So… I think this is it for me

I’ve gone on about stopping writing before, only to continue writing, but now I think we’ve really reached the final stop of this here blog train. I’m… done?

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I have absolutely nothing else to say. It’d be nice to have a more active role in the war, but honestly, I couldn’t back that up. I have no inside information, no multiple passports, no fuck you money. I’m just a regular guy my friends! The building a new religion part had to happen, but that part’s done now. I’ll probably add some minor tweeks to the Resurrection of God and upload it for free (lol at me for thinking I could make money with that). I think the core of what I wanted to say is in that book.

Which core can be summarized as: Christianity was awesome, but sooner or later we have to move on to a new meaning of life, like how the New Testament moves on from the Old Testament. Jim has some good ideas on that new meaning of life. Yet at the same time, Christianity needs to make a comeback right now, because a religion of evil, leftism, is about to swallow up the West whole and there is no time to build something entirely new. We need the post-democratic version of cityholders, kings and emperors, with men like Trump and Baudet, and these men in turn need a loyalist religion such as Christianity.

The clock is ticking, for against these men of good stand the forces of evil: those who parasite, who lie and cheat, and because of their deceitful nature imagine all mankind to be deceitful, therefore conclude that mankind is wrong and civilization is wrong, and do not care if it burns, in fact inevitably make decisions that lead to its burning. Leftist policies lead to ruin all the time, every time, and like locusts, when there is no more loot to plunder in the ruin, they shrug and move to less-plundered pastures, repeating the pattern.

Cheaters always exist, always will exist, but when the cheaters are in charge, bad things happen. And the left has been in charge for quite a while now.

I don’t think boomers can relate to this, but for me, life sometimes feels like you’re Indiana Jones, escaping a collapsing temple. You look back at where you were five minutes ago, and you see that place is no more. The decay is everywhere. The war is on-going.

Of course, the problem is, that despite all this, I am pretty happy with my life. In the past I wasn’t, but thanks to the dark enlightenment, in which I partook anonymously, I am happy in my non-anonymous life. I feel grounded. And because I feel grounded, I have more to lose, and because I have more to lose, I feel less inclined to pick fights on the internet.

Anyway, like I’ve said before: I’m off for some adventuring in a life separate from this blog. I’ll make the RoG update and, if in the future, I see a way to help out my online friends through this blog, I’ll do so, but otherwise: it has been a pleasure! Stay safe, swallow the Jim pill, and all that good stuff.

The pitch for Christianity

It is curious being an intellectual. On the one hand, an intellectual is a nerd — one who does not understand that strength, or the ability to do violence, preferably as a group, is what ultimately determines who is most powerful. In any functional group or society, the top priest is always second to the top warrior.

On the other hand, ideas have immense power. As I like to repeat, I have seen proud and fierce warriors, natural leaders, been totally cucked by ideas that are hostile to their survival and procreation. Life is complex, thinking things through can be hard, and man operates on somewhat of an autopilot. Ideas give guidance, allow for group coordination – for better or for worse.

What has been the single greatest idea (or meme) in the history of mankind? Well, seems to me, quite obviously: Christianity. No other idea comes even close.

Christianity’s achievements are unparalleled. It has built the greatest civilization on earth. It has, for centuries, maintained that civilization. It has made possible incredible scientific achievements, from the first century until the twentieth century. The scientific revolution per Copernicus, the Newtonian revolution per the Royal society, and let us not forget the industrial revolution. Indeed, we thank the internet to Christianity.

Haters will say all of that happened in spite of Christianity, not because of it, but one has only to walk around literally any European town to know the truth. Everything that is beautiful was built in Christian times. Everything ugly was built in Progressive times; thus in America, where the Progressives took the throne in 1865, many places are ugly. Similarly, when the Progressives conquered Europe in 1945, architecture in Europe turned ugly, and has been growing uglier everyday.

Beauty is an expression of function — To maintain beauty, things need to work. Just like modern brutalism is an expression of self-loathing and hatred, so is the beauty found in cathedrals, churches, medieval farms and houses, an expression of love and cooperation. Naturally, this is why the true Prog wrings his hands in satisfaction when a cathedral like the Notre Dame burns down. After all, the Notre Dame’s beauty was a living testament to the Prog’s ugliness.

It is that exact same functionality in architectural cooperation that leads, and indeed has led, to beauty in other fields, such as science. The Royal Society was a Christian institution with Christian members. Men such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday and Robert Boyle were not only great scientists, they were great Christians, a fact Progressives hate with all their heart and wish was untrue. But it is true, evidently true, so evidently that it has not even been erased from their wikipedias. And it was their Christianity which contributed directly to their science: all the good science is performed by men, tinkering in their garage, and all the best science is performed by men tinkering in an extremely well-equipped garage. Christianity provided all the conditions for such tinkering, just like Progressivism is taking them all away. Hence, the death of science. Give or take a decade, progressivism will take us from ‘where’s that self-riding car?’ to ‘where’s the electricity?’ and then we shall know an actual dark age.

Of course, some say Christianity is an outdated meme. Just like the Greek/Roman pantheon grew to be outdated, and some might argue, the old Testament grew to be outdated, perhaps so Christianity. Certainly I have made that argument. Just like you can’t use classical mechanics to maintain a quantum computer, perhaps you can’t use Christianity to maintain a skyscraper society.

BUT, is this the end Christianity deserves for all it has done? Is Christianity really that easily usurped? Does its light die that easy, that lamely? After all, clearly Progressivism is even less fit to maintain a skyscraper society, yet here they are, pretending to maintain it.

Well, Progressivism did outcompete Christianity. As Moldbug liked to say, Progressivism was memetically designed for that job; a prog also intends to do good, just like Jesus, but the prog just does it better than Jesus, because Jesus surely wasn’t so holy as to kiss the feet of Islamic immigrants. Progressivism is a perversion of Christianity, a perversion that is warned for in the bible (do not worship false idols!), a perversion that is easily recognized when Hillary refers to Christians as Eastern worshippers, or when Biden refers to God as that… you know… the thing. So, just like Moses raged at the golden calve worshippers, just like Jesus raged at the temple merchants, perhaps Christians may rage at the progs and take back their churches. There is precedence.

Here’s the thing. There’s a scene in 1984, near the end of the book where the protagonist is captured and tortured by the bad guys. There is no apparent reason to torture the protagonist — the bad guys will kill him anyway. But, as the torturer explains, to kill the protagonist without breaking him would turn him into a martyr. First the protagonist must be made to embrace big brother, and only then will he be shot in the head, as is what eventually happens.

Let us not turn the progs into martyrs. Let us break them and humiliate them by returning to that which they parasited for so long; the Christianity that guided us for centuries. Let us remind the people of what is good and true in the world. Perhaps we must one day move on to an idea specifically crafted to guide a skyscraper society, or perhaps even one to guide an intergalactical society, but for now, let us first rid ourselves of our heresies and return to that which made us so great in the first place. As emperor Aurelian had good reason to reinstate Sol Invictus as the state religion, so does president Trump have ample reason to reinstate Christianity as the state religion.

And that is my pitch for Christianity.

Cooperation game

There’s excellent advice on game floating around the internet if you know where to look; Heartiste, Aidan, Jim. Good stuff, all of it. I agree with everything they say on women. But different people have different styles, and I notice my style, just like their individual styles, is slightly different, so I’ll add my perspective.

First, the question Roosh has brought up: is game always necessary? The answer is: yes, game is always necessary. I say that with confidence, because I am solidly in the Aidan camp of feeling completely relaxed around my girl. What can I say, I have solid game. I tend to be the most interesting man in the room, I am smarter than most men, and being an asshole comes naturally to me. All this means I am very relaxed hanging with my girl, and I feel freer to express myself around her than around anyone else.

BUT, I’d be lying if I said I was not performing. I am performing, around my girl as well. It’s a performance I enjoy, but it’s a performance nonetheless. For instance, I like being lazy, or, as I like to call it, pensive, but if I am too ‘pensive’ she’ll get quite angry with me, and no my friends, that is not a shit-test, it is genuine anger, anger which only subsides after I get off my ass. My girl forces me into performing.

So for me that settles the question. Game is eternal, game is forever.

On to the next subject: what is my slightly different emphasis on game? Well, funny enough, I’d like to emphasize the listening part. it is my opinion that in order to act out the part of asshole, you need to similarly be able to act out the part of cooperator. A criminal, even though he gets pussy, has a shitty life. I don’t want a shitty life, I want a good life. So I balance my assholeness with attentiveness.

Take shit-tests for example. Women shit-test for reasons. There’s always a reason for a shit-test. Might be she hung with friends who disrespect their man and she copies their behavior. Might be because she spends more time at work with her boss than she does with you. It might be, gasp, because you are actually doing something stupid and she wants you to stop doing it.

Women’s shit-tests are puzzles that have a logical answer to them, the challenge for men being to find that answer. Surprisingly often, female shit-tests are her way of helping you. She wants to see you succeed. But she is often incapable of explaining what or why she is doing that; she wants you to figure it out. It’s that timeless wisdom everybody misinterprets: you need to listen to your woman. Not in a gay way, not in a cry on my shoulder way. Well actually, sometimes in a cry on my shoulder way. That’s the subtlety. Sometimes shit just happens to women and it is too much and they need an outlet. And if at that point you say: ‘lol fuk off I strong man’, you are being an idiot who misreads the situation. Women want a man of steel and velvet, and the steel part has been most forgotten, therefore most emphasized, but the velvet part is no less important.

So, I dunno. Talk to your woman. Get a feel for what’s keeping her busy. Make her feel like you listen. Try to distinguish between when she is causing trouble for the sake of causing trouble, and when she is being genuine. Women enjoy witty conversation. Such habits are good, not just in a sense of obligation, but also in a sense of understanding that women, in the right place, make enjoyable and helpful companions for life.

Jimianity, a last time

The grandest idea to have surfaced in this blog is no doubt Jimianity. Equally smart, equally mad. Haters are going to say it’s just mad. But it’s obviously not mad. I mean, look at Jim’s comment section. Just look at it. What’s happening over there? You got your usual disciples jim fanboys commentariat just hanging around. You got strangers seeking a knowledge of wits. You got enemy shills, spreading misinformation. You got other strangers, seeking advice. And you got many, many people silently thinking: that Jim guy, he speaks the truth we’re all thinking. I dunno man, looks just like any prophet dynamic throughout history.

But, Jim explicitly refuses the frame. He’s a priest of Christianity. Well, not exactly 100% traditional Christianity, he does make the concession of acknowledging Gnon, but otherwise, wholesome Christian. I think I understand his reasons, and even though I think my reasons otherwise are solid, at the end of the day I can only say: Jim is the greater man. So I abide. Well, not just abide, accept. If Jim thinks now is not the time for a new prophet, I accept his line of argument. Perhaps in a hundred years when a schism breaks out between Christian Jimists and post-Christian Jimists, my great grandkids can be like: lol called it, but otherwise it’s a pretty mute point. It’s like how Vegeta tries to outsmart Goku but in the end concedes that Goku is and will always be the stronger man, so he is better off lending his energy to Goku. It’s kind of like that.

So, RIP Jimianity, 2015-2020.

Lee Kuan Yew – the Singapore story

I love a good book. Good books are rare. Lee’s book was pretty good. Probably because all signs point towards he having written it himself, instead of hiring a ghost writer.

Lee Kuan Yew is a bit of a reactionary hero, even though, in the words of Spandrell, he is much more a Chinese legalist than a reactionary shitlord. I come away with a similar conclusion.

Lee’s story is great. The man single-handedly stamped Singapore as an independent state out of the ground, protected it against its enemies and without many natural resources made it the most prosperous city-state in Asia, if not the world. How’d he do it?

My take is, he outclassed his opponents in a complex political situation, that situation being Singapore decolonizing from British rule. The question on everyone’s mind was who is to rule post-colonization? Many contenders. The official plan was merger with Malaysia. After all, Singapore is a tiny island surrounded by Malays. It does not have much going for itself. But Malaysia is inhabited by Malays, while Singapore has a different ethnic make-up: besides Malays and Indians, most importantly: a Chinese majority.

The thing about the Chinese and the Malays is that the Chinese tend to be much better at civilization. Malay are kind of lazy, while the Chinese grind. So the to-be ruler of Malaysia is very hesitant to take in the Singaporeans, rightly fearing a Chinese infiltration.

Meanwhile, domestically, what do the Singaporeans want? Well, many things. Every ethnic side wants to look out for their interests. Many Chinese want a communist revolution. It is the 1950’s after all; Mao Zedong had just taken power in China and communism looked mighty fashionable. So in between dealing with the Malays, the British, the Chinese and government reform, Lee was facing commies as well.

But, like I said, in the end Lee outclassed them all. Lee was well-spoken, smart, and listened to the people. He talked with the British, he talked with his own constituency, with the Malays and with the commies. He learned his constituents’ different languages: English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Hokkien Chinese. When he was uncertain of his next move, he’d retreat and play golf for a week and think the situation over. He was pragmatic. In dealing with commies, he believed neither violence nor weakness on its own was enough. Since the commies were popular he cooperated with them, sometimes giving them an inch, sometimes taking it. The guy had a real knack for feeling the political sentiment and playing into that, and similarly, knowing when his opponents misjudged political sentiment.

An example. During the early years of his political career, he teamed up with the communists. How could he not? Commies were popular. But at some point the more liberal minded Lee had to break with them or else they’d take over the party. But he had to break with them in such a way that he maintained popularity with the crowd. So he waited… Until news reached him of a secret rendezvous between the British and the communists. Aha! The communists betray their principles to make secret deals with the colonial oppressors! Lee grabbed the opportunity and split his party from the communists.

To illustrate how close of a shave this was: the split had to be voted on internally, and as Lee tells it, the vote on his continued leadership was so close that it came down to a single member being chauffeured in from the hospital, a member whom Lee didn’t even expect to vote for him. But she did, and Lee’s popularity and power grew.

Another interesting thing is how Lee dealt with the media. Essentially, he took their role as tellers of the narrative for granted. At every crossroad he was thinking of how the media would represent him, or how he could use the media to represent himself. At some point he wrote a twelve-hour long twelve-part speech explaining his fight against the communists and broadcasted it on the radio (this is before most people had TV). Which of course he did not read once, but three times, in three different languages!

So Lee beats the commies, wins the heart of the Singaporeans, and gains independence because, as Lee puts it, the Malayans could not bribe, seduce or otherwise get dirt on Lee’s cabinet.

At the end of the day, these things go a long way in explaining Lee’s success. Of course, as Lee himself points out, no man stands alone. But if history is a combination of great events and great men, Singapore illustrates how a great event (an island of ethnically divergent Singaporeans among a mainland of Malays) may meet a great leader (Lee Kuan Yew).

Now of course I was not going to end this all positive. After all, Lee is not a reactionary hero. Spandrell calls him a legalist, which I understand is an anti-Confucian stream of thought that emphasizes obedience to state laws. Makes sense: Lee was all about designing a functional state apparatus that he expected people to obey. He was pretty good at that.

I’ll add that my impression of Lee is that he was an authoritarian liberal. Like, if you’d give the idea of liberal democracy to a capable Chinaman, Singapore is what would happen. And that works, but only in the short term. What goes wrong in the long-term? Brain drain for short term gain. But let me explain with a Lee related story that he does not mention in his book.

What is it that Lee almost never mentions? His three kids. Now perhaps he does not find it fitting to mention them in a political biography, although he mentions his wife plenty times. But I walk away with the distinct impression that Lee cared more about politics than about his family. Nothing wrong with that, some men are just like that, but that sort of thing is going to bite you in the ass sooner or later. In Lee’s case: a much-publicized feud between his children surrounding their inheritance, up to the point where the two youngest are not speaking with the eldest. Bad blood. I blame that sort of thing on the father; it was Lee’s responsibility to make sure his family stuck together. But of course, the liberal way of life is that far is more important than near. And of course there is his daughter, who has a shining career as hospital director, but no children let alone a man to call her own. Again, the liberal way of life. So I summarize Lee as follows: successful in his career, failure as a father. Typical liberal track record.

Suck lack of attention for family matters bites a country in the ass as well. Total Fertility Rate in Singapore dangles around a depressing 1.2. To my eyes, that’s what a nation committing suicide looks like.

Coronascam, high-T leftists and royal tik-toks

*catchy tune that makes it seem like this place is a hotbed of activity. Something like: tu du du, du du du, duuuuuh*

*Presenter shuffling papers, turns to camera.*

Welcome to Alfnews.

Today on Alfnews: how the coronascam is hurting American president Trump, Dutch high-T lefty journalist shocks country by existing, and Dutch princess lip syncs to ‘n*gga’ on tik-tok. This is… Alfnews!

In international news, while corona-related infections and deaths have dropped like a stone since their flu-level peak in April, the American opposition has resorted to a full blown corona panic assault against president Trump. Among their communist tactics is turning president Trump’s own success against him: testing has increased a thousandfold in the past two months, prompting the opposition to claim infections have also increased a thousandfold.

While such lies are obvious, egregious, and disrespectful, president Trump is having trouble fighting back, as evidenced in this recent interview. We turn to our corona expert, Xavier Pert. Mr Pert, in your opinion, what needs to be done?

*Camera switches to man sitting in front of webcam. There is an awkward two second delay.*

Mr Pert: ‘The left pushes a narrative of corona as the bubonic plague, sweeping over the world, killing millions. The actual data meanwhile tells us corona is a heavy flu. Even better: a flu season that is almost over. President Trump needs to get this message across, and to do so, he needs a health expert he can trust, someone who can talk to journalists on the topic on his behalf.’

*Camera switches back to the studio*

A spicy take indeed. Thank you, mr Pert.

Moving on to Dutch news. Here too, the corona scam is in full swing – on TV, the opposition talks of a second lockdown, ostensibly to save lives. The numbers, however, tell a different story: while April saw a daily hospital admittance of 57 corona-related patients, the Netherlands currently experience a whopping 6 corona-related admissions a day. The corona crisis is over, but clearly, nobody has told the experts.

In other Dutch news, lefty journalist Sander Schimmelpenninck, editor of Quote500, has caused uproar when in his podcast he ranked the three royal daughters in attractiveness, concluding that Alexia (on the right) is the ‘hottest’. When challenged by right-wing sweetheart Eva Vlaardingerbroek to debate his sexist locker room talk, Schimmelpenninck responded that he was looking forward to a ‘date with that candy of the week’. No one seems to have informed mr Schimmelpenninck that his toxic masculinity does not seem to align with his political ideology, but we’ll be sure to find out where this ship strands.

Finally in Dutch news, Alexia, hottest middle of the royal daughters has caused minor uproar when she went viral in a since deleted tik-tok, in which she is seen dancing with friends, lip-syncing to rap songs including lyrics as: ‘they didn’t raise me so f*ck they opinion’, ‘I don’t think that’s a n*gga that you wanna keep’ and ‘I beat up the p*ssy like Rocky’. Her mother responded as saying that teenagers make mistakes and that’s part of life. We turn to our royal expert, Patrick Rofessional. Mr Rofessional, do you think Alexia’s actions undermine the standing of the royal family?

Mr Rofessional: “Well obviously they do not reflect very well on the young lady, but then again, who can blame her? American culture glorifies black rapper culture, so naturally a young girl living in an American colony is going to glorify it too, be she a princess or not.’

I see. But don’t people have higher expectations for the sister of the future queen of Holland?

Mr Rofessional: “To be fair this seems to be kind of in line with expectations for the sister of the future queen. Her father, king Willem-Alexander, has a reputation for being somewhat overly agreeable, so I do not think people are surprised by a daughter rebelling. Mostly the Dutch are just happy that Willem is not as bad as prince Harry ‘the simp’ Windsor.

Shots fired! Thank you mr Rofessional.

And with that concludes our news broadcast. For the weather you may check your smartphone you lazy bastards. Have a great day!

*lighting drops in the studio, camera pans out as catchy tune plays again*

How cheating works

Maybe my last post was too cryptic. If I’m to contribute to the fight against civilizational decay, best to keep it as clear as possible.

So I say the leftist is a communist is a cheater. Commies cheat. How does cheating work? That’s actually a very relevant question.

Cheating in games
It is easy to understand cheating in literal games. For instance, in a board game like colonizers of Catan — no one looks, whoop suddenly I have two extra resource cards and whaddya know, they’re exactly what I needed to build that city! Did I cheat? Did you observe the slight of hand? Probably you did not — likely you trusted players to play fair and did not feel the need to observe the card pile with eagle eyes. So I’m just gonna go ahead and put that city on the map. Who knows, might even win the game because of that! Occasionally, cheating in board games works.

Of course, time goes by, and people notice you strangely always having the right cards for the right situation. They get angry, accusations fly, and the game is ruined. What can they do?

The answer is obvious: they put a non-cheater in charge of the game, entrust him with the card pile: the game leader. This works relatively well; cheaters may still cheat in minor ways, like dropping an extra street from their own stack on the map when no one is looking, but the sting has been removed, so to say. The resource cards are out of his reach. What does the cheater do?

The game leader is the obvious weak point; either the cheater bribes the game leader or bamboozles him, but that is easier said than done. If your game leader is halfway good at its job, cheaters will suddenly find they have to play fair, or what tends to happen; they stop playing that particular game. Congratulations, you’ve beaten the cheater!

This simulation of game, players, cheaters and game leader holds true for any type of game. See video games such as first person shooters: cheaters use stuff like aimbotting and wallhacking to bypass the rules of the game. Here the game leader are the developers of that game. If they do a decent job, cheaters are spotted and banned for good. If they suck at their job, the game is overrun by cheaters and is ruined.

Cheating in life
And that is also the way it works in real life. Naturally, the rules of real life are not as set in stone as the rules in a board- or video game, but it’s the same principles really. Just, stakes are higher.

On second thought, that the rules are not as set as stone is relevant. That is why cheating in real life is a notch more effective than cheating in video games; we say that Gnon is the ultimate arbiter, the ultimate game leader so to say, but Gnon likes it when some of his rules are bent. Which rules get to be bent and which don’t? Only Gnon knows, and man interprets. But it is in that gray area that cheaters find fertile soil.

Of course, pretty much everyone still recognizes a cheater. Cheaters who cheat in the gray area also tend to cheat in black and white areas.

The lowest form of cheating is of course a simple scam: ‘hey, you don’t know me but I’m a trustworthy guy, give me a hundred dollars and I’ll double it for you’. It’s a one-on-one scam, which works because it bypasses group defenses and forces it’s recipient to be his/her own game leader. Not everyone is good at being game leader, so the scam pays off.

People hate these kind of scammers, with good reason. It’s an obvious lie: the scammer promised to return the investment with interest, but he didn’t. That’s cheating! However, the scammer is also relatively powerless; if caught red-handed, he is always humiliated. Because the scam is small in scale, it’s potential to do damage is limited.

Cheating in groups
So even though our scammer finds a decent amount of juicy situations without game leaders, he is humiliated every now and then for mediocre awards. That cannot do. What can he do? He can expand the scale of his scam, of course! This means: find a group of scammers to cooperate with, and find a bigger playground to operate your scam. A bigger scam means bigger pay-offs! For instance, the recent twitter ‘give me 500 bitcoin and I’ll double it’ scam. The scammers cooperated, hacked the game leader (Twitter HQ) and, pretending to be trustworthy twitter personalities, scammed people out of a ton of money. Mission passed!

But still, this kind of scam tends to be a one time thing, as you are inevitably found out and will probably not succeed again (not with twitter, at least). So if you are a scammer, you usually want more worth for your money. What do?

Well, from our scammer’s perspective, the main problem is that people dislike our scams and call us out for it. If people would just stop doing that, we’d have no problem. Scammers always mitigate this risk by disguising their scams as righteous. This part tends to throw honest people off: ‘how can you not only lie through your teeth but also pretend like you are doing those you scam a favor!‘ Well I mean, that’s just scamming 101. If you were being honest about your lies, you might as well not lie at all. I, for one, respect a liar who lies till he dies.

But acting righteous only takes you so far; it is after all a front, a potemkin village meant to sell your scam. So inevitably, if people start prodding your scam with a stick it comes falling down. You want to prevent people like me from pointing out your scam.

What is the solution?

Getting to the game leader
Well, the bottom line is this: you need to get rid of, or replace, the game leader. That is all it boils down to. Get your coalition of scammers to become game leader, and the sky’s the limit. You could literally burn people’s businesses down while telling them it is for their own good! Beautiful.

So first you need to get rid of the old game leader. If you have a long line of game leaders, this part tends to get bloody. But it has to be done! Need to get your hands a bit dirty if you want to get anywhere in life.

Now, if you’re lucky, there might not be a long line of game leaders in charge. Hell, you might even live in a democracy in which the game leader is designed to be weak! Great! A democracy lends itself to cheaters naturally; just put your most charismatic liar in charge. Make sure he understands his task as a PR figure head pretending to be game leader, a task which of course receives good rewards, and boom: the Bushes, Clintons and Obama explained. It really is that simple.

Now with your scamming coalition having replaced the game leader, the possibilities are endless; you have pulled off the ultimate scam, and when someone calls you out on the scam, you can use force to humiliate him. Great! Of course because you’re a coalition of scammers you have to keep the pretense of the scam going on, so you can’t exactly start to rob people at gunpoint, but you sure can sue people who defend their home from robbers.

So now we’ve entered the highest stage of scamming, the power scam, the scamming suprême, where not only do you scam people, you take away their power to resist the scam. How do we call the type of cheater that pulls of these kinds of scams? We call ’em leftists, progressives or commies.

Evolution selects for group scammers
My take is that commies are evolutionary optimized for these kinds of scams. Essentially, all they do is run giant ponzi schemes meant to scam as big a crowd as possible, be it a family, a village, a country or an entire empire. You’ll always see the same themes: a scam dressed up in righteous clothes, that if prodded falls apart, thus they try to stop you from prodding it. But always will there be a trail of lies and cheating. There has to be, because as we see, the whole thing from the start was engineered as a scam. Which is why whenever you prod a climate commie or prog you quickly discover he has no interest in the truth, besides trying to convince you that he has immense interest in the truth.

Thing is, you can dress up a lie as colorful as you want. The more you talk, the easier it is to hide something. The best lies always have a kernel of truth to them — take global warming, which takes the truth to heart that we simply do not know all the inside outs of planet earth, so it’s entirely possible that industry changes climate. Of course our current observations point to industry having a not so large effect on climate, but already in that nuance lies the potency of the lie. Progressivism, same story: racism exists, it’s a remarkably small problem, but it exists, and progs blow that up. Leftists are good at pulling off stunts like these.

That commies are good at pulling off stunts like these might be a surprise to some. I recognize a cheater when he tries to sell me insurance, I’m sure I’d recognize a cheater in the white house!

Well, sometimes yes, but sometimes no. To dismantle a cheater you need to hang with him personally, get to know him, see him respond in unfamiliar situations. You don’t really know any of the presidents. You’ve likely never even met them. Your interaction with them is entirely one-way, through hearsay, video footage and media snippets.

All these channels of information can be manipulated, and commies know this very well. It’s what they’re good at. Take the following example by reactionary hero Lee Kuan Yew. Young Lee’s fighting the communists in Singapore, right? Commies were popular in twentieth century Asia. And their popularity was intimidating, to Lee also, who at political rallies noticed pro-communist proposals getting louder applause than usual. Guess the people really want communism huh? That is, until Lee noticed certain people were always in the crowd. And moreso, these people only clapped during pro-communist proposals. And moreso, they only clapped when given a signal by a handler! Lee was impressed. A typical commie stunt.

Now imagine if you will, what kind of commie stunts you can pull off if you have near full control of the media. The possibilities are endless! I mean sure, with the free internet your scams tend be exposed a tad quicker, but notice how that video is on youtube, and it might be removed for ‘inciting hatred’ any day. Truth is, mass media offers countless possibilities for cheating, and just as many ways for shaming people who even in silence call out your scams.

No honor among scammers
Of course, a scam is still a scam, and eventually, give it years or decades, people catch on. Obama was the lightbringer in 2008, who is he now? Surely a shadow of his former prophet status.

But you get my point right? While scammer A smiles in front of the camera, scammer B pressures a bakery to ‘bake the f*cking cake bigot’. That’s the power scam, the one-two. Scammer A plays game leader providing cover to scammer B, who in turn pays respect to scammer A. One person distracts the crowd, the other steals their wallets. That’s all leftism is.

And that’s why it all breaks down in the end. You think scammer A and B like each other? They know the nature of their relation. They trust each other as far as they can spit! The situation might be mutually beneficial to them, but the moment their scams run out is the moment their friendship runs out and they turn on each other. After all, none among them took the title of game leader serious in the first place. Hence, leftist singularities.

Back to a good game leader
Luckily, the solution is now obvious: re-install a trustworthy game leader. Trump is solliciting for that job. We are in a historically unique position, since Trump is only partially game leader; like I said, democracy ensures weak, temporary game leaders by design. For Trump to become a real game leader, he has to break out of the democratic mold. He has to become king, as reactionaries call the game leader, or dictator, as cheaters call the game leader. Naturally, Trump would be a good game leader; he has a knack for calling out cheaters (#fakenews).

But the level of cheating is unprecedented; any good scammer worth their salt is making a career in politics. It’s just where all the scammers end up; good people tend to steer clear from democratic politics, because why would they want to join a scamming coalition? So Trump has boatloads of shit to deal with.

For instance, as a final case study in scamming: the corona scam. The corona scam very nicely follows all the rules stipulated above: it is a lie with a kernel of truth, that kernel being that COVID-19 is a real virus, it is contagious, and it is slightly more deadly than the flu. The lie is of course that it justifies shutting down the economy and hurting Trump and his voters as much as possible. It doesn’t. It’s not nearly as deadly, and at this point has also burned out. The corona pandemic is over. Yet the corona scam is in full swing: first the WHO was appointed to game leader, but when they did not spread enough panic, dr Fauci was appointed to game leader, who somewhat understands that the point of the scam is to undermine Trump by spreading as much panic as possible. We might never be able to touch another person again! It’s just the new normal folks. Wear a mask for the rest of your life.

Trump, were he a fair game leader, should have called out the corona scam for what it was. Then again, would he have lost voters over that? Tough to say. Gnon’s grey area. Sometimes the scammers get their way.

Communism, leftism, progressivism, climate communism, all same energy

For a long time Moldbug has made a good point that I am only now getting. His point was: America has a solid communist tradition. As in, all the cool people in the twentieth century were leftists. As in, communist gatherings were hot and happening. And it has been like that for a while. Communism is as American as apple pie, says Moldbug.

It is an excellent point. Really, I think the same goes for Europe. I’m no historician, but I look around and I just plain see people having communist sympathies. Not the majority, but a decent minority. Some people are just naturally into that stuff. Whites are decently communist.

What does it mean to be a leftist, communist or progressive?

The correct definitions are as follows. Communism, like progressivism, is a subset of leftism. Leftism defines itself in mainstream discourse as something like ‘caring a whole lot about everything.’ Reactionaries however correctly define leftism as ‘pretending to care a whole lot about everything.’ A wide range of definitions for leftism is given by various reactionaries, all amounting to the same thing:
Molbug – leftism is rule by scholars; rule through religious scheming and walks through the garden of betrayal.
Spandrell – leftism is psychopathic status maximization; those seeking power for the sake of power, see Hillary Clinton
Jim – leftism is knocking over apple carts as to steal apples; climate commies don’t care about the environment, they care about carbon dioxide taxes.
Me – leftism is cheating by any means necessary. If you say you care a great deal about people far away, you can use that to screw over people nearby.

Like I said, pretty much different definitions of the same thing. Leftism is an ancient phenomenon, a side of humanity we’d rather ignore but can’t because the grander a civilization, the bolder its leftism grows. Leftists are the reducers, the parasites, bacteria and funghi that consume the dead and weak. With the industrial revolution came lots of wealth came lots of opportunities to loot that wealth. What cements Nrx’ place in history is that Nrx was the first internet intellectual fashion that correctly called out and defined this phenomenon.

With leftism defined, it becomes much easier to define two of its subsets, communism and progressivism.

Everybody knows communism. Jim’s definition is excellent: communism is the commie convincing the farmers with one cow to gang up on the farmer with two cows. Naturally, once they kill the farmer with two cows, the commies kill the farmers with one cow, and in the end kill each other. A very typical ending for any form of unchecked leftism.

Everybody nowadays also knows progressivism. Spandrell’s definition is excellent: progressivism is communism based on genetics instead of wealth; biological Leninism.  Instead of hating the bourgoeusie, progs hate white straight men (although being leftists, plenty of hating the bourgeousie).

Progs have not yet killed as many people as commies, but it’s exactly the same energy. The point of central planning was never to plan better, it was to loot and destroy natural production. The point of diversity was never to end racism, it was to loot and destroy Christian society. Just like climate communism never intended to promote nature and beauty, it always intended to loot and destroy civilization.

Call it socialism, central planning, anti-capitalism, equalism, feminism, progressivism warmism, regulationism, bureaucratism, communism, or leftism, whatever you call it, it’s all different faces of the same thing.

Which is why at a certain point we’ve said everything that is to be said on the subject. Leftists of course love being the center of attention; hate ’em or love ’em, just don’t ignore them. I mean, I get it, the West is composed of leftist institutions, the deep state is deeply leftist, so all the talk of the day will inescapably center around the latest progressive madness.

But it gets boring.

That I think is all it boils down to. I myself have been blogging for, what, six years? I get the jest of what is going on. In order for any sense of sanity to return to public debate we have to re-establish what everyone once publicly knew, what they now only privately mutter: that some people are cheaters, rotten apples. If no one calls out the cheaters, the cheaters wreck society. Voila, our current predicament summarized.

Generally it is fairly easy to recognize a cheater. I’m sure you know at least one: he’s the guy who just talks out of his ass. Everyone knows a guy like that. Individually, their scams are perfectly manageable, sometimes even funny, but in groups, in power, they scam society. If Hillary was a suburban mother of one, she’d have told suspicious but harmless stories at parties about how she was under sniper fire during her last holiday. Hillary as a former first wive however…

Same with Dutch ex-minister of foreign affairs Halbe Zijlstra. Were he, I don’t know, a highschool teacher, he’d have told his pupils strange stories of how he shared a Datsja with Putin once where Putin said he intended to conquer the world. Suspicious, but mostly harmless. Make the same guy an important politician, and the stories become suspicious and harmful.

You talk to your neighbors, they agree with that. But turn towards any piece of information that has the state’s seal of approval, be it newspapers, academia, radio, politicians or even controlled opposition, and you will find an absurdly tilted ratio of cheaters telling you a never ending stream of lies.

So, turn it off. It’s repetitious and boring. They hate you and they hate me, and they can come up with a million reasons to justify their hatred. I get it. I will not pull a Moldbug and tell you to bend over backwards for power, but I do not see the use of needlessly provoking power either. Let them stew in their own soup.

We live in an era where cheaters have risen to the top echelons of power, because the generations before us were too busy smelling the roses. I don’t blame ’em: in our forefathers’ place, we’d have done exactly the same. Unfortunately, because there are not so many roses to smell nowadays, we are getting the short end of the stick, and the stick is getting shorter year by year. And that’s our current situation.

So we have to rediscover how to maintain a healthy society, and discover how to pull that off in a post industrial-revolution society. Can’t do the opposite of what the progs do, because the opposite of gobblygook is still gobblygook. So I think (I think!) we have finally reached the end of our leftism analysis.

You have the right to be unhappy

🎵 Think think, write write, making a coherent post, it’s harder than it looks🎵

Where were we? Oh yes, Christianity and Trump. I fully support the right of Christians to support Trump. Similarly, I support the right of non-Christians to support Trump. Smart choices all around. But, I also support the right of non-Christians to oppose Trump. It’s like, your life man. If you choose to be unhappy, you can be unhappy. People have the right to be unhappy.

Rights are a funny thing. Kind of obvious that the judicial system, build around rights, is stupid. Why is it stupid? Because you cannot force a positive right on someone. You cannot say: you have the right not to be poor. Of course a person has the right to be poor! Leave that person alone! Rights only work when they are negative: you have the right to be left alone. A right the government is violating harder than a fourteen year old’s virginity.

Talking about fourteen year old’s virginity. Another touchy subject best to stick a pin in. Men tend to be blind when young women’s sexuality is concerned. Like, if I had a daughter, would not send her off to whore school (aka university). No sir, I know what happens there, no daughter of mine will be involved. But for the overwhelming majority of fathers, apparently no problem at all. ‘Off to whore school with you sweetie, daddy loves you!’ OK, sure, you have the right to be unhappy.

Females just don’t tend to do well with complete sexual freedom. For whatever inexplicable reason, they end up with badboys that dump them. Lots of tears, lots of crying, and then they do it again! It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad for the parents waving goodbye to their chances of becoming grandparents. But then again, the parents were probably the ones to send her off to whore school in the first place. But what did they know? Life’s full with little pieces of sadness…

A man conquers a woman, and a woman want to be conquered in the right way. That’s the human courtship ritual, and that’s all there is to that.

Another thought: what if priests outrank warriors after all? Genghis Khan’s empire fell apart right after he died, Jesus Christ’s empire grew for hundreds of years. You might argue that Genghis had many descendants and Jesus didn’t, but at the same time you’d expect Jesus belief systems to be advantageous to people with similar genetic make-up as him, which makes Jesus have a millenia-long advantage over Genghis. Would explain why there’s so many priests. Life is pretty complex, just whacking a stick at things does not work so well. Need to find tricks and smart stuff, at which priests excel. A warrior may be a better fighter, but the priest ties the warrior’s arms around his back. A warrior guy I knew from high school now live with a full-time working woman who refuses to bare him children. But it’s OK, because he has convinced himself he doesn’t want children either. Ah well. The right to be unhappy.

Moldbug is right – if anything, communism is as American as apple pie. In the same vein, communism is as European as immigration. People seek opportunities, leftism is full of opportunities. Taking advantage of opportunities is cool! Wasting an opportunity is uncool. Which is why all the cool people of the twentieth century were leftists, and why the right just can’t seem to catch a break.

This is also why Trump is having such a rough time. Opportunism runs deep, and Trump is basically saying: let’s stop cheating and play fair. To which hordes of leftists respond: f*ck you orange man, we’re not cheating, you’re cheating! What, you didn’t expect the cheater to cheat so to hide his cheating?

Of course, unbridled opportunism always ends badly, just like never stopping with drinking does not prevent a hangover. Venezuela started with pulling down statues, ended with major food shortages. Remind me of what’s going on in our lands again? Didn’t we say what would happen? And now what’s happening? Exactly what we said would happen. I’ve been doing a ‘told you so’ dance for a few years now. Of course my dance is not as grand as Jim’s told you so dance. Isn’t it nice to be right?

Well, just because you’re right does not mean you get your way, even if Gnon tends to give you a minor thumbs up. I hope Trump wrests control. Would be about time; let’s have some peace! But just because Trump deserves to, does not mean he’ll get it. And just because Trump needs a friendly religion, does not mean he’ll get it. Christianity, Christianity, Christianity… In white pill news, the Dutch Christian party seems be pivoting towards a new leader who ‘can not reconcile open borders with islamist extremism.’ Seems good.

Of course I’ve given my final take on Christianity. I say Christianity as interpreted by Jim offers some protection, but if we’re using Christianity as interpreted by Jim it’s not really Christianity anymore innit? Might as well call it… Never mind.

Thing is, at the end of the day I’m a Jimian. I’m not with the Jesus is lord thing, but in all major aspects of my thinking I’m Jimian. It’s just the most useful frame to view the world with. Jim’s a smart man. Did you catch his comment on Scott Aaronson? Jim said something to the extent of: ‘Aaronson is a quantum physicist, but not as good at it as he thinks, because I am only interested in quantum physics as a hobby and understand it better than he does.’

Oh no you didn’t just pull an ‘I dabble in…’ 😂

So what can I say? Let’s see how Jim’s 5-D chess will work out. For now, I feel free as a bird once again. See if we can still create the occasional spicy content.

It’s ok to make mistakes and other random thoughts

What was I going to say again? Unsure. I feel like I have a lot to say yet nothing to say. Just a random bunch of blurbs, I guess.

First of, everything that is broken is always broken in the same way, while everything that works works in its own unique way. Consider: in what ways are iphone or android different? Doesn’t matter if the smartphone is broken, matters if it works. Tolstoy had the amazing talent to be very precise in minute ways, very wrong in big ways.

Next, on making mistakes. In Prog world, there is little room for mistakes. It’s like with the commies: the feedback system of good and bad is seemingly arbitrary. Hard to say what you do is right and what you do is bad. John Kerry lying about his war experience was no problem, wanting to do your job as a cop is. Holiness is a fickle thing. Being holy is hard work, and once you are unholy, whoo boy you’re going to lose some sleep at night.

Truth is, it’s OK to make mistakes. One of the reasons Avatar the last Airbender was so nice was because Aang made plenty of mistakes, but it was all good in the end. You learn from your mistakes and that’s it, you move on.

But to do so, have to exit the temple of holiness. You work for the state? Well shucks, you’re stuck in the temple of holiness. You work for a company bigger than a hundred people? HR tentacles drag you into a temple of holiness. And of course even small business is not fully protected, see the ‘bake the cake bigot’ incident.

But the further you step away from the epicenter, the less reach the Cathedral has. And besides, fear of reprisal tends to loom larger than the actual reprisal. Much to be said for the Vox Day method of dealing with things; one of the very few namefags who seemingly says exactly what he wants to say.

I think I’ve come around to embracing the ‘no central conspiracy’ crowd more. As in, there are central conspiracies, obviously, but they are not as powerful as they portray themselves to be. Hillary has no clue what’s she’s doing. These people have no plan besides wringing their hands and imagining how powerful they’re going to be just after this next heist.

Leftism has become boring. Power by itself is cool, and the power to simultaneously lockdown your enemies while your allies loot and burn cities is pretty cool, but it really feels like the jig is up.

Progressivism is a subset of leftism, and leftism at its best is a bank robbery — sure you’re stealing stuff, but at least it’s cool. Leftism at its worst is a bum robbing you with a rusty knife. We’re kind of approaching that point.

At the end of the day, the whole point of Progressivism was to loot the treasure made by Christianity. Well, most of the treasure has been looted; not so much left. Normies are done with it, rightly so. The fire will get worse before it gets better, but everyone’s hoping it gets better.

Do I have anything else to say? I’m sure I had more… I dunno. Just thinking about some stuff.