Getting into Gnon’s favor

We are building a new religion.

I previously said I’d give the religion building a rest. But I realize I’m mostly giving the Jimianity meme a rest. The religion building is still strong. I mean, everything I said about the difficulties of meme’ing a religion into existence still holds, it’s just that I’d be lying if I’d say I was not building some sort of religion, for a religion ain’t nothing but a bunch of verbal memes for mass cooperation. I oversimplify, but you get the point – all intellectuals create mini-religions, and I’d rather be honest about it. All intellectuals are prophets, philosophy is a subset of theology. But more of that in my upcoming book, which I am currently writing, and which will be a hundred percent original content.

Anyway, what is our religion problem?

Let’s keep it really simple. What was Christianity about? About trust and cooperation leading to being favored by evolution, or as neoreactionaries like to say, by Gnon, nature’s God.

On the one hand, you can make Jesus as grandiose as you like. On the other hand, he was just a dude who got himself killed early in his thirties. No kids, no nice things… He sacrificed himself for an idea. A good idea, as it turned out, but honestly, there is a terrible survivor bias involved. It was not Jesus or his Father who decided Christianity would be a smash hit, it was evolutionary pressures. Which is not to take away from Jesus’ very impressive feat but that’s just my thoughts on the subject.

So again, what is our problem?

Christ’s memes for cooperation are old. They are dated security measures: everyone knows how to hack them. Being ‘loving’ has been agreed-and-amplified into a weapon by our enemies: first it was love of your neighbor, then love of very far away people, then love of people who want to murder you and your family.

So, we need a correction. What exactly that correction entails is hard to say. Probably simpler than we think. Recall that the New Testament is 180 552 words. Which is a fat book, I’ll be the first to say, but just one book after all. But again, reverse engineering the amount of words a religion needs is a bit icky.

I think the new religion should be summarized the same way I can summarize the old religion. I also think the new religion should update the security measures of the old.

OK, how about this.

What is our new religion about? It is about the glory of being a white straight man on top of the food chain.

I am still thinking whether ‘whiteness’ should be explicitly emphasized, but I think it should. I mean, that’s what we are right? Sure, there’s many non-white men who agree with what we say, but in the end it has always been the white man who conquered the world.

Basically, all it is is saying out loud what we knew for hundreds of years, but which was so ubiquitous that, like the water fish swim in, we saw no reason to say it out loud. We talked about it, we took it for granted, as Aristotle did when he casually remarked that women are rightfully subjects to men.

It is a reaction against progressivism, which has morphed into a religion that says all white straight males are evil. We counter that calmly by saying: nope, we’re pretty cool. We understand your hatred, but we’re still pretty cool, and we’re proud of the fact that we’re cool. This pulls the stinger out of the Cathedral, which operates on shame: ‘shame on you for acting like you are an alpha male!’ Yeah no, I like acting like an alpha male. Long live emperor Trump. Long live the patriarchy. May our descendants conquer the stars.

It is not a foolproof summary of the religion. It says nothing about capitalism, for instance. Capitalism is good. People hating on capitalism are always jealous or commies, or both. But, I think our biggest problem is progressivism, not marxism, hence the emphasis on the glory of being a straight white male, less on the glory of being a capitalist, although it is undoubtedly true that it is glorious to be a capitalist.

It is not just ‘okay’ to be white, it is pretty awesome to be white.


  1. That is too specific to form a basis of a religion. Better to have some tenets that allow such a conclusion and are at the same time compatible with Christianity – so the new religion can attract Christians and atheists (the presently dominant faiths in the West). I suggest the following tenets as self-evident eternal truth:

    1. Man and woman are different. Embracing that difference is necessary for a good and fulfilling live.

    2. Any society needs a hierarchy to work. Thus people cannot be equal in a society that allows good and fulfilling lives.

    3. The ability to engage in violence is good. No society can last without violence. Every man has a duty to defend himself, his family, his neighbor and his society.

    From the first tenet, those that are so inclined, may conclude in time that it is awesome to be white. The idea of the tenets is to refute progressivim and to appeal to any sane mind.

      1. May a sane meme win. The cathedral has been crafting memes for more than 200 years. They are good at it, at present they might be better than anything we have to offer. Any ideas of how we can make one of our memes win – even if it is only a second best meme?

        1. Not seeing. Currently, what I see is that the left is frothing at the mouth. They react to Our memes — when I open a newspaper, everything they say is derivative from what we say: kill whitey, hail transgender, long live immigration. Even though we do not have power, we already have meme initiative.

  2. “What is our new religion about? It is about the glory of being a white straight man on top of the food chain.” —

    It seems to me that white straight men on top of the food chain have more interesting things to do with their free time than think about how glorious it is to be a white straight man on top of the food chain.

    You can make it an item on a list of morning blessings, right after “Thank you, Holy Awesome One, for making me a man and not a monkey or lizard or octopus,” but there’s no way it can be the focal point of a religion.

  3. So what about Islam? You could build a new sect on top of that or just go straight into Shia or Sunni orthodoxy.

    I mean Europe is importing a new, old religion whether it wants it or not.

      1. Does Jim’s position speak for you? Do you wish to add or subtract anything?

        Unless, of course, tampering with the work of the prophet counts as impiety.

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