Trump appreciation post

It’s been almost three years since Donald Trump was elected to office. I had some doubts. Not big doubts, mind you. My attitude has been to prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I always hoped Trump would be one of the best. From the way he handled himself during the election it sure looked like he would be one of the best.

But patience is a virtue. Perhaps Trump would turn out to be another Reagan: a talking head, appeased and subverted by the permanent government. Perhaps he would simply fail to understand the beast he challenged. I remember having my moment of biggest doubt when news broke that Trump, no doubt pressured by the neocons, started bombing Syria.

Yet here we are, a mere two years later, and Trump is moving troops out of Syria. The first president to actually pull out of the sick mess that the US created in the Middle East. How awesome is that. And really, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m trying to summarize Trump’s achievements in a sentence, but I’m finding it hard. Trump dealt with North Korea. Trump dealt with Russia. Trump dealt with Iran. But perhaps even more importantly, domestically Trump is single-handedly taking on the permanent government. He’s bullying leftists, making their heads explode until they can no longer explode. Lefties keep repeating: ‘this is not normal’ because they know in their heart that this is normal, this is the way it is supposed to be. Trump is a one man army raising the testosterone of all the men in the West. What a guy, what a guy.

I think that at a certain point you learn to stop following a man’s every move, and instead decide whether or not to trust that man from a distance. I’ve come to trust Trump. He’s not an intellectual, but that’s a good thing. He’s a doer, a warrior, which is exactly what we were missing.

It’s an intellectual’s weakness to feel like a man as Trump needs to win your affection everyday. “I used to like Trump, but when he tweeted X, I stopped liking him.” Nonsense. You assess a person’s character, and if that character fits the function, there is no need to micro-judge everything that person does. Trump has character, Trump fits his presidential function. Let him do his thing, trust in his instincts to do whatever is best for him, and that his instincts to do whatever is best for him are very likely to be what is best for you.

The only thing you can possibly accuse the man of is not knowing the mess he got himself into. ‘If only you know how bad things really are’ was pretty much the NRx slogan. Well, Trump by necessity found out how bad things were when he moved into the white house. But again, note how Trump dealt with that: he adapted, never stopped fighting, parried every blow the media threw at him, and is now slowly moving to appoint people that are actually loyal to him. I think it was only a month ago that I saw Trump sitting in a room, telling the people around him how great they were, and adding, with pride, that all the people in that room, for the first time, were Trump appointees. I mean, what a, what a guy.

And now he is tweeting about staying president until 2030, about the coup against him, and about possible measures to counter this democrat madness. Consider his learning curve: we on this dark side of the internet knew the state of Western government by reading, thinking, discussing. We’ve abstractedly come to the conclusion that there is a permanent undemocratic government, that this government is trapped in a holiness spiral, and that it will end in murder and madness. Trump has basically learned all this, not through blogs, but by smashing headstrong into the permanent government and learn from what happens. And he has learned it! How cool is that.

Of course, assuming 2020 goes over well, it is still a mystery what will happen after 2024. But at this point I am confident that whatever Don does, he does in full knowledge of the murderous eyes staring at him. To have someone in power who sees the same frothing, cancerous madness that we see, and who tells that madness in its face: “America will never be a socialist country”, honestly, it helps me sleep like a baby. God bless that man.


  1. Yes, and when Trump makes this or that move, it is very prudent to not jump to any conclusions. There are any number of shitty things going on behind the scenes which necessitates that move that looks like shit in the short term, but magically seems to end up being a lot better than expected later on. Like that bombing run not actually deepening the ever-war.

    Also, I tried to add your site to the Atavisions RSS feed, but it doesn’t appear to be fetching your feed to include the links. Since it appears to be working for all the other sites, I am guessing there is some sort of issue on your end.

          1. Well, the php thing was just a guess. Another guess would be that your site is blocking all bot looking fetches. I would check your security apps for their settings. If that doesn’t help, disable them one at a time and briefly, at a time only you know, and check to see if it works while its off. That may be able to point you in the right direction.

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