Women and sex

It’s not really that I have writer’s block or anything, just that I have no coherent fleshed out ideas to write. Only random thoughts. Maybe I should take a break from blogging. But I dunno. I like reading other people’s blogs. There’s too few good blogs out there. So might as well try to contribute a little bit. How about I write something every two weeks? Sounds good? Sounds good.

What fun stuff is there to talk about. Oh I know.

There’s this Dutch guy called Tim Hofman. Typical leftist piece of shit. Makes youtube content, gets into fist fights with rich pieces of shit, shoves immigrant kids in the faces of  cuck politicians. The usual usual.

He’s got the tats and the big mouth. So, you’d think this guy would get laid.

BUT, guess what happened? His girlfriend of some years, who is also an aspiring social media content creator, has published a documentary: ‘my sex is broken‘, in which she, no joke, no irony, explores the grand mystery of why sex with her boyfriend just isn’t so good. Naturally, my schadenfreude meter went into overdrive and I watched the documentary with my girl.

Surprisingly, it was pretty good. I thought it was a poignant analysis of dysfunctional modern gender relationships, through the eyes of women.

First things first: Tim Hofman was shat upon like few men are shat upon. Having your girlfriend publicly complain how bad sex with you is destroys all your street cred.

But beyond the public humiliation, a very honest analysis about the general dissatisfaction among feminist women.

‘Honest’ being a relative term: a woman is permanently in denial about what makes her love a man. And so it is with this documentary, which is essentially her ‘honestly’  wondering why her sex is bad, without ever getting to the crux of the question: that she doesn’t really love her boyfriend. The documentary is one big shit-test towards her boyfriend, a shit-test the boyfriend can’t pass, because being the emancipated left-wing prog that he is, he principally refuses to stop her from doing stupid shit. One can imagine their conversations: ‘babe I’m not sure this documentary is a good idea.’
– ‘But honey I just need to express myself! These are my feelings, I feel like I must do this. You support me right?’
‘… Right.’

Poor guy.

After ten minutes of watching, I turned to my girl and said: ‘he just needs to fuck her good is all. This would never happen to us, because I am a sex god.’ Naturally, my girl chided me for being an arrogant asshole, and even more naturally, we had good sex right after the documentary just to prove the point.

Something about the documentary had a very ‘voice of a female generation’ feel. Very typical depressed millenial woman vibe: from the incessant focusing on herself in every camera shot, to the boringly generic talks with a sexuologist, to her genuine wondering: ‘why am I so unmotivated to have sex?’ This is how many many women feel. Depressed, unmotivated, unsexy. Modern women are a sore and unhappy bunch, and it is really not their fault.

Sex, for women, is of utmost importance. A woman who has a good sex life is a woman who can take on the world. For a man sex is like releasing pressure on his ball valves, but for a woman sex is an affirmation of everything she holds dear. That’s why female friends always talk about sex: they love love love it.

But a prerequisite for good sex is that the man she sexes must be a man she is attracted to. And female attraction, as extensively discussed, is fickle. It only blossoms when the man is in charge, and comfortably stays in charge by passing her shit-tests. Then, and only then, will women mysteriously find they are wet and much in love. Until then, you are stuck with an entire generation of women whose sex-lives are non-existent, who cry every other day, who dream of being taken captive by manly foreign men, who take anti-depressants, whose relations are one failure after another, who burn out at work, etcetera etcetera.

It is probably too late for Tim Hofman, who is elbow-deep into egalitarian equalist rainbow feminist emancipation. But, not too late for us.


  1. Women seem psychotically difficult to please. They want savage warlords to break their spines, throw them down a flight of stairs and then fuck them on a pile of skulls.

    I don’t know how anyone can tame a modern woman, seems impossible.

    1. Personally I have always found it a joy to tame women. Dating women brings lots of drama, as they massively shit-test to get to know you, but the fact that they shit-test you shows they want to know you, shows they want to be tamed.

      Women may fantasize about savage warlords, but when push comes to shove they are more than happy with a red pilled man who acts a little savage now and then.

  2. Big mouth, tats and actually pretty strong, confident body language. Yet even just watching the video without sound something strikes me as odd, I think I can detect this holiness/goodperson thing in his facial expressions and it annoys me, it just seems fake to me, but I don’t know how women perceive that. The very same thing used to work on women in the past, the sixties, hippie-new left-student revolutionaries era. Red Danny (Cohn-Bendit) and the likes surely impressed the chicks with it.

    It is either that stuff you said or it might just be a poor choice in girlfriend. She looks like that kind of piercing eyes that I have always associated with crazy or at least overly critical. I know plenty of girls who would be glad to have a boyfriend like him, but one does not meet them in educated high-status leftist activist circles where they have likely met, rather they work as the hairdresser in the local hair salon.

    1. Funny how you pick up on those cues despite different language.

      It is 100% him. She is a bit of a lefty girl, but still a girl. She shit-tests him, he fails the shit-test. All women are like that.

      As I remarked to my girl: if broken sex docu girl had been my girlfriend, she’d have made a documentary on why her sex life was so awesome.

      1. It’s not always the man’s fault. She may very well have an issue unrelated to him. She could be going through something psychologically. Maybe she’s always had problems with her sexuality. Maybe she grew up in a bad household. Maybe her genes are bad. Maybe their personalities don’t work well for sex. Who knows?

        1. She gets herself tested physiologically in the documentary and shows normal sexual response.

          If normal sexual response, AWALT. She’d get wet for general butt naked, does not get wet for soyboy mctattoo. It’s the harsh truth, but it’s the truth.

          1. Possibly, but I get the feeling that we’re missing something by keeping the explanation so simple.

            I personally have dated two girls and I wouldn’t say I behaved much differently with either of them, yet one was all over me and the other one was a bit more tame. The first was more feminine and the second more masculine. The first did not go to college, came from a conservative family, and was poor. The second was liberal, college educated, and talented.

            So from personal experience, it’s clear that there are more variables than just game such as genetics, family upbringing, education level, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man in the post is alright and it’s the girl who has an issue, hence why she’s trying to find the answers.

            Even if she has a normal sexual response, that doesnt make all other variables void. We can have normal responses to things yet those responses can vary due to context. I mean, emotions can play a part. You could argue that he needs to make her feel a certain way, but is that really his fault at that point? Or is it just a reality that exists that neither party can work out.

          2. Of course, many variables influence how a girl behaves. But the underlying mechanics are the same. Liberal girl probably shit-tested heavier and more shameless, but given enough time, I bet feminine girl would pull a similar stunt at least once. AWALT.

            How long did you date those girls?

  3. Dated feminine girl for 2.5 years, lib girl for 9 months. You’re right about the contrasting shit testing. Both girls were sweet, but second girl definitely shit tested me more and eventually I just didn’t think she was worth the drama and her lack of femininity was unattractive. First girl likewise became more hassle than she was worth although in a different way.

    The point being that even if I were to game them both perfectly, what’s the point if the prize is a sub optimal woman I have to constantly game? The first girl was a pleasure to be around and I imagine that although there isn’t a “one” there are certainly better women out there. I don’t like the undertone of game being that it’s all about the man having to man up and game his woman and nothing about the woman having to game her man. First girl did it well, second girl did not. Sometimes the man does as he does and the woman is in the wrong/is the unattractive one in the end.

    Ultimately, my goal is a woman who will be a good fit for me, not one I have to force fit with brutal game.

    1. You are entirely correct.

      Some girls are sweet by nature, some are, shall we say, less so.

      All girls require a certain amount of manliness from their man; some more than others. My girl already swoons when I am repairing the car, which I infinitely prefer to a girl who only swoons when I beat her.

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