Jed McKenna is a pretentious asshole

A friend requested I read Jed McKenna, so picked up a Dutch copy of Enlightenment – the Darndest Thing! Unfortunately, this friend has a high hat of Jed, whereas I, after reading the book, concluded that Jed McKenna is a pretentious piece of shit. So part of me feels bad to pour out a bloggal takedown, but, in all honesty, another part of me will enjoy this.

Let’s start at the beginning. Who is Jed McKenna?

Well, nobody knows! There’s a couple of pictures on the internet of people of who one is  likely to be Jed, but he avoids the spotlight enough for us to call him anonymous. A white middle-to-old aged man is all we know.

What’s Jed’s deal?

Well, Jed says he is enlightened. He’s very down to earth about the whole thing. It’s like, he’s just a dude who likes video games and skydiving, but, y’know, he’s also enlightened. He lives in a charming countryside house in Iowa where visitors seek his wisdom and guidance.

What is enlightenment according to Jed?

Jed explains that enlightenment is merely a state of permanent non-dualistic consciousness. Of course, getting that into the thick skulls of his pupils is easier said than done. People have all this ego bagage, people think that achieving enlightenment is supposed to be fun, and don’t even get Jed started about all the fake teachers out there selling snake oil! As Jed explains, gotta ask for results, and Jed has at least ten enlightened pupils to show for it (none of them live with him).

Is Jed crazy?

No. Jed is very perceptive, in the book at least. He knows how to treat his guests, they all have a good time. For instance, one night, they all sit around a spontaneous bonfire. Rain trickles down, and amid murmurs Jed talks about religion and meaning and consciousness. You must’ve  felt the electricity in the air if you were there, and even as a reader you had the sense that something special was happening, perhaps some kind of spiritual revolution lurking behind the corner. I’d say that, as far spiritual teachers go, Jed McKenna is in a similar ballpark as our friend Baghwan.

What did I think of Jed McKenna?

Well I gave it away in the title. Thing is, I was bamboozled by the book’s title, which translated to Dutch as: ‘Spiritual enlightenment? Forget it!’ So I thought: oh, it’s a book by a dude who tells us all this spiritual New Age stuff is nonsense. Sounds interesting. But then it turned out to be a book by a dude who totally believes all this spiritual New Age stuff, only he believes everyone else gets it wrong. Dear lord!

Jed is a laid-back guy by all accounts. He is good in his role as teacher; a very Socratic feel to his conversations. Lots of metaphors, surprise twists, intriguing questions… You can tell he impresses people who are into this kind of stuff. And truth is, there is something to Jed’s way of life. He is a free flowing individual who goes with the flow and pretty much does whatever he feels like. Kind of like Feynman. That sort of lifestyle attracts adventures. One day Jed goes mountain biking by himself, when he runs into a teenage girl who knows him, since he’s a bit of a local celebrity. She likes him, so they go biking together and have a picnic. That’s just nice. No one can say that isn’t nice. Who wouldn’t want to bike and picnic with a cute fan?

Then, what’s the problem?

So I thought about this. I dislike his teachings, but what exactly do I dislike? Why?

Well, here’s a picture. I am too lazy to look up the exact quotes, but paraphrasing, the book goes like this:
pg 14: ‘… I am of course enlightened, so I do not care…’
pg 35: ‘… Being an enlightened being, I saw the events play out quite differently…’
pg 83: ‘… She did not see it, but then again, she was not enlightened..’
pg 142: ‘… I achieved enlightenment after years of searching…’
pg 241: ‘… I really don’t want to press the point, but did you know I am enlightened?’

At first, I gave him the benefit of doubt, and thought: well maybe he is simply taking the red pill metaphor very serious. I mean, everyone can get behind a red pill metaphor no? But I was not able to trust him. It felt like conceding frame to something… childish.

I mean, c’mon. For a grown man to say: ‘I am enlightened’. It’s just gay. It’s not cool. Everybody thinks they are enlightened! And those who do not secretly still believe they are enlightened, just that the universe for some strange reason has not acknowledged their enlightenment yet.

Enlightenment, if you get down to brass tax, is just optimized human experience. It’s a mechanical thing, where you do the things that your genetic code incentivizes you to do. Like, just the stuff men do and like. Build things, spend time with family and friends, have hobbies whether it’s gaming or watching birds or having a boat. Just… stuff that makes you enjoy life. That’s all there is to ‘enlightenment’. It’s really not rocket science.

So the real answer is: enlightenment is just fetishizing the experience of having a good day.

So I started to ignore what Jed said and looked at what he did.

The answer is: not so much. He was just chilling. Flirting with cute girls, playing video games, enjoying the sound of his own voice. That’s all there is to Jed. He talks about this deep and eternal truth, but quite frankly, I find more truth in a single comment over at Jim’s blog than I found in McKenna’s entire book.

I could leave it at that, but let’s go one level deeper still.

The problem is that a guy like Jed bases his teachings on enlightenment thought that reaches back two hundred years. Jed draws from the actual Enlightenment movement, by  18th century American/European intellectuals. This is not trivial: no man can reinvent the universe by himself. We build our knowledge on top of our forefathers, using their generations of experience to expand our own.

Now, in these spheres, we pat ourselves on the back because we draw upon more than eight thousand years of thought. We have very little respect for the enlightenment forefathers – guys like Locke, Rousseau and Voltaire. Basically, we think they were scum. A bunch of lying charlatans. We reject the Enlightenment, which is why we are also known as the Dark Enlightenment.

Jed is not scum. I’d say Jed has two central strands of teaching: one is Western individualism (his teaching that two enlightened beings have no reason to stick together), the other is Eastern zen. The problem with the first is that it is entirely derived out of the Enlightenment. Perhaps Jed made some modifications, but from barren grounds no fruit shall bear. The problem with the second one is, and forgive me for sounding like an asshole, that it is the philosophy of losers. Look at the historic track record of Buddhism: where are the successful Buddhists? Where are the successful Buddhist countries? South East Asia? You mean the South East Asia we colonized for centuries? I mean, if we really want to look at Asian civilizations that stood up to whites, how about we look at Chinese philosophy. Oh, they have a God of money? How un-zen…

Jed does not turn to zen because it is the best thought in the history of man, he does so because he has to. Buddhism is innocent in the eyes of 18th century Enlightenment, whereas Christianity was official enemy from day one. Jed is peddling a watered down version of reality because that is the only thing he is allowed to sell.

Which, in all fairness, is completely understandable. Talking the capital T truth has been illegal for quite some years now. Like, you could probably only pull that off if you’d get off the grid completely, with fake passports and everything. But what madman would possibly do that.

So, short answer concerning consciousness and enlightenment: turns you never needed Jed’s path to enlightenment – the enlightenment was in you the whole time! Wow. Mind blown.

At the end of the book, Jed helps a pretty female interviewer on her way to permanent non-dualistic consciousness. Want to know how he does it? Well, being a journalist for a new age magazine, she was elbow deep into the vegan meditation new age spirit crystal scene. Jed made her realize that this scene is full of fake and pretentious people. My God! Is there anything this man can’t do?

Alf’s neoreactionary state of the union

Lately I notice that I write posts in which I am not sure what I am going to say. Not fully sure what that means. I’ll try and share my headspace.

In my older blogging, I’d have a fixed topic and write about that. Y’know, what all the good bloggers did. Makes sense – blogging is imparting information, and if you’re not coherently imparting information, you’re basically writing a public diary. Which is fine I guess, but it’s not really what I feel a Good Blog is about. You want to give your audience more content than just a diary. These days, I feel like I am typing in more diary style. It’s the way I feel, so I roll with it, but I do wonder why it’s the way I feel.

Originally this blog was a neoreaction thing. I showed up late to the nrx party, but I showed up anyway. It was a good party. Neoreaction kind of fell apart due to the usual intellectual entropy, but that is not so important, for as has been made abundantly clear, if you were neoreactionary, you were on the right side of history. Pretty sure every neoreactionary has performed many told-you-so-dances in the past three years.

The power of neoreaction was not its boot-on-the-ground movements. The power was Moldbug’s analysis of Progressivism. That single idea fueled the whole thing. It was a mass de-hypnosis, if you will. It was incredibly effective.

I mean, you’ve got the alt-right and the conservative resistance and whatnot, but I am fairly convinced that no projectile pierced the Harvard hegemony close to as effectively as Moldbug did.

The purpose of the Western academic-judicial complex is to feel superior, to be smarter than the highschool jock. And for a while, they truly were superior: all Western jocks are indoctrinated in nerd-led schools, all Western jocks monitor their own racism, voluntarily.

But Moldbug blew their superiority out of the water. Basically, he made the following meme happen:

70 IQ: I love Trump
100 IQ: Orange man bad
130 IQ: I love Trump

Suddenly, the Harvard PhD man wasn’t the smartest man in the room. Suddenly, there were these other nerds, appearing out of thin air, who had arguments and logic with which they won discussions! And worst of all, these nerds sided with the jocks!  Where is your God now, Harvard PhD man! I truly believe the democrats still have not recovered yet from that blow. Moldbug is the reason the left has zero moral momentum, because he pulled the carpet right from under their feet. Trump now enjoys not only the strong cool kids’ support, he enjoys the smart cool kids’ support.

Every since Moldbug countered the Progs like Onix countered Pikachu, no one in the blogosphere made a similar impact. For instance, I’ll just say it: Nick Land hasn’t contributed anything. Like, maybe I’m missing out on his techno-Lovecraftian vibe, but Nick’s only coherent idea is accelerationism, which is honestly a stupid idea. How can anyone with (grand)children in their right mind support accelerationism? Even more so, why the hell would anyone care if you were an accelearationist? Hey Spandrell, buddy, how’s that support of Yang going? See, nobody cares.

Talking about Spandrell, he has also not escaped the shadow of Moldbug. Bioleninism is a nice meme, but mostly, its just a continuation of UR.

Of course we have Jim. Jim has many interesting things to say, many of them an explicit continuation of Moldbug, e.g. an explanation of how politics actually work in the twentieth and twenty-first century. Which is good, but you can sort of feel the heat of neoreaction in his neck. It’s like ‘very nice Jim, buuuut have you checked BAP podcast yet?’ In the circus tent of the dissident right, Jim is but one of many players.

But of course, Jim has potent ideas. Let’s say his most potent one is his plan to re-install Christianity as an official state religion.

Now while you may know me as an unapologetic Jim-fanboy, let me be the cynic for a moment. How likely is it that Trump or one of his boys actually listens to Jim? Honestly, I think it is quite low. It’s just too far out there, man.

Which is not to say it won’t happen. Surely, people high up are reading Jim. Jim’s blog is the sanest public place on the internet. But if merely reading Jim’s blog is already a terrible thoughtcrime, to imagine these people giving more than just the slightest of nods to Jim is wishful thinking, even after a coup happens in exactly the way Jim hopes.

Jim is of course aware of this problem, and I believe his strategy is mostly playing the Romanov card: ‘dear Trumps, if you don’t install an official state religion, the unofficial state religion will literally kill you.’ Which is a decent argument, but to what extent are we buying it? Now that Trump is acquitted, he seems to be in a fairly solid position. He is already winning on his own. Perhaps things change post-2024, but on the current path, none of the Trumps have enough reason to take a huge risk with mister ‘no one knows my true identity’.

So, Jim is still living in the shadow of Mencius Moldbug, even if Curtis Yarvin is living in the shadow of Jim.

Anyway, on to our last contestant, myself. As for me, I have basically hinged my main idea onto Jim. What I’m saying is: ‘yo guys, I’m kind of smart, just not that smart. But you know what, if I combine my powers with someone else, that will surely be a neat trick.’ And fair enough, I think Jimianity is a neat trick. But of course not a blip on the radar compared to Moldbug. My success is hinged on Jim’s success, and since Jim’s success hinges on a fuzzy coup-complete problem, there’s really a lot of moving parts.

Of course, we have one ace up our sleeves, for we are the only ones to have solved the women question. Well, course, it has been solved on the internet numerous times by numerous people, for instance when a balding Jew wrote a book on the seduction methods of a high-hat wearing Jew. But we’ve solved it completely, holistically. Wholesome. We’ve created a male lifestyle. Kind of like what BAP is doing, just a lot better. So just by natural selection I would not be surprised to see this thing spread.

But that’s just one ace in a world of uncontrollable variables, many of those variables hinting towards this thing being just a minor meme. So for now, all I can say is: since it’s working for me, who am I to want more.

And I think that that is the current state of the dark enlightenment.

I will say one thing in conclusion. I happened to catch this tweet from Spandrell:

I’ve been saying for 8 years now (!) that we need a new religion. Now I see most of neoreaction going religious or pseudoreligious.

And… No, not like that. Sigh. Keep cynical. Civilization needs a new religion but it doesn’t have to be us doing it.

Now far be it for me to take away Spandrell’s right to be mr black pill. But, my good friend, I will say that, one, let’s be real, you were not the first to come up with that idea, and two, be careful not to repeat yourself too often, lest you sound like an old man who has run out of ideas 😏.

PS: I almost forgot, but an honorable mention goes out to Reactionary Future and his absolutism. There is a lot to say for the idea that tyranny only comes from insecure power, but at the end of the day, no emperor can handle the power that absolutists want him to have. While it is true that men are not ruled by laws, only by other men, it is also true that men are ruled by Gnon’s laws, and Gnon puts natural limits on the power of an emperor.

The basic bitchness of life

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now. I’m not sure how coherent this’ll be. One of those free associative posts, I guess.

The nice thing about writing is that, to my mind, there is a depth to it which is very hard to replicate in other forms of art. All forms of art can express ideas, but writing can express ideas with an eery, unmatched accuracy.

Course, I might just be biased.

This blog averages about a thousand clicks a month. Which is about four times less traffic than AlfaNL received at its peak, mostly because of a few posts ranking on the top page in google.

I’ve come around to the view that popularity, while important, can not be the focus of a blog like this. What we do is dangerous. Not like evil kneevil crazy stunt crazy, but just a little dangerous. Just dangerous enough for many people to go: hmm, I am not sure I want to touch that. Which I think is entirely understandable. It takes effort to unlearn knowledge, so a safe way of dealing with dangerous knowledge is to simply avoid it.

So, we’ve got a thousand clicks a month. That’s plenty. Big enough for me to think I am not a crazy man shouting in the wind, small enough so that I do not have to take this overly serious. What’s Alf gonna write about? even Alf doesn’t know!

Here’s what Alf’s not writing about: another book. I started writing, but it just didn’t feel good. So I’ve put the project on ice. It was going to be about women. Maybe I’ll pick it up in another ten years or so.

On to the main topic…

A thing I’ve been thinking about lately is that there seems to be a certain basic bitchness about life. Like a certain averageness that won’t go away, just because most things by definition are average. Now I’ve always sort of rebelled against that – I’ve always tried to be unpredictable, tried to keep my life as far away from average as possible. But now that I’m a bit older, I notice myself naturally veering towards a more fixed way of living.

I dunno, probably it’s the kid. Kids seem to require a lot of structure. But I’ve also come around to the view that a fixed pattern of habits is simply the only way to get stuff done. When you’re adulting, stuff needs to get done. Stuff like your work, your maintenance of the house, your family. All of which takes time, and all of which takes more time than you think when you’re young. For instance, replacing the exhaust hood took me about three months because of custom parts and installation problems and such. Or when baby’s teeth come through and he is in pain and needs constant attention.

All of this stuff is basic bitch stuff. There’s just no way around it. I partake in many diaper switches: basic bitch stuff. I brush my teeth, go to work, clean up my mess, take out the trash, do repairs around the house, console baby when crying. It’s all basic bitch stuff, and it’s all in a day’s work.

So, it is no surprise that the left attacked this style of life as boring, or as the Dutch condescendingly call it, ‘burgerlijk’. It is a bit boring. No way around it.

But, I think, that’s life. Life can’t be exciting all the time, because life is average most of the time.

Moreover, I think you can’t undertake the stranger adventures of life if you don’t have a solid foundation of basic bitchness. There’s this bit in Feynman’s autobiographical book where he talks about his adventures, of which he had quite a few. ‘People’ to paraphrase-quote him, ‘would sometimes ask me how I ended up in these adventures, or wanted to join me on one. So we’d go to a bar or something, but nothing happened, and they got upset and left. But you can’t force an adventure – it just happens, randomly, if given enough time. You can spend years visiting a bar with nothing happening, until suddenly the bartender needs help with his side hussle and before you know it you’re taming a lion.’

That makes a lot of sense to me. You structure your life well, and most of it will be average, with a few outliers below overage, and a little more than a few outliers above average. That’s pretty much the formula.

And that requires the acceptance of the basic bitchness of life. I think a lot of nihilism and black pilling has to do with a refusal to accept the basic bitchness of life. The quintessential ‘is this it?’ feeling. Well, yes, probably this is it. Even when things go well, they feel average. And inevitably, when things go exceptionally well, they either end, or end up feeling average as well. That is the basic bitchness of life. Just the way the cookie crumbles.

I feel like you can fight that, but I think Feynman was the smarter man in accepting it and reveling in it.

Don’t accept your enemies’ frame

I guess this is kind of basic for my average readership, but I see this happen so often in public political discourse that I want to get it off my chest: don’t fall into your enemies’ frame.

What I mean by that is that, if you consider yourself a rightist, stop using memes of your enemies. The left’s biggest trademark is undermining you through lies – if they get you to accept their lies, you have already lost half the battle.

For instance, a typical meme would be: ‘they may go overboard in their enthusiasm, but at least leftists care about the environment.’

The assumption being that the left cares about any of the things it ostensibly claims to care about. Nope, they don’t. Do not give a damn. They say they do, but give away the game every time they blatantly lie that the planet is not getting greener, or that the polar ice is shrinking. They are not paying actual attention to nature, only to what they want to see (planetary doom doom doom gut the rich!). If they actually cared for nature, they would not fire a researcher who finds that the coral reef is doing great, or silence the scientist who find the polar bears are doing pretty decent.

To care for nature is to care for beauty, which is a much slower process revealing itself in the care you take of your garden, of your house, of your local nature. Your average leftist on the other hand, is ugly, and turns ugly everything he touches. He has no appreciation for a walk through the woods, only for the jolt of judgmental superiority he feels when he gets to raise another environmental tax. The point of anthropogenic global warming is not love of nature, but hatred of mankind, very much like Agent Smith’s hatred of mankind. If you cede into the frame that they love nature, you have ceded that they are morally superior to you, and you have already lost.

Here’s another enemy meme: if you’re young and you don’t vote left, you don’t have a heart. If you’re old and you don’t vote right, you don’t have a mind.

To channel Spandrel: youngsters are greedy pieces of shit and we all know it. It’s like, c’mon. When did you last meet a teenager with a coherent political view? When you’re young, all you wanna do is get your dick wet and be popular. Young people politics is an orgy of hormones. You want to conquer the world, but you also want to be accepted by the whole world. You want everything, you know nothing. You think you talk deep and wise, but really you are just firing off a machine gun rattle of worn clichés. Youngsters, in short, are susceptible to a lot of bullshit, and it shows.

And of course, with women it is even worse. Nothing as cringy as a young woman in tears because of how horrible we treat the planet. Yes of course young lady, and yesterday you were sobbing about how you gave Chad a blowjob in the bathroom and he never called you back. But next week you have a secret rendez-vous with a married man so perhaps that will go better? Good grief.

Leftists have no moral high ground whatsoever. Their ideology is just the usual suspects of greed, drama, envy and lies. So, treat it as such.


The more I learn about business, the more I’ve come to believe that marketing, as in, actively telling people why they should buy your product, is bullshit. Marketing is overselling. If your product is good, there is no need for you to oversell it. A good product spreads by merit of being good: no word like word of mouth. If you depend on google ads, your business model sucks.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I should incorporate that same attitude in selling Jimianity. Instead of convincing people that this new religion is the bees’ knees, much better to keep my mouth shut and use it’s secrets to my own advantage. Let people figure out the religious angle for themselves.

Originally I thought I had to pitch an active sale, because after all that’s what Paul did with Christianity. But it just doesn’t feel right. I have wondered what the difference is between me selling Jimianity and Paul selling Christianity. My best guess is that at the time of Paul writing, Christianity was already spreading like wildfire. So Paul’s letters were not so much door-to-door marketing as they were a matter of letting people know: yo, this Christianity thing is going to happen either way, if you get on board now you get an early bird discount, here I’ll show you how.’ Paul was not selling Christianity to people, he was explaining Christianity to people who already bought it. Since we’re not in that situation, I don’t see the use of me proselytizing like Paul. So I won’t.

If it remains to be seen whether a product is good, people need to test it on their own. And if, after testing, the product indeed is good, word of the product will spread on its own. In neither case is marketing required. I do believe that is all I have to say on the topic of marketing.

The Liar’s Guild

I thought we were done with leftism, but I still have the itch to write on the topic, so I guess not.

In the future, leftism will be seen as an evil heresy that marks the downfall of a civilization. After all, that is exactly what it is. It’s like with commies: no such thing as a good commie. Equally, no good leftist.

The current problem is that leftism is in charge. If evil is in charge, everyone is incentivized to say and do evil stuff. Hence the cancer of popular culture, of all modern forms of art.

Luckily, we are working on this. We have the cure for leftism cancer. But it takes time. Takes a lot of time. Trump pulling off a coup is a matter of years, perhaps decades, but to replace a religion is a matter of decades, perhaps centuries. It’s an inter-generational thing. So, need patience. Spread some good memes, allow truth to get out, and wait. It is a patience thing.

But in the mean time, you’ve still got to deal with these power-hungry leftists believing the arc of history bends towards their insanity.

The way I’ve lately started thinking is of leftists as the Liar’s Guild. Leftism is overt lying. Some people just are natural liars. Not that many people, maybe 10% of population, and really I am pulling that number out of my ass. But a non-insignificant minority of people are what I’d call natural members of the Liar’s Guild. They lie, connive, and stick knives in backs. They smell weakness the way rats smell cheese and jump on top of it. They shout ‘honor!’ but never act like it. It’s a type of person. The archetypal leftist, the card-carrying member of the Liar’s Guild.

Of course, rule number one of the Liar’s Guild is to always deny being a member of the Liar’s Guild. Once it is accepted dogma that leftism is and has always been an evil heresy, suddenly no one will be a leftist. Yet the Liar’s Guild will always be around. And you can always recognize them through their actions, through the look of evil that passes over their faces.

Now, the truth is that the Liar’s Guild is not out to literally kill you when you turn your back to them. In fact, you can get into the Liar’s Guild if you want to. They’re always open for new members. One can make a very decent living in the Liar’s Guild, if you know what to lie about and what lies to avoid.

But it’s hard, because no one will tell you what is the lie and what is the truth. You have to figure it out by yourself. And you can’t trust anyone. After all, everyone in the Liar’s Guild tells you they are your best friend. But the moment your chips are down, those same ‘friends’ will drop you harder than the bass at a hardcore party. What did you expect? It’s the Liar’s Guild, dummy! Get involved, get fucked. No honor nor loyalty among the Liar’s Guild, despite eternal protestations of all its members that they are the most loyal and honorable folk around.

I dunno.

I guess this is also me writing off my personal experiences. I used to have this recurring… Dream.. Or vision.. Of myself clawing out off the depths of hell, a sea of black arms pulling at my legs. Dramatic, but that’s what I saw. It was unnerving.

But that was a few years ago. I’ve since paid heed to that vision. I clawed out of the Liar’s Guild. And I must say: I am very grateful. The view is beautiful up here. It’s everything I had hoped for. It really is a world of difference. Once you get out of the Liar’s Guild, they lose a huge chunk of their power over you. I feel like I’ve gained independence, or something. It’s strange, really a completely different way of living.

I still have to deal with members of the Liar’s Guild, of course. But it’s a breeze compared to the past. I make a silent note when someone signals Liar’s Guild membership by talking about the need for government intervention, or when they shit on capitalism or some stuff. I publicly call them out for their envy and hatred when the need arises and am amused when they respond with ineffective indignation. But mostly, I ignore them. I get on with my life, and I am grateful that I can live life on my own terms without fear of grubby black arms pulling me down into hell.

If the devil weren’t persuasive he’d suck at his job

So far we’ve discussed the necessity of good and evil: useful ways to communicate who is on your side and who is not. When someone loudly argues that there is no good and evil, a sure sign that that person is not on your side.

How do you recognize evil?

The nice thing about the internet is that examples of evil are everywhere. Take this mini movie featuring AOC. Show that to any woman, and she can’t help but go: ‘aww. It’s so artsy and sad and hopeful!’

Well yes, of course it is. If the devil weren’t persuasive he’d suck at his job. The whole bit is just your typical propaganda hit piece, but you’d have a tough time arguing that in front of the wrong crowd. Course, the bullshit signs are everywhere. Note the name-dropping of James Hansen like he doesn’t have a track-record of endless bullshit. Notice the frame that fracking is bad, while no one in the intended audience knows what fracking means, just that it kind of sounds like fracturing so surely it must be bad! (It isn’t). Finally notice that the story has no substance: the world is about to end through climate change and only the new green deal can save it, but how it supposedly ends through climate change and how the green deal can save it is kept vague.

It is deliberately kept vague because the world is not ending through climate change which any semi-thorough investigation reveals, and  the only purpose of the green deal is extortion and socialism, which any cursory investigation reveals.

The thing about lies is that they are not true. Which is incredibly self-explanatory, but that is sort of the core of what I’m getting at. A strong man knows what is true. After all, if he could not separate fact from fiction, he would not be strong. When a liar lies, there is no need to engage every single new lie he utters, for all strong men listening into the conversation at some point realize: this guy is lying. That’s just what he does.

Liars prey on the weak, those who cannot discern between fact and fiction, or those who are not in a position to demand distinction between fact and fiction. Without an exposed weakness, liars cannot take advantage of you, because there is no advantage to be taken. It’s like with vampires: they cannot enter your house unless you invite them in. So it is with leftists: keep em out, they stay out. Invite them in, and they will fuck your house up.

Which might sound great, but who invited our current world leaders? You know, guys like Chuck Schumer, who indignantly tells us that Trump can trust him with military intel and that he won’t betray it to Iran, fingers crossed. Liar liar pants on fire. Did you vote for him? I sure as hell didn’t vote for him.

Well, we sort of did. A little bit. Some responsibility can be taken. People sort of get the leaders they ask for. Lenin could not have killed the peasants if he had not prior convinced them that he surely would never kill them. If you don’t want communism, kill the communists. If you don’t kill the communists, and you get communism, don’t act surprised. Now perhaps you’re never in a position to kill communists, in which case you should probably fight to get in the position to kill communists, but let’s for the sake of the argument cut you some slack. Let’s say we accept that humanity has a propensity for evil, and that while it is often contained, sometimes the genie is out of the bottle and evil runs wild through society. In the past two-hundred years, evil ran pretty wild, so we are really overdue to put it back in the bottle. How?

Well, as the saying goes, it is best to start by picking up the hundred dollar bills lying in the street. Change what is easiest to change, what has the biggest impact, like Trump reversing the great centralization. In our case: stop weak people from exerting disproportionate influence, for weak people are more heavily influenced by evil, thus you stop evil from exerting disproportionate influence.

An obvious one is to stop illegal immigrants. Send them back. We pay less taxes, leftists lose votes. Win-win. Another obvious one is to take away the vote from women. Dismantle emancipation. Women, as was stressed in the very first story in the bible have a natural propensity to seek out evil and let themselves be used by it.

ADDED: this is an equally good example. Note the effective priesthood joint venture with the AOC piece. Good narrative consistency.

Time for the good guys to win

Give me a second to enter that stream of consciousness mode where I just randomly type out words until something coherent emerges…

So I was watching this ‘reflecting on 2019’ video by the Dutch leader of the Greenleft, Jesse Klaver. I was struck by a couple of things.

First, it’s a pretty boring video. The man is not charismatic. He has no real interesting thoughts. But, we have to take him serious. Why is that? Because he is the shadow prime minister, the real PM behind current PM Mark Rutte. It’s the typical story of Dubya being a continuation of Clinton policies. Even moreso with Klaver and Rutte: Rutte, supposedly right-wing, in actuality has only done stuff like creating nitrogen laws (nitrogen being the new carbon dioxide), lowering speed limits and raising taxes on gas. All in the name of climate change. Jesse Klaver is proud, and rightly so. Although, of course, being holier than the prime minister, Klaver continually reprimands Rutte for not doing nearly as much for the environment as he should. Typical typical.

Second, the moral highground gig seems to be up. As much as Klaver waxes poetic about young people spontaneously answering the call for warmism, I know it’s EU-sponsored astroturf, you know it’s EU-sponsored astroturf, and everybody in the comment section knows it’s EU-sponsored astroturf. If the like/dislike ratio doesn’t convince you, here’s a selection of the comments:

“Leftist communist shite fascists the greenleft. In part responsible for the death of Pim Fortuyn. Time for Neurenberg 2.0 to prosecute these country traitors.”

“Klaver’s bullcrap is unheard. Holland is a dot on the earth with negligible influence on the climate so to invest 1000 billion in climate is straight up ridiculous.”

“The bullet should come from the right for a change.”

But despite having lost the argument in every possible way, Klaver of course trudges on, head held high. Why would he not? The progressive state church is still in charge, still backed by political power. The tides might be changing, but until then he has a sort of scorched earth gaze: comrades, we must destroy and loot as much stuff while we still have the chance! Makes perfect sense.

Of course, although it makes perfect sense, it is nonetheless sickening. It’s the same thing over and over: envy and hatred masquerading as love. the mouth says ‘we are doing this because we care so much’ the body says ‘fuck you for having stuff.’ Jesse Ferat Klaver is just another stereotypical example in a long line of commies.

That such people exist is no surprise. But that, everywhere we look, such people are in power, that is scary. That is what makes it evil. That we are supposed to take their spiteful, lying opinions seriously, that is scam of modernity. Everywhere we look we see liars, charlatans and bullshit-artists in charge. I am reminded of Halbe Zijlstra, a cuck-right politician who was such a career liar that he on record claimed to have been told by Vladimir Putin, in person, in a Datsja no less, that Putin planned on conquering Ukraine and the whole of Eastern Europe. Of course none of that happened, and Zijlstra, to his own disbelief was relieved of his position of minister of foreign relations.

I also think of Hillary Clinton talking about sniper fire. Of Greta Thunberg talking about disappearing arctic ice. Al Gore about the world ending in eight years. Biden about no quid pro quo. Juncker apparently even in Brussels earned the nickname ‘master of lies’.

Many, many such cases.

By no means are these people representative of all people: there are plenty honest people. But the Western state church simply does not allow honest people to have any influence. They are cast aside, they fail the minimum requirement of bullshit that needs to be spouted.

I think that if there is one thing we can agree on, it is that the time of these bullshitters has to come to an end. It is done, over. The left is morally bankrupt. Let others with better track records try. The Donald Trumps, the Boris Johnsons, the Thierry Baudets. If I have any wishes for 2020, it is that the good guys win and keep winning.