I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the book is coming along swimmingly:

The yellow is where I was proofreading, a few days ago. It goes up to page one hundred.

The bad news is it will take more time than anticipated. Apologies to proofreaders, I should have waited with my announcement, got carried away by enthusiasm. I underestimated how shitty the book’s first draft was. Need to rewrite a lot. Luckily, the picture of the final product is getting clearer and clearer in my mind. I am really liking the second draft so far. But I do not want to rush things.

Currently I have about 12,000 more words to work through, and at my current pace that will take about two more weeks. But no promises. No lets not repeat the same mistake. Let’s say it will take another month. This is silly. I will not name a date. It is done when it is one.

I had some ideas for blog posts, but honestly, this project is sapping all my creative energy. I just don’t have more content to give.

But yeah, a tinkle of content… I’m enjoying summer. Baby’s doing fine. Weather’s good. Spending most of my time doing work around the house. Painting, maintenance, sorting out tools, that sort of thing. Also trying to grow my own weed plant. So far she’s up to fifty centimeters. All good and fun. The tinkle of content ends now. Cheers.


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