A reader reviews Resurrection of God

Valued commenter Kenny has, very friendly and unprompted, written his own review of the Resurrection of God. Since he has no blog that I am aware of, I will paste his review here. Take it away Kenny!

The West is dying. It is a rudderless ship without Captain or Pilot, in stormy waters, tempest tossed. It cannot innovate, it cannot defend its borders, and in a bureaucratic maze, cannot make decisions. Western democracy is supposed to be government by the people, but is now rule by an oligarchy without allegiance. Frustrations of the common man go unheeded, and erupt into violence in the streets, which is becoming a norm. Everywhere is a sense that the story we are told no longer describes reality.

Many continue to hold the illusion that this chaos is progress towards a utopian age, doubling down on liberal and progressive concepts which have failed. A growing number have recognized it as decay. Very few, in our information saturated age, are proposing novel solutions to our current symptoms, much less looking for a path for humanity’s future.

Alf was just one Dutch man trying to get his life sorted and claim his stake in the world. He has spent many years studying and participating in reactionary and dissident right thought and discussion. He has watched the ominous events of the West’s decay unfold while also studying history. Inspired by the likes of Mencius Moldbug, Nick Land, Spandrel, and Jim, he is compelled to explain why things are falling apart, and what we can do about them. His explanation eschews the state, socialism and communism as modern saviours. Rather, he goes back to the roots of our modern malaise, from before the French Revolution, all the way to modern times searching for answers. His thesis is simple, but not easy to accept. It will strike many as reactionary if not regressive. To resurrect the great western civilization, we must resurrect God.

Nietzsche wrote that God was dead and humanity would have to take a different path to advance. Alf respectfully disagrees. The philosophical rejection of God from the Enlightenment onward could not have killed God anymore than it could have killed gravity. Alf seeks to resurrect God in a new form, incorporating aspects of the sciences, of our biology, our behaviour, and our capacities, to create a more compelling vision of the universe and man’s place in it. In the West, we’ve gone down the wrong road, denying our own nature. We create fictions to support grand schemes which only result in waste and suffering. Alf wants us to stop, turn around, and go back to recover our sense of humanity and our place in the universe.

Alf is not some amateur pundit. He’s got skin in this game. He has a family, and a son. He wants his children to inherent a world where they can live, grow and advance, in accordance with their nature and the will of God. Here is his vision on how we can get back on track.

Thank you for your kind words Kenny!

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