Greta Thunberg, sacrificial child

I have been watching a little of Greta’s public speeches. Not too much, mind you. She is boring. But there is also something profoundly sad about her.

The biggest mistake the right made was to think the left meant anything it said. “Perhaps they are overzealous, but at least they care about the environment”, that sort of thing. Of course, we now know the left does not give a shit about the environment. They never care about any topic on which they assume moral high ground. They care about power, raw god-damned power. The environment only matters to them insofar it grants them that sweet sweet power. It’s a tool for getting power, and the moment the tool no longer gets power, it will be dropped faster than you can say ‘isn’t it hypocritical to preach about carbon emissions while flying in private jets?’

Naturally, the whole global warming thing is a farce. It was a farce when the beltway bandits begged for climate funding in the nineties. It was a farce when Michael Mann faked results on behalf of the UN. A farce when Al Gore said we were all going to die in ten years (remember that?). And of course, a farce when James Hansen ruined the last of NASA’s reputation by upping Al Gore, from ten down to four years.

The science is pretty clear: the climate, in many places, is getting greener, in some places it is drier. Surprise surprise: the climate changes. Just like it has always done. Just like in the same tempo it has always done. There is no apocalypse nearing. The science does not show it, and I am pretty sure that if you go outside and look around, your eyes will not show it either.

What the science however does show is a remarkable persistence of doomsday cults throughout history. In fact, quite impressively, our current warmists are possibly the largest and most successful variety of such a doomsday cult. I mean, name a more successful, more powerful cult that openly preached the end of the world than the warmists. I can’t think of one.

In light of all this, one cannot help but feel sad when looking at Greta. Poor girl. No one gives a shit about her. She’s a prop, a child to push into everyone’s faces and say: look at this child. LOOK AT HER. DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT?

It’s tasteless.

Greta reminds me of Tiny Rick:

Greta: ‘Give me back my childhood!’
UN audience: *applauds*

Get that girl home. And get these cultists a helicopter ride.

ADDED: thought I had. For some reason ‘fans’ keep bringing up her autism. Seems like a way to keep her in check: If she ever develops the ‘wrong’ opinion, well, it’s a shame, but her autistic tendencies seem to have consumed her!

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