elite be fearing?

        1. Imagine Trump saying: ‘separation of church and state has not worked. I hereby end it. Welcome back Christianity! Here’s our new American pope.’

          It’s a tough sell.

          And if we are being completely honest, we do not even want fuzzily interpreted Christianity back, we want Jim’s interpretation of Christianity back, but that is an even wilder sell.

          1. Well, sure it would be a tough sell, but what would be the downside of not being successful with it? Pandora’s box implies harm is done by the attempt (as I understand it, harm to the society as a whole and not just to the person who opens the box).

            Besides, the attempt could be done in a more subtle manner. Like, here the US pope. He does a fine job in helping us making Amerika great again.

            Then he visits mass of the US pope, appoints and promotes only members of this new US church. Special benefits for any bishops and priests who acknowledge the new US pope, e.g. money, special investigations for those who don’t, etc.

            People quickly get the hint which religion is fashionable and good for a career.

          2. You’re completely right, but from the perspective from someone who hears all this for the first time, opening Jim’s box might very much sound like Pandora’s box.

          3. “Imagine Trump saying: ‘separation of church and state has not worked. I hereby end it. Welcome back Christianity! Here’s our new American pope.’

            It’s a tough sell.”

            I thought that’s exactly what we want to happen. Like you said, the only problem is getting enough clout to influence an intial group of elites. After a few elites are on our side, the rest either fall in line or are executed right?

            Sure it’s a tough sell, but it’s all a status game. Trump makes Jimian Christianity high status and everything falls in to place.
            Like Constantine adopting Christianity.

    2. It is true that at some point, the problem of religions hostile to the American empire has to be addressed. But that might outlive both of us.

      What I think I’m saying is that I feel that for our plan to work within our lifetime, we need more clout than we currently have.

      1. We are getting clout.

        When Trump Junior goes up to the podium, the audience does not chant “2024”, they chant “46” – implying an expectation or a hope that the 46th president will not be elected in 2024.

        A talking head on Fox anticipated democide if the Democrats win the 2020 election,

        Jimian ideas are penetrating.

    3. I’m curious to what Jim’s thoughts are if Augustus should be viewed as successful and a goal for us. He didn’t enact a new state religion, only restored the old decaying one back to its peak state (as best he could).

      This would would be analogous to Trump bringing the US back to its state religion of perhaps the 1950s or so (albeit in an empire not a republic). This coincides with his “Make America Great Again” mantra. Obviously, this is not as ideal as the 17th-18th century Christianity Jim proposes but the America of 1950 is a huge improvement over 2020 America and would be much easier to implement.

      1. The old state religion is Christianity, and whether that turns out to be 1950s Christianity or older Christianity remains to be seen.

  2. I have reason to believe that one of Trump’s advisers is generally sympathetic to the ideas of my blog, though no reason to believe he has talked to Trump about those ideas.

    But regardless of who is listening, the political singularity comes. Maybe Trump will become Caesar. Maybe a Democrat will become Stalin. Maybe one of the generals Obama appointed will become Napoleon. All outcomes lead to the same place, though some will take longer and involve more bloodshed and ruin.

    If a Cromwell stops the state religion from getting ever lefter, it will slowly die and the state will need a replacement, but its death will take a long time. That is the most distant outcome. But an earlier outcome is in the cards.

    1. As we are appoaching the political singularity, US influence in Europe is getting smaller. Right now, the political singularity in the US would also bring thing in Europe to a point. In a way, we’d then have just one Western political singularity. If it doesn’t happen within 5 years or so, we could have a political singularity in Europe, e.g. Sweden, France or UK, whithout one in the USA at the same time. It would follow in the USA a while later, but triggered by something different.

      The West could have a Sulla, a Franco, a Stalin, and an Augustus in different countries as there are different ways to resolve the singularities.

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