Memetic sovereignty

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We boast that we have memetic sovereignty. What does that mean?

At its core, I think memetic sovereignty refers to the power of your memes. How strong are they? Do they have weaknesses? Every meme has weaknesses. But just like in nature, what matters not is if it is perfect, what matters is if it is fitter than all its competitors. And that is what we claim our memeplex to be.

For example, a traditional rightist says: ‘look at all the quotum for female participation. It is reverse discrimination!’ But his meme is not sovereign, for it already accepts the leftist framework that discrimination is the biggest problem of our time, and tackling it our top priority. Use the shibboleths of your enemy, get trapped in Newspeak.

We claim sovereignty because we, in fact, do counter leftists. We claim that we can explain what is going on better than anyone else. That is a flex, but watch us back it up.

Take the recent Epstein arrest. Why is Epstein arrested? Why are the papers full with it? Why are they linking Epstein to Trump?

It is, exactly as Jim says, because leftists are frothing at the mouth desperate for dirt on Trump. They thought Flynn had the dirt and now that it turns out Flynn had no dirt whatsoever, they try with Epstein. Of course the Epstein-arrest is even more laughable, as any rightist knows Epstein was connected to Bill Clinton, not Trump. One can even imagine they bought into the rightist meme that Epstein had dirt on the Democrat elite, thus desperately imagining he will also have dirt on Trump. But we’ve seen how the Russia-collusion went, how the Mueller investigation went, how Flynn went… Well, we shall see how Epstein goes.

So, memetic sovereignty. Good stuff. Not only does it flex our muscle, it supports Trump and his gang of warriors. That is good priesting.


  1. Going by the words, having “memetic sovereignty” merely means that we create our own memes, that we decide what we think whereas most men let the cathedral decide what they think. This understanding is according to the meaning of a sovereign country being a country that rules itself (more precisely is ruled by men of that very country) whereas a non-sovereign country is ruled by foreigners.

    Sovereignty usally has something to with power, but sovereignty is sometimes enjoyed by people who have very little power and lacked by powerful people. For this reason. I don’t think memetic sovereignty refers to the power of memes.

    You use “memetic sovereignty” to characterize memes that are indepenent of the cathedral, outside of the progressive frame. Since memes are inside a man’s head that amounts to the same thing. The cathedral does not decide what that man is thinking.

    Power is the ability to make other men do what you want. So memetic power is power to make men think what you want, how easiliy the meme is transmitted and how persistent it is once a man’s mind has been infected with it.

    I agree that we have memetic sovereignty, but we still have very little memetic power. Most men in Europe still believe in equality.

    Since you mentioned the power of our memes, what do you think is at present our most powerful meme, the meme that spread the most, infected the most minds?

    In Germany, I think it is presently “Open Borders Kill”. The “refugees welcome” crowd is nowadays a lot smaller than 3 years ago and much less visible. I think the present “Fridays for Future” climate scare rallies in Germany are a tactical retreat of progressives who moved to different topic because they needed a new recruiting tool to attract the next generation to the cathedral.

    1. Since you mentioned the power of our memes, what do you think is at present our most powerful meme, the meme that spread the most, infected the most minds?

      That Trump is a good ruler.

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