DOn’t mind me just writing some stuff off my chest…

Let’s start with warmism. It’s good to keep debunking warmism. The left depends on people believing its lies. Once lies are disproved, leftists disappear into snarky darkness. For instance, see immigration. The left is losing the battle for democracy because it couldn’t help itself importing waves of Nigerians.

But new lies are easily made. Take warmism. Man is warmism all over the place these days. It’s hot hot hot.

Here’s the funny thing: try to actually debate with a warmist what is going on, scientifically speaking. Spoiler: you can’t. It’s impossible.

They constantly move the goal posts. There’s a hole in the ozone! No wait it’s actually acid rain! And carbon dioxide is warming up the earth! And the arctics are melting! And the sea level is rising! The world is coming to an end in five years! The hole in the ozone is healing! Global warming doesn’t need to warm up the earth, it just changes it! There will be hurricanes because the bees are dying! There’s only 30% of the Amazon rainforest left! Yes said five years ago the world was going to end in five years, and it hasn’t, we are very grateful, but in another five years surely the world will end! Also, carbon dioxide isn’t even our biggest problem, have you seen the nitrogen levels recently?

And so on, and so on.

The whole thing needs to be debunked as a whole. Global warming has been debunked, endless times, by people smarter than me. But it needs to be smashed into the ground. No one should dare to openly preach warmism, just as nowadays no leftist dares to openly preach pro-immigration. Make that stuff low status.

Warmism jargon like ‘sustainable’ and ‘organic’ is nonsense; whenever a product or company uses such jargon, it has been strong-armed into it by looting warmists. Products aren’t ‘sustainable’ or ‘organic’: they either work or they don’t. There is no difference between organic farming and farming, only in the sense that organic hipster farmers use stupid methods that fail after which they inevitably realize that farmers were farming the way they farm for a reason.

Warmism is an end-of-the-world cult, the most successful one in the history of mankind. For that it deserves props, but it also deserves to be smacked into the ground.

Take this here ‘scientificious infograph on 9gag. Now there’s some quality content. I of course can’t help but immediately notice the ‘This Now’ logo, which I recognize as a radical left-wing media group often retweeted by AOC. So already I’m thinking: I trust these guys as far as I can throw them. BUT, the images look scientific, no?

I mean, what the hell, let us give them a chance. What’s the claim?

The claim is that the old ice on the Arctics, old ice being ice older than four years, has melted from 4.000.000 square kilometers in 1988 (left pic) to 110.000 square kilometers in 2019 (right pic):

That’s pretty insane don’t you think? Crunch the numbers: That’s a ninety-five percent decrease in the amount of ice. That’s the kind of thing that might instigate people to take up climate activism.

Only, it’s complete bunk. Stupid bunk even. Every summer, all the ice of the arctics melts and looks something like this:

Everything melts to pieces of ice. Everywhere! How exactly did these people measure which of those thousand pieces of ice stayed frozen over the summer? Were toothpicks involved? And how the hell can these pieces of flotsam be represented as one big white mass of 400.000 square kilometers? I guess that you, like me, assumed the images in that infograph were satellite images or something. They sure were meant to imitate satellite images. But actual satellite images would show the ice melting every summer since 1988. This, on the other hand, can only show what it shows with the help of photoshop.

So another day, another lie. They lie compulsively.

They lie just like that cult that predicted aliens would arrive and the world would end, and when the aliens failed to arrive, they predicted even more aliens were on their way and that the world would end twice as much.

They lie, stupidly, shamelessly, endlessly. To associate yourself with such stupidity is almost as stupid as making it up yourself.

Hilariously, the arctic ice is not at all cooperating with warmists. Jim observed that the Northwestern passage bordering the arctics has not been passable because of the amount of ice, and what do you know, a bunch of warmists have recently been evacuated because they were caught in ice that wasn’t supposed to be there. Based captain notes: “Something is very wrong with Arctic ice, instead of melting as ordered by UN/IPCC, it captured the ship with Climate Change Warriors.”

Indeed, the Arctic ice shows alarming tendencies of white privilege.

I’ve lost count of how many warmists have been debunked by now. Michael Mann’s IPCC has been debunked. Hanson’s NASA has been debunked. Al Gore has been debunked. Oh and of course Greta Thunberg turns out to be funded by Al Gore and George Soros — who saw that coming! It’s like we’re playing wack-a-mole; debunk one warmist and another pops out. Get them all out of here.

Well that wasn’t really a shitpost, it was actually a very coherent post. I impress myself. Not going to change the title tho.


  1. “No one should dare to openly preach warmism, just as nowadays no leftist dares to openly preach pro-immigration.”

    Maybe the Netherlands is different in this respect, but where I live plenty of leftists openly preach pro-Immigration. A few weeks ago there was a “Seebrücke” rally in my town where they were preaching for more ships in the mediterranean to ferry more immigrants to Europe.

    They aren’t preaching it in such feverish way as 3 years ago, but they are still openly preaching it.

    1. Yes I exaggerate, but only slightly.

      The most important change is that it is no longer fashionable to preach open borders. The cool kids are no longer doing it, its just empty suits, shills, and the usual leftist homeless commies.

      We need the same thing with warmism: get the cool kids to know whats up.

      1. Well, yes, but until we can replace the Cathedral with a new Religion, we can at most chase leftists from one project to another. Compared to open borders and unlimited immigration warmism is relatively benign.

        If we make warmism unfashionable, they’ll come up with something else. It might well be much more damaging. Untill we can set a new fashion, nothing can be gained from killing warmism, but much harm can come from the next fad that then replaces warmism.

        Some people need a cause that keeps them occupied. One of the jobs of Religion is to give them a benign cause.

        1. If the warmists get their way, there will be no industry, no airplanes, no electricity. Not benign.

          We are already setting the fashion for those smart enough to understand our fashion. Observe how SJW chicks stalk guys like Roosh: they are creaming their panties for us.

          1. Sure, but that is a lot easier to recover from than the settlement of legions from Africa. Or imagine your child having to spend time in school with a warmist teacher as compared to an LBQT activist teacher .

            Do you now understand my point about RELATIVELY benign?

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