Jews and Jesus

I’ve felt little need or inspiration to write posts after the publication of Resurrection of God. The book is good, what I’ll write on here is not going to be as good. But eh, this place is more of an experimentation board anyway. So let’s write something anyway.

I feel like the effects of the book must first take place, so me writing on here does not add as much as it used to. First we set the ground rules, then we grow. My interpretation of the ground rules are in the RoG, and although they’re not the definite and absolute version, they are pretty good, if I may say so myself. And luckily, some others seem to agree. For instance, one friendly reader emails:

Thank you for writing this book. Truly. While I had to stop and work through a few areas (and yet to determine if we differ), on the whole yours is one of the most important books I’ve read in decades. I’m starting it again this week, taking a bit more time to process…
I read your blog, and Jim’s, with keen interest. I’m thankful men like you are spreading the truth.

For a book meme to spread it takes time. Marketing, I think, is overrated, in that boomers never had to worry about marketing, and when millenials talk about marketing, they usually talk about faking it in order to make it, because it is getting harder and harder to make it, and makes it easier to make it than playing fair. But naturally, that’s not what this is about, so I conclude that me pushing the book will yield terrible results to compared, y’know, the book actually accomplishing what it sets out to accomplish.

A few people have already completely picked up on the idea and have even taken it further. Notably, ‘who’s this guy and how come his tongue is sharper than Gordon Ramsey’s knives’ commenter Shaman providing a Jewish perspective:

Christianity is the fulfillment of ritual worship; it does away with the dead letter of the law in favor of its spirit, Jesus having an authority no smaller (indeed, greater) than Moses. This notion is rejected by Judaizers, who contend that Jesus could not have had authority on par with Moses’, and that therefore all parts of Mosaic Law are valid today – in explicit contradiction of Deuteronomy 18:18, where a prophet like Moses is promised; who, being like Moses, has divine authority and divine approval to establish a new covenant unlike the previous one (Jeremiah 31:31-32) and to replace the bad statutes (Ezekiel 20:25). Such is the Messiah, the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

I find this makes complete sense. It is understandable the Jews did to Jesus what they did, but now that the smoke has settled, let us take an honest look at the results:

Christians: conquered America, conquered colonies, invented the industrial revolution.
Jews: centuries of roaming, no home, disliked and surrounded by hostiles.

I mean, c’mon. The results speak for themselves. In hindsight, the Jews obviously erred in rejecting Christ.

Now, Christ was a bit of an asshole, don’t get me wrong. Imagine a guy walking into your temple: ‘Hi folks, I’m Jesus. I have no army, no nation, no crown, but you should just accept me as the son of God anyway.’ Your first response is to shit-test such a guy to death, and that’s exactly what the Jews did. But, in death, Jesus passed the shit-test.

So apart from it being a theological thing, it is also a logical thing: side with the winner, especially considering that the winner was a Jew in the first place. The Jews would be wise to accept the NT as canonical.


  1. The Jews would be wise to accept the NT as canonical.

    This is a definitional thing – some did accept the NT as canonical; they became Christians and left the Jewish gene pool. This happens over and over for a few thousand years and what you’re left with is the Jews most resistant to ever accepting the NT.

  2. The original error of the Jews, which Jesus attempted to correct, was following the letter of the law, but violating the spirit. Following the letter on blood, while violating the spirit on blood, was the incident that started the war with Rome.

    They continue to ignore the tenth commandment, while endlessly doubling down on keeping cheese and meat separate.

    Had they accepted Jesus as human King in this world, this would have ended the holiness spiral that was leading them into war with Rome.

    Shortly before the war with Rome, Jewish Christians skedaddled, indicating that they understood what was up, or they had divine revelation of what was up. Of course, if Christ is the Logos, there is no sharp distinction between divine revelation of what is happening, and understanding of material and effective causation.

    If you think that holiness spiraling the letter of the law is, in fact, unholy, it is easier to see that it is leading to war, and easier to see that the war is going to be suicidal. Thus the Christian Jews were in a better position to see what was happening than those trapped in the holiness spiral of pharisaic legalism.

  3. I agree with your conclusions about the Jews but cannot agree with your characterization of Jesus which is blasphemous. Please re-think your use of offensive language when referring to our Lord. That kind of description is not appropriate and makes you appear to be on the side of the enemy. God bless you.

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