Publishing date nears…!

Yes, great hype washes over the internet, as the publication date for The Resurrection of God draws closer! I’ve been interacting with excellent reviewers giving me lots of feedback.1 I do not want to rush things, so I have let the book and the feedback simmer for a while.

Over the past week I felt like I was ready to finalize the book. I re-read everything, made changes and added some new chapters. I was impressed with my own writing.

See, I set out to write The Resurrection of God as a non-fictional detective novel, but I was scared that I had bitten off more than I could chew. Reading the (almost) final result, that does not turn out to be the case. The book is pretty much as I envisioned it. If years of blogging serve as experimental practice, The Resurrection of God is the result of all that practice. It is my synthesis of years of Dark Enlightenment debate.

Things that I have still got to do before final publication:

  • Wait for the reviews of the final draft.
  • Re-read the final draft and finalize edits.
  • Throw the final product into azw3, epub and pdf format.
  • Finish sales page (I’ve already written a draft, which naturally includes the words ‘dazzling masterpiece of philosophical ingenuity’ in its very first sentence).
  • Write an official release post.

My only regret is not publishing this book as an actual book. E-books are infinitely more lame than the real thing. But for now I think getting the idea in the book out is the most important thing, and my guess is that those interested in the idea will buy the book anyway. Perhaps later I can sell the book in actual book form. Getting it printed is not the hardest problem I think, even if I am paranoid about giving away my identity. Shipping costs however, from what I’ve tentatively searched, seem to be more problematic. My preliminary estimation puts the price of a cover book including international shipping at 30 to 40 dollars converted to bitcoin.

Anyways, the e-book will be priced at $8,95 converted to bitcoin. Exciting!

1 Well except for Jim who just responded ‘excellent’ and corrected one typo in his own quoted material.

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