Sinterklaas and Black Pete

Every year, Sinterklaas visits the Netherlands for his birthday on December fifth, bearing gifts for well-behaved children. Because Sinterklaas is an old man, he is helped by his servant army of black Petes, who are happy, acrobatic, and friendly.

Sinterklaas is a wise and old tradition, rightly copied by Americans who turned him into Santa Clause, although comparing Santa to Sinterklaas is a bit like comparing Ali-Express to Amazon.

Sinterklaas is a coming of age festivity — a shared narrative among adults and children. Adults get to roleplay, kids learn about the consequences of being good and bad, of being rewarded by gifts when they behave well, and, apocryphally, of being hauled off to Sinterklaas’ home country Spain in a burlap when they behave bad.

Most importantly, everyone has fun – many small things make the whole event enjoyable. Think of putting a shoe next to your fireplace where Sinterklaas drops a present (don’t forget to include a carrot for Sinterklaas’ horse). Think of singing the classic Dutch Sinterklaas songs such as ‘Sinterklaas Kaypoontje’ or ‘See gggginds comes the steamboat’. Think of dressing up as Sinterklaas and black Pete with your friends and families, throwing around ‘pepernoten’, handing out presents and having a blast.

The inclusion of Black Petes has always been good. It’s one of those naturally grown cultural traditions that few have had to say out loud, but all know to be good. In the case of Black Petes, the (minor) lesson has of course always been: do not fear black people, for when they are led by a wise man, they are happy and friendly. Black Petes are a way for children to come into narrative contact with negroes, and learning not to fear them, which one may easily do, for many negroes are feral and aggressive.

But just like the left destroyed the last friendly negro cultures in America, so have they destroyed the last friendly negro culture in the Netherlands — black Pete, who was always a side character of the Sinterklaas show, has through the left’s evil been bombarded to the racist center piece, and Sinterklaas is a bigoted white male. The left, like cancer, destroys everything beautiful it touches.

But even though Sinterklaas might be dead in official channels, rest assured my leftist friends, he lives in unofficial channels, in the majority of homes, the overwhelming majority of the hearts of people. And every time you see someone dressed as Sinterklaas on the streets, or someone dressed as black Pete on the streets, know that it is a middle finger to you and your ilk. You will lose, as the left in the end always loses.


  1. Sinterklaas is ancient tradition and the figure is easily recognized by anyone in any European country. Black Pete is rather novel (infogalactic says from early 19th century) and -as far as I know- limited to the Netherlands, Luxemburg and parts of Belgium.

    In Germany Sinterklaas is called Nikolaus and his companion is white. Maybe you’ll loose a specific and rather young tradition in the Netherlands, but Sinterklaas is also attacked – which would be a much more severe loss.

    1. The attack on Sinterklaas follows standard color revolution protocol:
      1. Of course it’s not an attack on Sinterklaas, it’s just ‘oppressed’ parties venting their grievances.
      2. Use oppressed parties to entry into the tradition.
      3. To no one’s surprise the inclusion of entryists leads to violence and chaos.
      4. Use violence as a pretext to end Sinterklaas.

      We are currently into step 2 with Sinterklaas. This year there were too many officially sanctioned ‘spontaneous’ protest groups you could throw a stick at, but no media blown-up violent incident yet.

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