The future of this blog

I debated whether or not to write this post, figured I should. I’ve written on the subject before, but lately my thoughts are a bit more fleshed out.

If you want to make money, having an anonymous dark enlightenment blog is the absolute worst idea you can come up with. For one, the audience is about the amount of total followers I have on Instagram (spoiler: double digits), for another, the whole thing is a liability for your real life income.

BUT, I never could resist the temptation of cooking up a new religion. It’s just been too god damn interesting. It’s always felt like the Wild West out here, and I believe it still is; once you realize that the priesthood in power has absolutely no clue what it’s doing, it’s like: I can do that better. I’ll show them how easy it is to do better.

So, that’s basically what this blog has been about. Solving man’s search for meaning. It’s easy, really, the only reason people think it is so hard is because they’ve been taught it is hard. The Resurrection of God is me providing meaning for the twenty-first century, hopefully into later centuries as well. I always felt like the ideas in it are so obvious that it’s been a race to be the first to get it out in book-form. So when I hit the publish button, I felt like I hit the ‘World Record Time’ button. Don’t think anyone else has hit that button yet, so I’ll take the World Record please thank you. No doubt other men will follow suit, but they’ll be imitators, don’t let the only real one intimidate ya.

Whether or not this will turn out to be the religion to save the West, who knows, but to be honest: I’m way too confident that it will. It is the answer, the method works, and if it is not this method, it will be another method that very closely resembles it.

So, at some level, I feel like my work is done. The whole archbishop thing is a cool meme, but I’m not gonna sit behind my laptop waiting for that to happen. I’m gonna do other, non-Alf stuff.

I think the AlfaNL domain expires in half a year or so. I won’t renew it. This site I’ll keep, if not just to sell e-books, I’ll likely write every now and then when I feel the itch. But, you know, not a priority.

I will however reveal that I am in the process of writing one last book for this blog. Way too early to spoil anything yet, but rest assured it’s gonna be a good one.


  1. Alf.
    Another consideration is directing some of your energy toward strategy and implementing your new(old) religion. I suspect, with history as a guide, the tyranny of Now forces the new philosophers to engage in the work of executing on their ideas.
    Could that be your next step? I’m tired of the prognosticating and diagnosing of this crap soup we are in. For pragmatists, it’s wholly unsatisfying.

    Your point, about the real and ever-present risk, is well taken. That’s certainly tamping down on my “brain on fire” desire to get in the fight. Thanks for the book. Thanks for leading the way thus far. Your investment and dedication cannot be questioned. I just hope you’ll look for ways to continue to contribute. It’s a good work you’ve done.

    1. Thanks. Incidentally, the next book will cover an important part of pragmatic strategy.

      Otherwise, there’s just not so much I find I can do online. Shitposting on Jim’s blog, I guess.

  2. Imagine wanting to be a priest instead of a warrior.

    Imagine religion being anything but getting your warriors women and you thinking you have a chance against a global infrastructure.

    Lol, get a place at the table before thinking you can be the head lol.

    You’ve bought into the propaganda and believe being a white *peasant* gives you a place amongst (((western))) elites

    No, some billionaire or even middle class Asian has more clout than you.

    You’re a nerd trying to solve a social problem.

    Never works out well. At best, you’ll be tolerated if victorious until you piss off the wrong woman and are then promptly murdered.

    At worst, well what’s worse..

      1. Na, I saw Jim describing social hierarchy ala cucks eulogizing or looking up to Harvard.

        You guys are right in your perspective, I just have a different one.

        I/We are ultimately a reactive force..

          1. You’re basically trying to come up with fixes to the system – Priest/Academic

            My/Our Job is simply to wreck shit. :shrug:

            If the system is working for *us* we’ll wreck for it or we’ll wreck the system itself.

            We don’t actually care as long as we’re fed and get laid.

            For now, there’s enough fodder in the system to keep *most* warriors contented and onboard.

            That, along with the demographic situation, is the factor you guys ignore.

            You’re against the system because it’s ideologically incorrect.

            Our types may be against it in theory if we were actually stopped from fucking 17 year old girls.

            We’re not though,

          2. I don’t believe you. Which is to say, I don’t believe there is a plural ‘you’, and if there is, I don’t believe you rank sufficiently high in it for me to take anything you say seriously.

            If you actually had a coherent and functional group, your group would’ve stopped you from acting like an idiot who does not recognize allies when they knock on his door and hand him all of Hillary’s deleted 30.000 emails.

            You are pretending to be more important than you are.

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