Satan is a troll

Are demons real?

The answer is yes, they are real, just like angels and ghosts and chakras and whatnot. That is to say, they are real if you think they are real.

For example, I don’t know if Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta participate in dark rituals with pentagrams and black robes and child murder. I just don’t know. But I know they’re evil, so if people shout ‘pizzagate!’ and ‘demons!’ at them, I’m like: ‘eh, why not.’ Such categories help people to make sense of the world, and at any rate, calling Hillary a demon is much closer to the truth than calling her an inspiration for women.

The same goes with all kinds of metaphysical entities that supposedly manifest on earth. Mostly women love imagining such entities; the ghost of a grandfather watching over her, the energy of a stone guarding her, that sort of thing. Do they exist? Yes, they exist in the mind of the person that thinks they are real.

Alf you’re pulling my leg, why won’t you say out loud that just because a person says it’s real it does not mean it is real.

OK I’ll say it: just because a person thinks something is real does not mean it is real. That 30$ green ruby a woman bought during a Positive Energy Workshop is likely to bring her as much good as a pebble from her garden. But my point is: why bother? Symbols and spirits help us understand the world. They give us a feeling of belonging. Let them. There is no point in making a fuss about the unfalsifiable; better restrict ourselves to the falsifiable.

The problem is not a woman buying a 30$ green ruby because Positive Energy, it is the woman buying a 30$ green ruby because it reminds her of the alpha salesman who made her feel things her husband never did.

The belief in the unfalsifiable is not the problem, the belief in something unfalsifiable outranking the husband is the problem. The solution is simple: back up all symbols with the strongest symbol of all: God. As long as God is the husband’s alpha, and through God the husband is in charge, symbolism will always and inexplicably work out in the husband’s favor.

But if God is the strongest symbol of all, what does that make of Satan?

Well, Satan is, more than he would like to admit, God’s bitch. Yes, evil exists, and yes, it will exist as long as good exists, but humanity is not evil. We are incapable of being evil as a race, for if we were, we’d have to commit mass suicide. We don’t, we in fact feel bad for those who do commit suicide, so we are not evil. It really is that simple.

This leads us to conclude that those who do say we are evil, you know, the type of people who constantly drone on about ‘uhhh we’re destroying the planet ohmygod we are a virus on mother nature when will our tyranny end’ are themselves evil. They deny us our purpose and they lie to us that we are evil for being who we are. Nonsense. If you believe we are evil just for who we are, be consistent and commit suicide.

Evil is mostly a cruel joke, something that from a distance is entirely logical yet stupid, but from up close may seem all-consuming. Evil is a troll that cannot help but shoot itself in the foot during its trolling. Take for instance this Satanist’s church meme on how to treat women:

It’s more accurate to say that the bible says a woman can be married to her rapist, which is entirely sensible, because women alarmingly often put themselves in situations where rape is just bound to happen.

But most salient is of course the Satanic bible’s command on treating women: do not make reciprocated sexual advances. Isn’t that funny. It’s the kind of advice a boomer dad would give you nowadays. It’s also entirely wrong. The mating process predates words and is hard to explain verbally, but it certainly does not boil down to making sexual advances only when they are reciprocated, unless you want to have sex exclusively with whores, who are the only types of women to never play coy.

My point is this: it’s not primary followers of God that are hurt by Satan’s tricks. It’s followers of Satan. Satan cannot help himself: he trolls everyone, everywhere, and those that actually take his advice serious are bound to be trolled the most.

I am thus always consoled by the fact that those high in the progressive hierarchy will similarly be trolled by their own evil beliefs. It is impossible to strike a bargain with the devil without paying an unforeseen large prize for it.

In this sense, there is a lot of justice in the world.


  1. There is a resemblance between Satanism, Gnosticism, and Marxism, in that they all rationales for overturning rightful authority that is getting stuff done: They deny the authority of the husband, the baker, and the prince as part of God’s order.

    Satanism focuses primarily on the father, and secondly on the husband. Marxism focuses on the baker and peasant with two cows, the guy who owns the local Domino’s franchise.

    The Satanist, the Marxist, and Gnostic tell us that God does not stand behind those guys.

  2. Off topic. I notice your site does not automatically redirect to https, which is undesirable on a site that proposes the overthrow of our current officially unofficial state religion.

    On Debian 9, it is very easy to get an SSL certificate and set up redirection. I don’t know how hard it is for your system.

    You set up virtual hosts for your apache server for each address supported by your nameservers, and then simply run certbot –apache, which automatically installs certificates and sets up redirect.

    You are probably not running debian 9 and apache, but it is likely to be similarly simple – just check out the Lets Encrypt website.

    This, of course, assumes you have root access to your webserver. If you don’t have root access, your hosting provider will probably supply the required certificates for free, but you will have to manually set up redirect.

    When I manually set up redirect, I broke my blog for couple of days. It is not that complicated. Redirect is not that complicated, but the interaction with WordPress gets a bit complicated. You have also have to configure WordPress, if WordPress is defaulted to http.

  3. Heya ϳust wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the picturеѕ aren’t loɑding properlү.
    I’m not sure why ƅut I think іts a linking issue.
    Ι’ve tried it in two diffeгent internet broᴡsers
    and both show the same results.

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