All Women Are Like That

Yes, they are. They really are.

I think reactionary consensus has settled on the topic, although it is still quite refreshing to read what others have to say.

All women are like that. All of ’em. It’s strange; as I grow older, the one thing I have going for me, that no one else has going, is I know how to handle women. In fact, it’s ridiculous how easy and natural it is. I can’t imagine doing things differently; choosing to remain blue-pilled just seems completely stupid to me, even if I was like that 10 years ago. Knowing how to deal with women is easy, it’s awesome. Hilariously, to most men it comes across a bit like magic. But it’s just nature baby.

I don’t know. I realize I can’t extrapolate my experiences to every male. But it seems so ridiculously easy to me now that I can’t imagine other men not experiencing similar effects. A monkey could do this; in fact monkeys often do this better than modern day soyboys.

Think of women as walking shit-tests that just want to be loved by a man who doesn’t take their shit. No need to be witty, charming or try-hard. Deal with their shit-tests and praise them when they please you. That’s really all there is to women.

What I like about the reactionary consensus on women is that it’s mature. I miss that in today’s manosphere writings. Yeah, today’s women are horrible… What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next: enforced monogamy is what’s next. A wife, freehold and some kids is what’s next.

This requires the red pill on women, but also requires a working alliance between men. This alliance needs to be as bare bone as possible as to work between large numbers of men. The alliance essentially boils down to the following: an agreement that women are held responsible by the men who own them. Is a woman acting out? OK, let’s see how her male deals with it. He deals with it? Mission passed, respect earned. Does not deal with it? Mission failed, try again later.

I realize that for many men this is still a tall order. This kind of writing just.. Goes over their head. Does not compute. ‘Yes but…’ is their first response. No. No but. All women are like that. Period.

If we are going to make this scale, more men will have to stop ‘yes but’ting. Which is still a tall order. But I’m not entirely blackpilled on the matter, as I am continually delighted by women’s cruelness towards their white knights. One would think a man can only take so much before he snaps.

But, who is to say. Maybe things won’t change until decades later. At least I’ll still be a 72 kilogram Absolute Man Unit among 100 kg soiboys.

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