Proofreaders wanted

I have been a busy beaver and finished my next book. It is a hundred percent original content. It is titled: The Resurrection of God. Subtitle: A Reactionary Manifesto.

It is one part Moldbug, two parts me, one part Jim. Well probably more Jim.

It is basically a formalization of philosophy, an answer to Nietzsche, and a summary of reactionary thought. All of course in my own style, with lots of stuff lifted from other people, most notably Jim’s blog. It’s about the length of the Communist Manifesto, 21,000 words, although infinitely more readable. I am going to proofread it myself, but after that has been done, I am looking for others who would like to proofread. Also I want to up my marketing game a little bit, so I am looking for juicy quotes from people.

Also I am looking for a snazzy cover, but so far I have no idea. Suggestions welcome.

To be clear, I have finished the first draft, am currently re-reading and editing it for the second draft. So for public proofreading, probably another two to three weeks.

EDIT: thank you for the response, no more proofreaders needed, we have enough!


  1. I’d also like to help albeit english is not my first language. You can reach me at the mail I’m entering in the form below.

  2. I’m happy to help with proof reading and spiffy comments as well. I’ve put my email in the “email” field of this comment. There is no need for the general public to know my email

      1. Oof and Ouch, Just realized that you need 2-3 weeks more. I will be gone all of August and half of September away from Civilization and technology to live partly in the wilderness and partly on some isolated farms kinda like this Club Orlov guy who periodically cuts himself off from Civilization by living on his boat for extended periods of time.

        I can help after that but that will probably be too late for you. Sorry, did not read the last para carefully where you said you will have it in 2-3 weeks. But the way I see it, you have guys lining up to proofread your work. Will buy your book, anonymously of course, via BitCoin.

  3. I can help out. Email address should be linked to this comment.

    For security reasons, it’s a burner; I don’t want identities across blogs being linked publicly. But if you need to vet your proofreaders, just email me an intro and I’ll reply with an identity you might recognize.

  4. I see that you’ve recruited enough proofreaders, but I still think I might be able to help. Please send me an email to find out why. (Here’s a shibboleth: “Pumpkins.”)

    1. (Here’s a shibboleth: “Pumpkins.”)

      I don’t know what that means.

      I intended no more than three proofreaders so I am already over my max. But I’ll send an email at the time, see if you can convince me.

  5. You have enough proofreaders, but I might be interested in buying (Game of Life as well). Will you adjust prices now that BTC is significantly higher than when the last book was released?

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