Get out leftists, get the fuck out.

Congratulations my dear leftist. You’ve done it. You’ve hijacked society, gutted it and killed it. You’ve shown us you’re pretty good at it. Now, please get the fuck out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against you personally – I wouldn’t mind you showing up at a party I’m throwing. You and I could share some laughs over a drink. But lets get one thing straight: we are done taking you seriously. We’ve had the debates, we’ve had the discussions, and it’s always the same: you lie. You lie, lie, and then you lie some more. And when you are caught lying, perhaps you blink once, but inevitably you’ll move on and spout a thousand new lies from your lying mouth. And when all of these lies are exposed, you will outdo yourself with not a thousand, but ten thousand fresh new lies!

It gets tiresome. We see what you’re doing. We’re sick of it.

See, we get it. we’ve run the analyses, we know why you lie. It’s pretty smart, actually. All your lies are code for coordination with other leftists. For instance:

‘it is time big business pays their fair share for destroying mother earth’ 

translates to

comrades, these big corporations, and boy do we hate big corporations, are earning more money than we are — do we let such a thing slip?’


women often still work part-time. How do we motivate them to pursue full-time careers?’

translates to

‘comrades, the destruction of healthy male-female relationships has been immensely successful! We have made many females feral and depressed, and feral and depressed women are a leftist voting block! Let us press this advantage! More! MORE!’

It gets tiresome.

See, we’re moving on from all these lies. We have also coordinated, thanks to the free internet, but contrary to your layered code, we talk in straight, simple language. What we say is what we mean, and what we say is: get the fuck out. That is why you hate the free internet and turn your layered code on it. But of course, when you say ‘hatespeech must not be allowed on the internet’ we all know it to mean ‘we are losing control, shut it down comrades, shut it down!’ 

You have overstayed your welcome. Because of your position, you demand a seat at every table, but whenever you sit at that table, nobody likes you, because everybody knows you lie, lie and lie.

We are working on solutions on how to fix this mess you have created. You are not an equal debating partner in this;  mostly, you are a way for us to check whether our solutions work, like a scientists analyzing a lab rat.

Of course, when I blame you for this mess, I am not being completely fair, because in a way we have all created this mess. But in order to fix the mess, must pinpoint those that bear the greatest blame, and the greatest blame goes to the priests that have killed Christianity and replaced it with this undead, cultish progressive abomination. Which would be you, dear leftist. Every time I open a newspaper, watch tv, watch politics, you are always there, shouting your lies, uglifying everything. No one likes this, perhaps not even you, but because of your inability to stop your momentum, you persist.

Conversely, while the cucks bear part of the blame as well, cucks are followers. When I am archbishop, cucks are allowed, will even be expected, to realize that they have always been secret rightists. Hardcore leftists however can expect to be tarred and feathered.

Don’t worry dear leftist, you’ll be fine. You’re like weed. Weeds always survive. I’m sure that, given enough time, you will once again find ways to infiltrate and subvert that which we build. But not today – today you get the fuck out. Let red-blooded men, who all know you for who you are, build a new Western society.

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