The Liar’s Guild

I thought we were done with leftism, but I still have the itch to write on the topic, so I guess not.

In the future, leftism will be seen as an evil heresy that marks the downfall of a civilization. After all, that is exactly what it is. It’s like with commies: no such thing as a good commie. Equally, no good leftist.

The current problem is that leftism is in charge. If evil is in charge, everyone is incentivized to say and do evil stuff. Hence the cancer of popular culture, of all modern forms of art.

Luckily, we are working on this. We have the cure for leftism cancer. But it takes time. Takes a lot of time. Trump pulling off a coup is a matter of years, perhaps decades, but to replace a religion is a matter of decades, perhaps centuries. It’s an inter-generational thing. So, need patience. Spread some good memes, allow truth to get out, and wait. It is a patience thing.

But in the mean time, you’ve still got to deal with these power-hungry leftists believing the arc of history bends towards their insanity.

The way I’ve lately started thinking is of leftists as the Liar’s Guild. Leftism is overt lying. Some people just are natural liars. Not that many people, maybe 10% of population, and really I am pulling that number out of my ass. But a non-insignificant minority of people are what I’d call natural members of the Liar’s Guild. They lie, connive, and stick knives in backs. They smell weakness the way rats smell cheese and jump on top of it. They shout ‘honor!’ but never act like it. It’s a type of person. The archetypal leftist, the card-carrying member of the Liar’s Guild.

Of course, rule number one of the Liar’s Guild is to always deny being a member of the Liar’s Guild. Once it is accepted dogma that leftism is and has always been an evil heresy, suddenly no one will be a leftist. Yet the Liar’s Guild will always be around. And you can always recognize them through their actions, through the look of evil that passes over their faces.

Now, the truth is that the Liar’s Guild is not out to literally kill you when you turn your back to them. In fact, you can get into the Liar’s Guild if you want to. They’re always open for new members. One can make a very decent living in the Liar’s Guild, if you know what to lie about and what lies to avoid.

But it’s hard, because no one will tell you what is the lie and what is the truth. You have to figure it out by yourself. And you can’t trust anyone. After all, everyone in the Liar’s Guild tells you they are your best friend. But the moment your chips are down, those same ‘friends’ will drop you harder than the bass at a hardcore party. What did you expect? It’s the Liar’s Guild, dummy! Get involved, get fucked. No honor nor loyalty among the Liar’s Guild, despite eternal protestations of all its members that they are the most loyal and honorable folk around.

I dunno.

I guess this is also me writing off my personal experiences. I used to have this recurring… Dream.. Or vision.. Of myself clawing out off the depths of hell, a sea of black arms pulling at my legs. Dramatic, but that’s what I saw. It was unnerving.

But that was a few years ago. I’ve since paid heed to that vision. I clawed out of the Liar’s Guild. And I must say: I am very grateful. The view is beautiful up here. It’s everything I had hoped for. It really is a world of difference. Once you get out of the Liar’s Guild, they lose a huge chunk of their power over you. I feel like I’ve gained independence, or something. It’s strange, really a completely different way of living.

I still have to deal with members of the Liar’s Guild, of course. But it’s a breeze compared to the past. I make a silent note when someone signals Liar’s Guild membership by talking about the need for government intervention, or when they shit on capitalism or some stuff. I publicly call them out for their envy and hatred when the need arises and am amused when they respond with ineffective indignation. But mostly, I ignore them. I get on with my life, and I am grateful that I can live life on my own terms without fear of grubby black arms pulling me down into hell.


  1. You are an optimst, like Spandrell is a pessimist. Seriously, I don’t think we’ll ever be done with leftism. Look at history – even the Romans had a leftism problem. This problem can be dealt with, but it keeps showing up again and again. Leftism is as human as sin.

    Liar’s guild is a good metaphor for leftism, but incomplete. Some leftists appear sincere, because they are sincere. They actually believe their lies – sort of anyway, for the time being. They’ll drop those believes as soon as it is convenient to believe something else.

    I think of leftism as a cult. It has true believers as well as opportunists.

    1. Yes Spandrell is the pessimist to my optimism. Yin and yang and all. But with regards to who is more often right, we have one bet running: if Trump will be re-elected this year. Feeling good about my chances 😏

      1. Your track record is already better than Spandrell’s. He thought that Trump never had a chance to become president.

        To be fair, his other prediction that the UK will leave the EU is looking good. Although reading his post back then, I got the Impression that he was expecting a much earlier BREXIT and a more direct path to it. I never quite understood his reasoning in that respect. He couldn’t have been so naive to expect that simply because a mojority voted for it, or could he?

          1. In his post “the loudspeaker” on October 9, 2016 he wrote:

            ” I like the train of thought; but they’ve managed to probably knock Trump out of the race.”

            My memory failed my. He had used the hedging word “probably”

          2. That’s more in line with what I’d expect ^_^

            Props to you for predicting the pussy tape wouldn’t hurt Trump.

  2. “but to replace a religion is a matter of decades, perhaps centuries”

    I doubt this is true. If so, it requires a modern European understanding of what definies a member of a religion. If joining a religion requires sincere faith, then your statement is probably correct as it is very hard to change what a person believes. But this is a rather modern view. Historically you belonged to a religion if you observed the holidays and performed the rituals, e.g. a Person becomes a Christian by baptism or a Muslim simply by saying so with three witnesses present. Liar’s guild is a religion that anyone can join without belief.

    Christianity coming to Europe and going took centuries, but in times of conquest the religion of a country can change within a much shorter time. People then practice the “new” religion or face prosecution. If prosecution is severe, it usually produces a few martyrs and very many converts.

    Of course, these converts might secretly adhere to their old religion, but it is very hard to find out what people are doing in their closet and I don’t think that any society can benefit from looking closely what people are doing in their closets.

    I don’t think that the present belief in leftism will last decades. I expect it to be replaced much sooner by something we have to come up with – some kind of Jimianty or re-reformed Christianty if we are successful or Islam if we fail.

    1. Naturally, I push for Jimianity, because I think it will be great.

      Conversion can happen in a day, but conversion to what exactly? What are the holidays of a Jimian, what are his daily doings, how does he carry himself? How does it scale? It takes time to discover all this. I use myself as a guinea pig, no doubt my kids will end up guinea pigs as well, and so on. So to put an exact number on required time is hard, but probably decades before we see the actual form Jimianity takes offline, in communities.

      1. Good questians, no easy answers. At least the lack of Jimian Holidays is easliy rectified. I propose March 7 because Jim’s first post appeared on March 7, 2008.

      2. I think we do need a fair bit of closet checking for members of the elite, because the elite always has entryists.

        But for the masses, they can believe anything they like, provided they don’t show disrespect for the state belief system in ways that attack its status, and provided that the official religion holds the same loudspeaker that our current official religion of progressivism does.

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