Don’t accept your enemies’ frame

I guess this is kind of basic for my average readership, but I see this happen so often in public political discourse that I want to get it off my chest: don’t fall into your enemies’ frame.

What I mean by that is that, if you consider yourself a rightist, stop using memes of your enemies. The left’s biggest trademark is undermining you through lies – if they get you to accept their lies, you have already lost half the battle.

For instance, a typical meme would be: ‘they may go overboard in their enthusiasm, but at least leftists care about the environment.’

The assumption being that the left cares about any of the things it ostensibly claims to care about. Nope, they don’t. Do not give a damn. They say they do, but give away the game every time they blatantly lie that the planet is not getting greener, or that the polar ice is shrinking. They are not paying actual attention to nature, only to what they want to see (planetary doom doom doom gut the rich!). If they actually cared for nature, they would not fire a researcher who finds that the coral reef is doing great, or silence the scientist who find the polar bears are doing pretty decent.

To care for nature is to care for beauty, which is a much slower process revealing itself in the care you take of your garden, of your house, of your local nature. Your average leftist on the other hand, is ugly, and turns ugly everything he touches. He has no appreciation for a walk through the woods, only for the jolt of judgmental superiority he feels when he gets to raise another environmental tax. The point of anthropogenic global warming is not love of nature, but hatred of mankind, very much like Agent Smith’s hatred of mankind. If you cede into the frame that they love nature, you have ceded that they are morally superior to you, and you have already lost.

Here’s another enemy meme: if you’re young and you don’t vote left, you don’t have a heart. If you’re old and you don’t vote right, you don’t have a mind.

To channel Spandrel: youngsters are greedy pieces of shit and we all know it. It’s like, c’mon. When did you last meet a teenager with a coherent political view? When you’re young, all you wanna do is get your dick wet and be popular. Young people politics is an orgy of hormones. You want to conquer the world, but you also want to be accepted by the whole world. You want everything, you know nothing. You think you talk deep and wise, but really you are just firing off a machine gun rattle of worn clichés. Youngsters, in short, are susceptible to a lot of bullshit, and it shows.

And of course, with women it is even worse. Nothing as cringy as a young woman in tears because of how horrible we treat the planet. Yes of course young lady, and yesterday you were sobbing about how you gave Chad a blowjob in the bathroom and he never called you back. But next week you have a secret rendez-vous with a married man so perhaps that will go better? Good grief.

Leftists have no moral high ground whatsoever. Their ideology is just the usual suspects of greed, drama, envy and lies. So, treat it as such.

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