The new Tool album: it sucks.

Well that was an anticlimax.

I wanted to listen to the album plenty of times before I’d write the review, but turns out I just can’t. The music doesn’t hold my attention. It kind of sucks.

Now, this was not wholly unexpected. What I expected was that, since Tool has been the best band to translate the Progressive mindset into music, in the era of Trump, their music would likely suffer. If your guys are in power, you feel inspired. If not, you feel as if time has passed you by. Turns out that was exactly correct. In fact, turns out that the Tool album completely flails in the era of Trump.

Funny thing is, I am not even forcing a link between Trump and Tool. They do it themselves on the very first song of the album:

The deceiver says, he says
“You belong to me
You don’t wanna breathe the light of the others
Fear the light, fear the breath
Fear the others for eternity”

Who could this deceiver possibly be? Such a mystery.

Sadly, this song about the orange man I mean the completely unknown deceiver is the only good song on the album. Well Invincible was OK too I guess. But nothing, not even those two songs, come close to the old stuff. Nothing sticks out, nothing has a coherent theme. The Tool instruments are there, making recognizable Tool sounds, but it just doesn’t pop.

I loved Tool for beautiful songs that stood out, like Rosetta Stoned, 46 and 2, or 10,000 days. I’ve spent considerable time tapping the opening rhythm to eulogy. But this album? There’s nothing to spend time on. It’s background music.

So, in conclusion: a very bad case of Trump derangement syndrome. Quite likely terminal. Sad.


  1. yeah the new tool album sucked. Some of it was just awful. Adam Jones has gone tone deaf and his choice of notes and riffage is just pure garbage. It’s not dissonance, it’s just the wrong notes he’s playing.

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