Can’t do science without religion

Rollo Tomassi complains: ‘People, I am just doing science! I don’t want to get political about it.’

Yes, well, Moldbug something something. You may not be interested in politics but politics is interested in you. Same for religion.

We are always ruled by warriors or priests. Currently we are ruled by priests. And they are armed with a religion. Truth, especially if that truth is red-pilled, flies in the face of that religion. And so even though Rollo does his utmost best to distance himself from any religious or political debate, the debate encroaches upon him, as observed in his exclusion from the 21 Convention.

We, in our cultish corner of the internet, also like science, and we want men to do science. Science is awesome. But in order for men to perform science, they need a religion backing their scientific activities. So, either Rollo has to become a cult leader, or, if I may humbly suggest, he kindly takes a look at our cult, which would fully support him doing his thing without interference.

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