Time for the good guys to win

Give me a second to enter that stream of consciousness mode where I just randomly type out words until something coherent emerges…

So I was watching this ‘reflecting on 2019’ video by the Dutch leader of the Greenleft, Jesse Klaver. I was struck by a couple of things.

First, it’s a pretty boring video. The man is not charismatic. He has no real interesting thoughts. But, we have to take him serious. Why is that? Because he is the shadow prime minister, the real PM behind current PM Mark Rutte. It’s the typical story of Dubya being a continuation of Clinton policies. Even moreso with Klaver and Rutte: Rutte, supposedly right-wing, in actuality has only done stuff like creating nitrogen laws (nitrogen being the new carbon dioxide), lowering speed limits and raising taxes on gas. All in the name of climate change. Jesse Klaver is proud, and rightly so. Although, of course, being holier than the prime minister, Klaver continually reprimands Rutte for not doing nearly as much for the environment as he should. Typical typical.

Second, the moral highground gig seems to be up. As much as Klaver waxes poetic about young people spontaneously answering the call for warmism, I know it’s EU-sponsored astroturf, you know it’s EU-sponsored astroturf, and everybody in the comment section knows it’s EU-sponsored astroturf. If the like/dislike ratio doesn’t convince you, here’s a selection of the comments:

“Leftist communist shite fascists the greenleft. In part responsible for the death of Pim Fortuyn. Time for Neurenberg 2.0 to prosecute these country traitors.”

“Klaver’s bullcrap is unheard. Holland is a dot on the earth with negligible influence on the climate so to invest 1000 billion in climate is straight up ridiculous.”

“The bullet should come from the right for a change.”

But despite having lost the argument in every possible way, Klaver of course trudges on, head held high. Why would he not? The progressive state church is still in charge, still backed by political power. The tides might be changing, but until then he has a sort of scorched earth gaze: comrades, we must destroy and loot as much stuff while we still have the chance! Makes perfect sense.

Of course, although it makes perfect sense, it is nonetheless sickening. It’s the same thing over and over: envy and hatred masquerading as love. the mouth says ‘we are doing this because we care so much’ the body says ‘fuck you for having stuff.’ Jesse Ferat Klaver is just another stereotypical example in a long line of commies.

That such people exist is no surprise. But that, everywhere we look, such people are in power, that is scary. That is what makes it evil. That we are supposed to take their spiteful, lying opinions seriously, that is scam of modernity. Everywhere we look we see liars, charlatans and bullshit-artists in charge. I am reminded of Halbe Zijlstra, a cuck-right politician who was such a career liar that he on record claimed to have been told by Vladimir Putin, in person, in a Datsja no less, that Putin planned on conquering Ukraine and the whole of Eastern Europe. Of course none of that happened, and Zijlstra, to his own disbelief was relieved of his position of minister of foreign relations.

I also think of Hillary Clinton talking about sniper fire. Of Greta Thunberg talking about disappearing arctic ice. Al Gore about the world ending in eight years. Biden about no quid pro quo. Juncker apparently even in Brussels earned the nickname ‘master of lies’.

Many, many such cases.

By no means are these people representative of all people: there are plenty honest people. But the Western state church simply does not allow honest people to have any influence. They are cast aside, they fail the minimum requirement of bullshit that needs to be spouted.

I think that if there is one thing we can agree on, it is that the time of these bullshitters has to come to an end. It is done, over. The left is morally bankrupt. Let others with better track records try. The Donald Trumps, the Boris Johnsons, the Thierry Baudets. If I have any wishes for 2020, it is that the good guys win and keep winning.


  1. Once you see the trick it’s just (as the meme says) tiresome.

    They’re priest class; they use priest type “persuasion” which is simply message coordination. “The consensus is that climate change this”. “Those claims were investigated and found baseless”. All they have going for them is shameless message coordination – the idea of discussing the substance of anything at all is totally alien.

  2. That is very good news if the moral highground gig is up in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, it is not yet up in Germany. In the last months I have seen several Friday-for-Future-Demonstrations march through my town. Sadly, that was not quite astroturf, but a mixture of schoolchildren, housewifes, spinsters, divorcees, pensioners and progressive local politicians. Notably absent were people who work for a living and -to my surprise- students from the local college. This might be seen as a sign of hope, but by and large people here believe that climate change is a terrible problem and something should be done about it. Thus the moral highground gig is not yet up.

    Why is the situation so different in the Netherlands? Wilders and Baudet togther have about the same fraction of votes as the AfD in Germany. Voter participation is also about the same. Thus I assume that the fraction of those who reject the progressive Religion or are at least sceptical is also about the same.

    Happy new year to you and your familiy!

    1. I was just about to ask you about the AfD. Are they not faring well? In the senate elections Baudet and Wilders got 23% of the vote, which I already find impressive. and I have good confidence they’ll get even more in the house elections.

      The climate change marches are astroturf all the way down: politicians sucking up to the EU, wives shit-testing their husbands, and schoolchildren are taught gaia worship.

      1. The AfD is strong in the East, about 20 to 25%, less so in the West, maybe about 15% nation-wide. Is that faring well? It is not nearly well enough to solve any of our problems.

        The AfD will get an increasing share of the votes for some years to come because its strongest support is amongst men of working age – it will be a while before those start dying off and the pensioners who habitually vote for Merkel are already dying off. Support is also strong among the police and armed forces.

        Sure the climate marches are wives shit-testing their husbands and schoolchildren that are encourged by their teachers, but I don’t consider that astroturf. With the exception of a few local politicians the marchers weren’t paid to march. With the possible exception of the politicians and some schoolchildren, the marchers were true believers. Paid marchers is astroturf and that was in Leipzig and Berlin.

        1. Who is the German Trump? Britain has Johnson, we have Baudet, but who is the afd guy? Weidel? She’s a woman… Need some talented man who by his mere presence builds a cult of personality.

        2. Eg when I see interviews with Baudet, I think: that’s MY guy. My voice is represented! For me that makes such a huge difference with a mere three years ago.

          1. I know what you mean. Salvini, Baudet, Johnson, Trump – charismatic leaders. There are some charismatic men in the AfD, but at present they have no chance of leading the AfD.

            The AfD has two factions, the moderates (“alternative Mitte”) and a not-so-moderate right wing (“der Flügel”). Weidel belongs to the moderates. The right wing has a majority in some of the eastern states and is close to a majority in the south-west, but has only about a third of all members nation wide.

            The moderates can’t produce a charismatic party leader and the radicals can’t get a mojority in a party election – at least for now.

    1. Although there most definitely is a white underclass, what really riles you up is that, with the rise of Baudet, the white middle and upper class is speaking out against immigration, and using facts and biology to support their case. You on the other hand write from an endless pool of hatred for those near to you: not only are you aware that immigrants commit the majority of crimes, you like it.

  3. The greatest thing about Trump is that he makes our enemies cry. They keep dropping their mask – they reveal that they hate us.

    They ally with far to destroy near. And now, if elected, they plan to destroy no end of the elite, which they have always wanted to do, but this is the worst time for them to reveal it, and the best time for us for them to reveal it.

    They have always theoretically and officially been leaderless, but with their capacity to apply rewards and punishments diminishing, this theoretical and official leaderlessness is turning into real leaderlessness, which is biting them badly.

    The fabian strategy was always “we are nice guys, and we are going to be nice to everyone, but especially nice to our fellow members of the elite. ” The EU is very nice to fellow members of the elite, not so nice to its subjects, who are getting race replacement, rape of their daughters, and hot burglaries by groups of burglars. Ordinary white middle class europeans can see the salami slicer getting closer.

    The Democrats don’t sound like they plan on being nice to fellow members of the elite. Real leaderlessness results in them letting the cat out of the bag and revealing that they intend to slice the entire salami.

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