To Boromir

I have someone whom I care about, someone who claims to read this blog. I have minor doubts about this claim, since last time we talked I trolled this person: when he said that Disney was heavily SJW’ing, I responded with a sincere ‘oh really?’ after which he gave me an entire expose on why Disney was SJW’ing. Of course, I for the longest time have known Disney is SJW’ing and anyone reading my blog will know that I know Disney is SJW’ing.

But people have the peculiar ability to read stuff and filter out everything that does not fit their worldview, even if that means filtering out 99% of said stuff. So, perhaps this person does read this blog, but just does not process 99% of what I say. In which case, I will use this platform to address this person directly and attempt to get through the filter.

Dearest person, the world is going to shit. Turn on the tv, walk around, observe the economy… The world is going to shit. It is being devoured by parasites, among those parasites the very same progressives you count as friends, against whom I have nothing individually, but whom as a group want to see me humiliated, preferably dead, and who also want to see you humiliated, preferably dead. You think I exaggerate, I do not.

You are being Boromir, who was so taken in with the Ring’s power that he thought he could not do without it. Boromir rationalized his love for the Ring’s power by telling himself that he would be different, that he would not be influenced by the Ring’s madness. Now, to every reader it was obvious that Boromir was blinded, that he was not judging the situation well, but Boromir himself could not see what the fuzz was about until it was too late. You are being Boromir.

People have much less persuasive power than they think. I have spent ample time with people who boasted that they were great persuaders, but they were always better at boasting their persuasion than they were at actual persuasion. People tend to do whatever they wanted to do, irrelevant of the influences of a persuader. Thus, a good persuader gives people permission to do what they wanted to do, as opposed to imagining he can change minds. A good persuader does not change the mind of a woman to have sex with him, but rather affirms her instinct to have sex with him.

Likewise, words tend not to change the mind of men, at best only temporarily, which is why people who talk and talk tend to be characterized not as persuaders, but as bamboozlers. A bamboozler is never as persuasive as he thinks, for if he was, the name ‘bamboozler’ would be associated with high status, not low status.

I am too polite to hammer home these points outside of this place, nor am I sure whether they will pass your filter, but hey, worth a try.

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