The Golden Century and other Dutch news

Dutch politics, like the Netherlands, is continuing its downwards spiral. As unfortunate as that is, here at Jardin De L’Internet we shall do some quality journalism on the situation. One should be able to look misery straight in the eye, for it is the only way to know if you are comfortable in your own skin.

Let us start with the piece of news that actually shook me a bit: 18.000 building projects have been put on hold because of new environmental regulations. This time it is not carbon dioxide, not acid, not plastics, but nitrogen. ‘Indeed!’ we are told by straight-faced bugmen, ‘the Netherlands faces a nitrogen crisis. Terrible! Especially as nitrogen is released in farming, industry, and building. Truly, every building project has completely unexpectedly turned out to be a danger for mother nature.’

I had hoped that our Republican coalition would ward off the most evil environmental legislation. But cucks gonna cuck, it seems.

If building stuff is illegalized, civilization is illegalized. How long until it becomes impossible for me to achieve my dream of visiting the USA because of 500% carbon/nitrogen tax on airplane tickets? Sad.

Next up, the Amsterdam museum will no longer refer to the Dutch seventeenth Century as the Golden Century, for as all leftists know, the seventeenth century was rife with slavery, oppression and poverty.

Obviously, very similar to American leftists tearing down confederate statues. It’s just another strike at humiliating us, at getting us to be ashamed of our forefathers.

And of course, it is a complete lie. The Golden Century was a century of heroic bravery, in which the Netherlands freed itself from a European empire, just like the European union today, and everybody said the Netherlands could never do without the European empire, just like today. But we flourished: we sailed the seven seas, conquered huge parts of the world, shared our knowledge with the lesser races, and build the greatest Dutch empire in history.

When you visit the Netherlands, whether it is the cities or the countryside, all the beautiful architecture will hail from around this period. In the twenty-first century we simply do not build like that anymore. Our buildings are grey, block-headed, ugly. We are too poor. I have little doubt that, if a Dutchman from the Golden Century traveled in time to the twenty-first century, he would be disgusted by our poverty, our slavery and our oppression.

Anyway, next item. This one’s juicy. The fifteen year old son of Amsterdam’s mayor, former Green Left leader Femke Halsema, has been caught committing armed theft. As the left has always been the party of criminals, scum and hypocrits, no one is really surprised, but naturally mommy Halsema has turned slightly red. In an open letter, she defended her son’s innocent shenanigans by arguing that her son only ‘accidentally’ entered a house, and that it wasn’t really an ‘armed’ theft anyway since the gun was a fake. Naturally, a few weeks later it turns out the gun was not a fake. Ah well, it’s tough being a mother.

Finally, there is some good news, for our good friend Thierry Baudet is speaking out against all this nonsense, and contrary to our enemies, who have no swag, no sense of humor, wherever Baudet goes, he is the charming center of attention. All the media polls have him losing heavily, so if that is not a sure sign that he is dangerously popular, I do not know what is.


  1. You can always tell a Leftist politician. They will always wade in on criminal matters when tradition holds that politicians should not comment on such matters, in order to avoid even a hint of political interference in criminal prosecutions. Of course, being a tradition, it must be oppressing someone, and so the Left must undermine and extinguish it.

    1. I did not know that was the tradition. But makes imminently more sense than writing an open ‘ABOUT MY CRIMINAL SON’ letter to the media.

  2. Tourism is a little uncomfortable for the Left, isn’t it? Tourists want to see these kinds of buildings. Golden Century. And because tourism is an important source of taxes, the government will put pictures of these buildings in the tourism-increasing advertisements and PR articles. And then they will use that money to build something ugly.

    1. Yes pretty much.

      I mean, I guess tourists still come to Amsterdam for the weed and hookers, but they’re also getting rid of the hookers. Not much left.

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