The Resurrection of God is out now!

An excellent way to spend the evening

Whelp, it has finally happened — ‘The Resurrection of God’ is now available as an e-book! What is it about, you ask? Only the culmination of five years in the Dark Enlightenment blogosphere, synthesized in one book.

This book is probably the smartest thing I’ll ever write. Let me be even crazier: it’s probably the smartest book in existence since the bible. I know that because I have abundantly lifted material from men even smarter than me, and added my own unique twist on the thing. It’s not just a book, it’s a lifestyle! ^_^;;

Get your copy here!

Many many thanks to the selfless reviewers: Mountstuart Elphinstone, Kenny (who also reviewed my first book), Jim and HappyDad89.

Finally, I’d also like to thank the talented artist who designed the beautiful cover: Pussydestroyer86. Remember that name folks.


    1. Same old same old. The Dutch cathedral, currently being run by the Republicans, has run out of topics it can push without public backlash, so they focus on the last prog topic on which there hasn’t been major public backlash: the environment.

      Well there has been outlash against carbon dioxide warmism, so they have changed tracks and suddenly it is all about nitrogen warmism, which, surprise surprise, is all the fault of those pesky kulaks and their farms. Kulaks receive new nitrogen taxes (on top of the shitload of taxes they already have, did you know farmers even need to pay a tax if they want to quit farming?), and lo and behold, the farmers have had enough.

  1. Can you give me advice on buying your book?

    I have a Bitcoin wallet but when I put in your wallet address to transfer money the transaction won’t go through.

    This is your address right?: bc1q83yxlhd4f9jh36vtkl2pqmg3sgnz25fl9hj37c

  2. I’m not using BitCoin as long as it is primarily used as something to speculate with, not something to pay with. Could you just have it published at Castalia (Vox Day) or Imperium Press or any other place that takes a credit/debit card or PayPal?

    1. Both publishing houses require me to put lots of faith in them, in terms of giving up my identity and letting go of the publishing process. I’ve considered Castalia, but decided not to. Bitcoin is fine.

  3. i don’t want to use Bitcoin but I want to read your book.
    Please email your address to me, and the price and the postage.
    Adda bit more for the labor of going to the post office.
    I’ll send you a cheque.
    You send the book! Sure hope you will, and, thanks.

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