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Now that the book is close to finished, time to move on to other things.

What we want to do is Inception. We incept an idea. Or, a meme, if you will. That meme is Jim. Either you trust me on that or you don’t, but trust me, the math works out. The most effective meme to incept into Western society is Jim.

But, how do we incept? After all, we are bloggers / anon commenters. Fucking lol. No one takes blogs seriously, least of all myself. Truth is, we are terrible at inception, at marketing.

Consider Jesus. Jesus had twelve disciples spreading his word full-time. Later, a small army. Jim has, what, me and one-and-a-half groyper account on Twitter, spreading his word, part-time. It’s terrible.

Now, the content itself is brilliant. That is the best thing we have going for ourselves. If the world of ideas is like an MMA tournament, our style of fighting wins. But of course, it is not exactly like an MMA tournament, in the sense that we are not allowed to compete like other ideas. Once we were allowed to compete, we’d snowball.

Take Bronze Age Pervert for instance. There’s a dude that knows marketing. He has good form. Us content guys should learn from the form guys.

The thing that destroys BAP every time, is, of course, that while his form is inspiring, his content isn’t that good. At its core, he favors aesthetics. We favor functionality. Functionality beats aesthetics. Zyzz died young and childless, I will die old and immortal. To follow BAP is to follow a life of empty boasting. That is why they call it the BAP trap.

But still. The marketing man, the marketing… How do we do it?

Probably some changes on this blog are in order. Need more entertainment, more flair. Less gloomy. Let the white pill shine through. After all, my girl just gave me a blowjob and said she loves me – how’s Tinder treating you?

We need some sort of conversion mechanism. Some way for people to signal: I’m in. I *get* it. Namedropping Jim is great. Inserting Jim memes on women is excellent. If you can get the high school bully to give nerds wedgies while reciting Jim, that’s when we’re solid.


  1. We don’t have anything, but content. Written content appeals only to a few percent of our peoples. If we had a charismatic face, that would probably help. Problem is, spreading Jim’s ideas is illegal in some countries, e.g Germay and UK. Even were it is legal, that person would be at risk of extra legal prosecution. That is no fun, if that worst you have to fear is vandalism of your car and house, but once that person is more widely known, more serious attacks have to be considered. Who could and would want to risk that?

    The risk is bearable for someone who is merely a follower of Jim, without being famous for it. That means we can spread the word, be part of a movement withou a known leader.

    I think having a symbol would help, like the cross or fish for Christianty, the red flag for communism, the Lamba for the Identitaerian Movement etc.

    1. Well yes, having a healthy family at this point is illegal. Some risk-taking is in order.

      But yes, your points are valid.

  2. BAP is our Beau Brummel. As Brummel with his clean aesthetic snubbed the King and the aristocracy with their silly scarlet bathrobes and heaps of gold filigree, so we are gaining muscle and reading Old Books to snub the soyboys, antifa goons and politicians in crappy suits. And this time, the ‘fashion’ is biologically linked to our ideology. Lifting iron is inherently right wing: requires discipline and self-mastery to achieve beauty and strength through sustained effort.

    As for his content, he may not do rigor like Jim, but his instincts are very good. I believe he’s solidly /ourguy/. He hasn’t fallen into the traps of ‘right-wing’ environmentalism, primitivism, anti-capitalism or white knighting. He has, for instance, pretty much the same vision for Africa and space as I do and Jimism has: Aryan conquest, exploitation, development, frontier freedom. He’s not particularly anti-Christian, indeed gives every indication he’d be on board with a vital, no-nonsense, warlike Jimian version of Christianity – it’s just that he, perhaps justifiably, doesn’t see such a thing arriving.

    As for his alleged homosexuality: I know this is a sticky point for me, but I have to reemphasize that I don’t believe it. If you listen to the first episode of his new podcast, he gives a very convincing account of a heterosexual relationship, and moreover he just doesn’t come across as a fag at all.

    Jim said he isn’t effective, and it’s true he doesn’t reach a mass audience, but every smart young reactionary I know reads and respects BAP. If Jordan Peterson matters, BAP matters. Ideas more powerful than guns, fashion more powerful than ideas, but I believe our ideas will follow naturally in the wake of a BAPian fashion blitzkrieg.

    1. Solid defense. I’ll admit I’d rather had Milo as our Beau Brummel than BAP. I’m more convinced that Milo is on my side than BAP.

      But, as far as dissident right guys go, we could do worse than BAP.

        1. Not the point. The point is that falling for the “BAP is a fag” meme demonstrates that you’ve internalized Cathedral homoeroticism, showcasing lack of memetic sovereignty.

          For my part, I don’t think BAP is a fag, only narcissistic, and all narcissists are autoeroticists.

          1. The whole point of BAP is that male beauty should be destigmatized and no longer linked to “lol gayboy”. We should aspire to muscular youths, venerate and emulate their beauty (which is linked to warrior aesthetics) and not associate this with gayness.

            Spandrell is speculating hard. BAP as Mishima is a good, self-consistent theory, but Mishima did not deny being a homosexual, call unmanly people gay as an insult or call for the reclamation of male aesthetics from the gay.

          2. I guess a point can be made for that.

            But personally, I prefer function over aesthetic. I have worked out pretty much my whole life, but I do so because it makes me feel strong. That I look good is nice (and def very important to me when I was teenager), but its the functionality lifting brings me I like best. Eg, I have energy to maintain house, work for family, defend territory. I am stronk for higher purpose.

            To fetishize aesthetics above functionality tends to be a typical gay red flag. But sure, that is speculation.

          3. I get you, bro. I have the physique of Tony Soprano no matter how much I exercise, so I naturally focus on strength and endurance as markers of success. However, there’s nothing gay about respecting aesthetics qua aesthetics, even in other men.

    1. From what I’ve read by Anglin, I’ll give him he’s funny. Seems to me he copies Jim’s stuff on women on his own site, which I completely get. But has he linked/namedropped Jim yet? Until he does, cannot tell if allies or competition.

  3. In latest podcast BAP talks about entryism, uses phrase “hello fellow reactionaries”, uses phrase “America is becoming harmless to its enemies and treacherous to its friends”… I wonder what he could have been reading?

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