If the devil weren’t persuasive he’d suck at his job

So far we’ve discussed the necessity of good and evil: useful ways to communicate who is on your side and who is not. When someone loudly argues that there is no good and evil, a sure sign that that person is not on your side.

How do you recognize evil?

The nice thing about the internet is that examples of evil are everywhere. Take this mini movie featuring AOC. Show that to any woman, and she can’t help but go: ‘aww. It’s so artsy and sad and hopeful!’

Well yes, of course it is. If the devil weren’t persuasive he’d suck at his job. The whole bit is just your typical propaganda hit piece, but you’d have a tough time arguing that in front of the wrong crowd. Course, the bullshit signs are everywhere. Note the name-dropping of James Hansen like he doesn’t have a track-record of endless bullshit. Notice the frame that fracking is bad, while no one in the intended audience knows what fracking means, just that it kind of sounds like fracturing so surely it must be bad! (It isn’t). Finally notice that the story has no substance: the world is about to end through climate change and only the new green deal can save it, but how it supposedly ends through climate change and how the green deal can save it is kept vague.

It is deliberately kept vague because the world is not ending through climate change which any semi-thorough investigation reveals, and  the only purpose of the green deal is extortion and socialism, which any cursory investigation reveals.

The thing about lies is that they are not true. Which is incredibly self-explanatory, but that is sort of the core of what I’m getting at. A strong man knows what is true. After all, if he could not separate fact from fiction, he would not be strong. When a liar lies, there is no need to engage every single new lie he utters, for all strong men listening into the conversation at some point realize: this guy is lying. That’s just what he does.

Liars prey on the weak, those who cannot discern between fact and fiction, or those who are not in a position to demand distinction between fact and fiction. Without an exposed weakness, liars cannot take advantage of you, because there is no advantage to be taken. It’s like with vampires: they cannot enter your house unless you invite them in. So it is with leftists: keep em out, they stay out. Invite them in, and they will fuck your house up.

Which might sound great, but who invited our current world leaders? You know, guys like Chuck Schumer, who indignantly tells us that Trump can trust him with military intel and that he won’t betray it to Iran, fingers crossed. Liar liar pants on fire. Did you vote for him? I sure as hell didn’t vote for him.

Well, we sort of did. A little bit. Some responsibility can be taken. People sort of get the leaders they ask for. Lenin could not have killed the peasants if he had not prior convinced them that he surely would never kill them. If you don’t want communism, kill the communists. If you don’t kill the communists, and you get communism, don’t act surprised. Now perhaps you’re never in a position to kill communists, in which case you should probably fight to get in the position to kill communists, but let’s for the sake of the argument cut you some slack. Let’s say we accept that humanity has a propensity for evil, and that while it is often contained, sometimes the genie is out of the bottle and evil runs wild through society. In the past two-hundred years, evil ran pretty wild, so we are really overdue to put it back in the bottle. How?

Well, as the saying goes, it is best to start by picking up the hundred dollar bills lying in the street. Change what is easiest to change, what has the biggest impact, like Trump reversing the great centralization. In our case: stop weak people from exerting disproportionate influence, for weak people are more heavily influenced by evil, thus you stop evil from exerting disproportionate influence.

An obvious one is to stop illegal immigrants. Send them back. We pay less taxes, leftists lose votes. Win-win. Another obvious one is to take away the vote from women. Dismantle emancipation. Women, as was stressed in the very first story in the bible have a natural propensity to seek out evil and let themselves be used by it.

ADDED: this is an equally good example. Note the effective priesthood joint venture with the AOC piece. Good narrative consistency.


  1. One could construct a statistical argument along the lines of the statistical arguments constructed to argue for living in a simulation. If a lot of people keep inventing a lot of random political ideas, eventually someone will just stumble upon a “superweapon” that is 1) very persuasive, both because it is likeable and because it sounds logical, rational and supported by some evidence 2) is still false 3) is very harmful and destructive. Let’s call this the Devil’s Ideology.

    Unfortunately when trying not think of pink elephants of course all one can think about is pink elephants. When trying to think about how such ideas would look like and trying not to assume they would all look like leftism, same problem.

    But trying anyway, if I work from biology, the basic outline would be that such an idea is persuasive because it addresses both the animal and human in us, and destructive because it destroys the human in us, leaving only the animal.

    The animal wants to fuck and wants to have power, a high rank in a dominance hierarchy. Simple enough.

    The human wants prestige. The way I see prestige-status now is that it is a direct outcome of the evolution of language and thus human coordination, cooperation. Coordination and cooperation requires two things. The other guy should have the ability to do what you need him to do, be able to perform his role. And actually willing to perform that, do what is needed, and not do bad things. Which is morality, trust etc. Be that an organized hunt or raid or just killing the alpha chieftain and redistributing his harem, I mean that later looks like a specificially human thing, chimps sometimes do team up to kill an alpha but never get around to invent monogamy, some other chimp will eventually end up with the harem. So if language is the tool for cooperation and coordination, cooperation and coordination requires ability and willingness (morality), then it is no surprise that still today prestige hierarchies are based on ability (rock stars vs. useless fools) and morality (good vs. evil). One of the abilities that gets highly respected is displays of intelligence because it is such a specifically human trait, which is why we value ideas that are supported by logical reasoning which are intelligence displays.

    So the Devil’s Ideology will be something that is very persuasive because 1) it sounds very moral 2) it sounds very rational and logical, enabling intelligence displays 3) it promises power (dominance rank) 4) it promises getting laid.

    The Devil’s Ideology will be something that is also very false and very destructive. For example if it destroys our human side, that means it will eventually end up undermining morality and undermining rational reasoning, leaving people to function mostly as animals. It will be probably something along the lines of using stuff the human part likes, morality and reasoning, to subvert morality and reasoning and basically unleash the animal within.

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